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  1. LA_Panther

    Jackson won me over last night

    I knew D-Jack was a baller the moment I saw him play. You can tell the great ones right away
  2. QB class next year is not that good. We use next year to unload all old players, get young and rebuild. If we do it right like Seattle this year, we can still rebuild and remain competitive
  3. He’s approaching 30. If the shoulder is as bad as advertised, not sure we get much trade value.
  4. We got a a qb that can’t make varsity reads and throws. 8 years and it just hit me This hurts cuz I like Cam
  5. I don’t know the deal with Cam ... either his shoulder is that bad, or he is done
  6. Santa please ... fugg the playoffs. Just wanna beat these jokers and shut them up !!! Please let us beat these punks
  7. Nothing against TD, but this is why Gettleman wanted to go young
  8. If we win, it will be because of our D I don’t expect jack from our offense today. Such a letdown when our defense finally shows up