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  1. Canceled them yesterday, as soon as I got the email.
  2. I hate conservatve play calling, unless we win, and everyone comes out injury free.
  3. Once again, I said that your statement that we should be able to track the refugees since it is 2015 was naive, not that you yourself were, there is a difference you know. I am wondering now if you even know what naive means. I wondered about your reading abilities, because you attribute things to a post, that were not said, but that you conveniently read into, in order to attempt to argue a point. And, conversing with you is like talking with a child, because you continually go off on a tangent, and address things that were never said, or implied, instead of actually addressing what was said. I am not sure who is crying foul, and playing the victim, but you are correct about one thing, your constant attempts to make more out of what I say, and your creative interpretation of my words, is indeed laughable. I am perplexed however, that you would get so knotted up about an idea you put forth possibly being naive. Time to head home now, so you can go back to your happy place and not have any more of your opinions challenged.
  4. Each post you make sinks you deeper. I am not at all worked up, and I have in no way insulted you. You do seem to continue to jump to conclusions though. I commented that your statement that we should be able to track the refugees since it is 2015 was naive, and it is. That it seems to bother you so much that you have to insert your own narrative, in order to it to try and make a point that you could argue, says more about you. You have reminded me however, why I pretty much abandoned this forum a long time ago.
  5. I am beginning to suspect you legit can't read, as you constantly add additional content, to what others have said. I specifically said non citizens, because that is exactly what I meant. I made no distinction between legal, or illegal because there is non in this instance. You really need to drop your biases, and read what people actually say. It is like trying to have a conversation with a child, who simply doesn't understand, that they don't understand. Hence, your position is naive.
  6. You sure do manage to read a lot into simple statements. The government is incapable of keeping track of the non citizens currently in this country, without the voluntary cooperation of those people. They aren't gong to magically become capable with this current group. The fact that you think, because it is 2015, they will somehow be able to do so, is naive.
  7. I really don't care one way or the other about the refugees coming here, but this is incredibly naive.
  8. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/index.php?/topic/116311-self-representing-in-court
  9. NY to Charleston would be a no brainer for me. I love Charleston, My Dad and sister both live there, I had every intention of moving there some day, until I moved to Wilmington. A move to Charleston is less likely for me now, I like it here.
  10. So you think it should be, but you don't want it to be. Do you even understand the English language?
  11. #1 don't go to the Tinder Box for advice.
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