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  1. I need a pie chart please All kidding aside, I'm glad Cam is our QB
  2. Who could potentially be available at DE this offseason that can rush the passer? A double dip at DE in the draft would be nice if the value is there
  3. I want the field passes. My wife has never been to a Panthers game so this would be the best surprise ever.
  4. I'll be curious to see how the coaches use both Shaq and Colin Jones. That's like having two queens on a chessboard. I could see McDermott and Rivera coming up with some exciting blitz packages.
  5. ZeroZeroSeven

    Official Frank Kaminsky Selection Poll

    We're butt fugged either way as long as Cho is the GM.
  6. ZeroZeroSeven

    Official Frank Kaminsky Selection Poll

    This. Winslow could be a very good player, but not in Charlotte. With the limited amount of spacing (read: lack of shooting) our current roster allows, his impact on offense would be limited. I would have loved for the Hornets to have picked Winslow, but he's better suited going somewhere that will let him put his versatility on display.
  7. ZeroZeroSeven

    2014 vs 2015 - Panthers Offensive Line

    I'm having trouble understanding your conclusion. Pie chart format please...
  8. ZeroZeroSeven

    Radio History Being Made Thursday

    Jeremy - can you recap your thoughts on the radio experience? What kind of banter goes on during a commercial break? Didn't seem like you could get much chance to speak with DG dominating the conversations with sarcastic remarks or were you just being deferential?
  9. ZeroZeroSeven

    Player of the Day - Devin Funchess

    I'm as giddy as about getting Funchess as I was about getting Benji last year...meaning I might be happier than SCP on a french toilet eating a slice of queso pie.
  10. ​I think Cam is going to have that this season. Except in lieu of their dominant back 7, we'll have a dominant front 7. And if J. Stew is healthy, he's capable of putting up a 1400 yard/11 TD season.
  11. ​They're a great team and until proven otherwise, they're the class of the NFC, however they're heading toward having to make some tough personnel decisions, which I think will lead to their defense being diluted just a bit. It really depends on how well they draft in the future.
  12. They can do both - I just don't think their defense will continue to be elite if they pay Wilson. I'm assuming Cam's contract is the floor for Wilson. Obviously, this can go out the window if they continue drafting well.
  13. It's going to be interested to see how Seattle plays their cards. Will they choose Wilson or keeping that defense intact?
  14. ZeroZeroSeven

    Job interview advice

    Thanks for the advice! My intuition was telling this could be an issue, but I wanted to be sure. I'm confident I can give an articulate account of my previous projects/work experiences, but sometimes visual examples are just easier for some people to follow.