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  1. Punishment for Rivera calling out The Shield for this team having to start on the road every year while the precious Cowboys started at home for the same stretch? The team got their home opener after Ron went public about it-and then got a garbage bye, a road division game in Week 17, and a parade of games against teams coming off Thursday nights. Guess the odds that a team like new england is forced to endure such a barrage of hurdles as such-ill give you a hint;they've got none of things
  2. you seem to misunderstand, the panthers have played 3 of these games against teams off of 10 days rest **so far.** We aren't talking about a cumulative product which would be more equatable to how victories are determined by the cumulative points scored throughout a game and not just the first 59 minutes and 50 seconds
  3. what about "we played two of those over the course of 16 games in comparison to half your games to start the season and one of those games was against the bills" is a gotcha moment
  4. silly me, the NFL has proven itself as a beacon of impartiality, immune to the temptations of diluting the sport in the name of a few extra dollars, it's merely coincidental that teams like Dallas can open at home for a 5 year stretch whilst less profitable teams are laid to deal with the inverse. Its nothing some internet bravado can't fix! also the NFL is really dedicated to player safety and rules aren't designed to protect certain persons whom executives have determined to be more valuable despite what dangers and unnatural burdens it may place on other less valuable persons playing the sport
  5. great point, the panthers are in the last year of a Richardson schedule and it's entirely possible they're being punished for not "doing their part" to bring roger some sterling silver folding money at the expense of the typical Stateside viewer
  6. *cries about what other people are saying on an internet forum daily*
  7. also this team hasn't closed at home in 3 years, to couple with our frequent week 1 road openers
  8. Growl

    Rivera Monday presser

    This team being too scared to practice in the rain or the heat and then looking soft, lazy, and undisciplined is just so exactly what you think it is
  9. Yeah. It happens every year. And every year it costs us. It happened in Chicago last year. A game that cost us the division, and possibly, a super bowl. The question is why is it such a common occurrence. We couldnt afford this game in this conference.
  10. Shades of the Philly game last year when he slung the ball down the field on consecutive passes for the endzone when we didn't even want to score yet. That's just poor understanding of basic situational football.
  11. lol at choosing to sit on the ball and then abandoning the idea after you've made them use their timeouts
  12. This was my personal favorite of all the preseason uniforms. The others were way over the top. This had a nice consistency to it. Also glad we went back to the blue socks with the whites. The blacks looked weird.
  13. I'd absolutely be looking to plunder any dumb firesale team this year.
  14. Growl

    If you like hybrids...

    This team has been chasing deonne Bucannon for the big nickel spot for years. You could also potentially lock down the safety spot long term. Not to mention potentially keeping him away from Atlanta. I'd stick my nose in here.
  15. no. "Gano thrives on showing off his leg strength. He was successful on field goals of 64 and 65 yards at J.M. Tate High in Cantonment, Florida. He had a 71-yarder negated by a penalty." He is also tied for the record for longest kick in NFL postseason history. I would love to march him out there for more big kicks when the situation dictates. http://www.espn.com/blog/carolina-panthers/post/_/id/30824/adversity-panthers-patience-set-stage-for-graham-ganos-big-moment?platform=amp
  16. This team misses Thomas davis
  17. This team misses Thomas davis
  18. How does a ball hang in the air that long and the defenders do nothing to contest the pass
  19. Growl

    Panthers inactives

    And I think that players who are healthy enough to play should play instead of the head coach just trying to take the easy way out of the game day numbers game and making medical decisions for the doctors
  20. Growl

    Panthers inactives

    At least the Bye will be over soon and we won't spend the next 8 weeks waiting for it to come so it will magically make our players more than 100% ready
  21. Growl

    Panthers inactives

    I'm fairly convinced that Byrd and Samuel are able to play and Ron is being "extra cautious" so he can put off them pushing Smith for reps.
  22. This team has to get embarrassed every year before we start taking issues seriously. Whether its getting blown out or getting humiliated by some team like the Bears, which inevitably end up costing us the season, this team has to absolutely implode before the staff will swallow their medicine on what needs to happen. Which is itself of course forgotten the following season.
  23. This is textbook cherry picking and doesn't really speak as to what actually happened on Sunday