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  1. If the NFL wasn't there, and the other pro sports leagues, how many hundreds and probably thousands of AA families would not be set for their lives, all the way through the next couple of generations in some cases. It has been a Godsend for many many people. True or false? I mean, please, tell me again how professional athletes are oppressed in this day and age. This is what I am seeing: white people run it, so they must be oppressing everyone. .
  2. Luke is going to cure Civid19 and magically somehow identify and banish any overzealous, power hungry, violent, corrupt police. And we all live happily ever after. btw: very happy to have him remaining with the organization.
  3. I am near Myrtle Beach, on the beach itself it was packed, same at entertainment spots. Surely I am worried about it locally but if any visitors were exposed the virus is going to travel back home with them. Past that, I am just a civilian so predictions from me mean little to nothing.
  4. I saw something in the Wilson stats vs Newton stats that stuck out. It illustrates why I am not a big believer in statistics, or should I say maybe the use of them to make arguments and rankings. it stands to reason that with a QB getting so many carries, his team would have fewer RBs totaling 1000 yards in a season. Especially when the RBs are committee which we have done a lot of before C Mac.
  5. They messed up the onside kick when they re-did all the kickoff rules. This 4th and 15 is bad. Not the answer.
  6. He needs the perfect situation. There is, I believe, something to the narrative that you can't just plug him into any offense. So I feel like he needs a camp to have a chance at a redemption scenario. Bad situation for that. All of what is going on now was pretty much set in motion when he could not return last year and show people he was healthy. That really needed to happen.
  7. I am probably going to get around 10-11 piles of crap on this post but what the hell. I am going to say that here, it isn't so much Cam at all driving that situation, it is all the people that are Cam fans first,. The people that shout people down as racists when they criticize Cam's game, and nothing is ever Cam's fault. Always racism, jealosy, Ron Rivera, Shula, or something, is out to get Cam. Anything under the sun is an excuse for it not to be Cam's fault. Right here in this thread, just like countless others. After like, 9 years of that stuff, this is what it is.
  8. Steve Smith is one of the best WRs of all time and I have seen almost all of them. Was watching the Raiders and whoever play when the network switched to show Heidi. Famous incident. Was watching before the leagues merged. I might not know this if I were a Chargers fan, a Chiefs fan, etc and never really saw him play much. If he does not get into the HOF it is because of where he played and the QBs and coaches he was teamed up with.
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