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  1. If i'm Dundon/Waddell I'm not moving my 1st round picks for a rental. I got to get someone for at least a couple of years. We're definitely struggling on the defensive side without Dougie.
  2. Agreed. I'd think they should bring in Ned. See if he can do anything.
  3. Mrazek is just showing his bad side. It's unfortunate but this has been his MO his entire career. Streaky. He did get hung out on some bad defense. Losing Dougie hurt more than I thought it would.
  4. To be fair. He played his ass off. Wasn't the only reason they lost.
  5. I think Turbo's was more luck than anything. He knew someone would be "close" but i think that was a prayer that payed off. The crowd was bitching about Svech's goal because of Jordo's trip but that was right after that icing no call goal so i think it was fair game.
  6. I say as long as the stick isn't above the crossbar and the puck isn't in your hand. Play on. That goes with all of those crazy ass moves. If someone is skillful enough to do that then it should be part of the game. Now if you wanted to limit blade bending or stick shape, there's a different argument I also think goalie pads need to be smaller.
  7. Charlotte I would think has the edge on MLB as well though, it would just take a different investor. AFAIK, Baseball is Raleigh is super grass roots and has no major investors. It is what it is. I just want a team in every sport in my State.
  8. Yes, we in Raleigh are salty. Wanted to be the hub in our State for obscure sports in US like Hockey and Soccer. I would've conceded MLB to Charlotte if it meant MLS came to Raleigh. Sucks but it doesn't mean i'm not excited for MLS in Carolina. Oh and Charlotte Town FC is the best name of the options that have been filed so far. I prefer Queen City FC but I doubt they do it.
  9. Refs apologized for the Aho "no goal" on the touch up. That's a real bummer but we got a point against a goalie we once again couldn't solve. Tough slate ahead. Need 3 out of the next 6 points. Any more than that is gravy.
  10. This 11 and 7 poo needs to go on. We need to move either Fleury or TVR for a forward. Or bring up Gauthier. poo is ridiculous.
  11. One of the hardest things I had to learn.
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