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    I certainly bleed my Panther blue, and have followed the team so long, that I'm beginning to feel like history as opposed to remembering history. That being said, I follow the Panthers very closely and am truly a Panthers fanatic in the best sense of the word.

    In addition to following the Panthers and the NFL, I also write poems and essays regarding different aspects of race relations in America, and sometimes the world. You can see some of my poetry at blackpoems.net, and perhaps more importantly read my essays on race at racerelations.net. Yes, I know that dealing with racial issues can seem somewhat taboo at times, but my goal is to provide forums where people can at least open up a dialogue and discuss racial issues forthrightly, but respectfully. It is my dream that people will get to a point where, like Dr. martin Luther King expressed, people will be judged by their character and not skin color. Moreover, I have been known to write reviews and opinions on different aspects of the wireless industry, and other issues that affect consumers.

    Lastly, I am a family man who works a penny ante job, enjoys sports and very few TV shows, and plays video games. I am in some ways the quintessential "starving artist", who somewhat revels in being a rebel and covets a Bohemian lifestyle.


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  1. Oh, OK. Thanks. I thought the guy was darker and bigger than that.
  2. I would add the Pats against the Falcons too, even though I guess that could go both ways. It was a badly coached game on the Falcons' side for sure.
  3. If Metcalf is BPA, you take him and concentrate on defense in the later rounds. There is always more than one way to put the puzzle together. If it's the deepest draft on the D-line (in history, that I've seen proposed by some) in a while, then you can address those needs day two. But, no mistake about it, IF Metcalf is the BPA, you take him.
  4. Searcy largely played FS with the Titans, and he was playing it with us before he went down. He had an above average safety rating in 2017 according to PFF.
  5. How do we know that Gaulden won't be better than Boston? Yep, the Irving signing I'd nice. He's just 31, so I don't get the lazy Pep comparisons. I expect more from a 31year old Irvin than a 36 or 37 year old Pep. We should get a decent year out of him, and hopefully a couple of more if things work out.
  6. Sweat not only tested well, he did his thing in the SEC for two seasons. The production can't be denied!
  7. If Jaylon Ferguson is still on the board in the second, we need to take him.
  8. You do realize that trading a 3rd for Rosen is an investment? Day two picks can be very valuable. I would consider it though. Just consider it, not necessarily do it. Maybe this year's, maybe next year's...if I could get away with it. Reid is not a burner, but I wouldn't particularly call him slow. More speed is always welcome however.
  9. Just looking on paper, I'd say a free safety, but that wouldn't stop me from picking BPA in the first and second. On an off note, If this draft is as deep at DL as the Huddle believes, then we can wait until after the first to pick up quality D-linemen.
  10. Wow, didn't realize that this was such a thing.
  11. The only DL really in consideration for the top pick is Bosa. The fact is that in most of the mocks that I've seen, Williams is going to be off the board when we pick, so you saying that I "value him more than most" is highly inaccurate. I've seen one where he was our pick, and another where the Falcons pick him right after us (with us picking Sweat, which I could live with). So, again, what you're saying is inaccurate. Williams is certainly not out of the question if he is still on the board, and I would bet that any national analyst and NFL type would be on board with the pick. Real talk!
  12. Cody Ford has a lot of the traits to be a great LT too. It's up to the scouts and the FO to make.the determination if they think that this will translate to the pros (which is very possible).
  13. People say this crap every year. If Jonah Williams is there, I'd pick him. He's a technician. The ONLY question that some people have about him are his arms being considered a tad short (which is overblown, as there are successful LTs in the NFL with short arms). Williams was good before his senior season, and he improved upon that. There's never a certainty at any position, but Williams is about as certain a prospect at his position as any of the DEs or DTs. Real talk!
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