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  1. I've had a raging boner since a dream about cam last night. Need to release.
  2. Whether it's Dylan roof or Bryce Williams, angles will be played and facts will be spun. Divide and conquer as usual. Love one another.
  3. Suspect identified and being pursued. May be disgruntled ex station employee.
  4. how horrible. We nuked them instead. Men, women and children. But not before we rounded all the ones up state side and put them in a concentration camp.
  5. It's a flag. Many more atrocities and crimes against humanity are carried out under the banner of the stars and stripes.
  6. It's cool, we don't take u seriously either.
  7. Never mind all the assholes who identify as republican or democrat. Cantrell has always had a raging hard on for Ron Paul and libertarianism. It gets old.
  8. Always enjoyed floppin, venom and chuck (when he was here). GRP always brings heated discussion and that's good for clicks.
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