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  1. Why can't Cam use a hard count? That's what slows lines down.
  2. Why can't this team show up in Primetime one fuging time.
  3. The_Light_Brigade

    Safest election ever per Trump Admin

    How can anyone not see through this?
  4. The_Light_Brigade

    Have you voted yet ?

    I can about guarantee you a majority of the amendments pass.
  5. The_Light_Brigade

    Have you voted yet ?

    I voted last week. Didn't vote straight ticket as I never have and never will. I was encouraged at the attendance but it discouraged at the same time as it was 90 percent 60+. I'm not judging, but in my county they toe the party line.
  6. The_Light_Brigade


    I had a feeling they would fall off this season with all of the talk of cancellation from other Marvel works on Netflix. Kingpin had only shown flashes but this season you really understand his weight and reach. I'm not all the way through but I'm enjoying myself.
  7. This is just a theory on my part but, I think Tepper is in his mind is wanting to change the whole culture and that includes uniform hype. Let's be honest these "modern classics" as he previous regime called them are definitely dated and when we updated our logo and typeface everyone thought the uni's were getting an update. I feel like when Tepper took over there was not enough time to explore changing the uniforms so changing the combinations was the next best thing. Either that or the uniform guys lobbied hard and Tepper allowed it.
  8. The_Light_Brigade

    Canes Make A Flurry Of Moves

    Playing time for Necas and Fleury?
  9. The_Light_Brigade

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    I think it takes up that space regardless of disc or not. I think it's required to allow for faster load times or some stuff. GTA did the same. I can't find a source on that but I'm pretty sure.
  10. The_Light_Brigade

    The Storm is Building

    I'll definitely give you Bobrovsky but our issue for the previous 8 years has been scoring goals. We only scored 3 against him and to his credit that Aho goal was a hell of a pass to make it's way through. We should have beaten the Islanders (2 posts and a crossbar). We've lacked consistency in scoring goals for years so you'll excuse me if i'm tempering my expectations. You're right on the back end. We've left our goaltenders scrambling numerous times, Faulk can make 2 beautiful plays followed by 2 giveaways. It's so frustrating.
  11. The_Light_Brigade

    The Storm is Building

    Cautiously optimistic. Dundon is hands on and inexperienced. I mean that as in, he doesn't seem like a hockey guy so he's flying blind. I feel like the league knows that and tended to stay away from the organization. Brind'Amour was handcuffed with Peters because he micromanaged everything and since we couldn't get a coach or GM to come here from a promising up and coming team we had to resort to someone in Waddell who's been mediocre elsewhere. Brind'Amour supposedly lobbied hard to Dundon to give him a shot. Honestly, Dundon probably didn't have much of a choice seeing as how the team seemed kind of blackballed. I don't have much evidence for this but that's the feeling I got. I went to opening night and the crowd wasn't bad, didn't come up with the win but you could tell the team was playing hard just like all of preseason. We haven't faced, what I would consider elite goaltending, this team struggles with Greiss for some reason. Like I said, cautiously optimistic.
  12. The_Light_Brigade

    Hurricanes Victory Celly (The Storm Surge)

    Need to get the clapping thing down, should be a crowd participation event. Other than that, me like.
  13. The_Light_Brigade

    Game 4: Hurricanes (2-0-1) vs. Canucks (1-1-0)

    I actually want to watch 'Canes games again. They're doing all the stuff I've been complaining about the team not doing for 8 years.
  14. The_Light_Brigade

    Collins and Manchin to vote yes

    Get Boofed.
  15. The_Light_Brigade

    Hurricanes bringing back Whalers look vs Boston

    That logo got me into hockey when I was very little. When I found out that team was coming to Raleigh I was ecstatic. There's obviously been some bad blood from those that loved that team and were pissed at Karmanos, rightfully so. It won't heal any wounds, in fact it probably pissed those Hartford folks off even more. I'm glad they're only doing a couple of games. Hopefully it stays that way.