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    I certainly bleed my Panther blue, and have followed the team so long, that I'm beginning to feel like history as opposed to remembering history. That being said, I follow the Panthers very closely and am truly a Panthers fanatic in the best sense of the word.

    In addition to following the Panthers and the NFL, I actively support Andrew Yang, Humanity Forward (movehumanityforward.com), Universal Basic Income (a.k.a. UBI), Progressives, and write poems and essays regarding different aspects of race relations in America, and sometimes the world. You can see some of my poetry at blackpoems.net, and perhaps more importantly read my essays on race at racerelations.net. Yes, I know that dealing with racial issues can seem somewhat taboo at times, but my goal is to provide forums where people can at least open up a dialogue and discuss racial issues forthrightly, but respectfully. It is my dream that people will get to a point where, like Dr. martin Luther King expressed, people will be judged by their character and not skin color. Moreover, I have been known to write reviews and opinions on different aspects of the wireless industry, and other issues that affect consumers.

    Lastly, I am a family man who works a penny ante job, enjoys sports and very few TV shows, and plays video games. I am in some ways the quintessential "starving artist", who somewhat revels in being a rebel and covets a Bohemian lifestyle.


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  1. I don't mind Ronde. He actually knows what he's talking about. Aikmen is fine too, IMO. I wouldn't listen to Talib on principle---he's an ass! Vilma? I don't remember the last time I was listening to someone and said to myself several times a game, "This guy doesn't know what the (fug) he's talking about." Vilma is awful!
  2. There's absolutely little reason, if any, not to play Carter. I will wait with baited breath (not really) to see if Rhule will pull a Rivera! That will tell us a lot.
  3. I'd like to keep all three because I think that they complement each other and our receiving corps very well. They can open it up for one another on any given play dependent upon which poison the defense picks to cover! The thing is, I think Samuel is just being Samuel. Because if his quickness and route running ability, I think that he can do his thing within any situation. Anderson, though smooth and shifty is still best on the outside using his speed. He's playing like a glorified one-trick pony with a few extra tricks in my opinion. His speed, though an asset, is not extraordinary. Moore, still seems like he's not necessarily the best route runner, but he has the sneaky ability to get open by maximizing the soft spots in the defense. I can't say it's just him and his natural development, experience and football IQ (and maturity), or the fact that the defense is compelled to worry more about the other two, especially Anderson. All that being said, I think that if I had to choose between the three, I'm keeping Moore! I'd hate to see any one if them go without having another season or two to figure things out, but I'm also aware that there are other receivers who may do some of the things that they do more effectively. Who knows, Omar Bayless might be one of those unknown factors added to the equation that facilitates a seemingly unwelcome move and makes it no big deal.
  4. Those picks though. You just can't have that! He's been playing pro football long enough to make better decisions than that. Once is understandable, but twice is a red flag! That's an L against most teams in this league!
  5. Seeing today's game makes me appreciate Teddy more, while simultaneously making me appreciate him less! SMDH! How is that even possible? Makes me think, We're all living a lie! Or at least we're living on Teddy's borrowed time!
  6. Sure, Walker doesn't seem to have the split-second processing or the decision-making that Bridgewater has (not that I think that Teddy has been sterling in his decision making this season), but his arm, athleticism and more of a seeming willingness to push the ball down field was refreshing. Basically, it makes me yearn for a superior combination of the two, if I'm being totally honest.
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