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  1. I'm with @teeray on this one. Another issue no one has brought up is the contention with jealous racists. It's not an excuse, but I mean, people get mad.
  2. Totally understand that reasoning but this is when the individual franchises have to step in and say no. Regardless of "innocence" in the eyes of the court, we think it's best that you look for employment elsewhere. Goodell shouldn't have to suspend him again because no franchise should want a woman beater on their team.
  3. They can't do a black helmet because of the NFL's helmet rule. They'd have to change the whole helmet design to do it. We have one of the best color schemes int he NFL I just wish we would update the design a little. Honestly they could wear whatever they want as long as they keep winning.
  4. He's on my wife's "list" but what she doesn't know is he's also on my "list". @brammer_thyme
  5. I think Matt needs to be a little more worried about the NFL's substance abuse policy and a little less worried about what it's doing with the kicking game.
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