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  1. I imagine this was Jay Gruden as soon as he got back in his car after being fired at a 5am meeting....
  2. Colbert's contract expires after the 2020 draft. Haven't seen anyone discuss this recently but it's definitely worth monitoring. Just read the tea leaves from this...(link to article below) https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2019/07/26/pittsburgh-steelers-kevin-colbert-training-camp-art-rooney/stories/201907260090
  3. Houston fired their GM in June. The plan was to hire Patriots' exec Nick Caserio. Just one problem, he didn't have permission to interview for the job and ultimately said forget it. So they clearly didn't have a plan and opted to let Bill O'Brien be the GM for this season. They got nothing for Clowney, they would've gotten a compensatory third for him anyways if he played out his deal and two below average players. But yeah, the Texans paid a major premium to compensate for their own incompetence. I'm not sold they make the playoffs, that defense is going to be horrendous and O'Brien is a donkey of a coach.
  4. Khalil Mack, Carson Wentz, Larry Ogunjobi, Cooper Kupp, Tarik Cohen and countless others would like to have a word with you. Jerry Rice, Darrell Green and DeMarcus Ware are some notable retired players that didn't play P5. Child please. That's a ridiculous statement to make.
  5. I'm in the belief that the Panthers will try to move up tonight as Jeremy said. I would like to see Hunter Henry myself but I like Shepard from Oklahoma a lot.
  6. New coach. New GM. Success. Will support whoever captains the ship though!

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