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  1. Panthers4real

    Bills sign Derek Anderson

    I heard McDermott has been seen hanging out outside the Panthers locker room giving out business cards that say, "if you're cut, just call sean"
  2. What is it going to take? A time machine that takes us back to when Torrey Smith was a solid rookie/2nd year player and not a washed-up vet with a strong locker room presence.
  3. A lot of the "experts" were too.
  4. Ron is a fuging dunce when it comes to personnel decisions and player evaluation.
  5. Why am I not surprised this is the first comment... Why cant we just enjoy football for the sport and entertainment that it is.
  6. Panthers4real

    JR Statue to remain

    I wonder how long before Hurney requests to be on statue security detail?
  7. Does anyone know what the deals are going to be on? Is it going to be on everything or just select items?