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  1. SuperBowlBound

    Raptors vs Hornets Game Day Thread

    Toughest game of the season so far. Third straight road game after a long flight from Miami. I hope we can keep it within three to four possessions with a shot to win at the end. Leonard did not play Saturday but he'll go tonight. I expect the Raptors to beat us by 6-7 but remain hopeful we can pull it out.
  2. What is this ESPN entity you speak of? I get it, but I don't read much of their content anymore. I get enough news from The Athletic and The Riot Report. That's all I need.
  3. I've been listening to 94WIP...priceless. Makes me smile :) They're soooooooooooo angry
  4. I'm in the belief that the Panthers will try to move up tonight as Jeremy said. I would like to see Hunter Henry myself but I like Shepard from Oklahoma a lot.
  5. New coach. New GM. Success. Will support whoever captains the ship though!