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  1. Were you watching the same game I was? There were plenty of times when he had time to throw and completely missed his target. He had a ton of throws to the sideline and most were way off. Even that downfield throw to Samuel that he caught was under thrown.
  2. I feel weird saying this, but Cam looks terrible and he should be cut after this season. We save like 19 million if we cut him after this season.
  3. Olsen for sure will retire after this year if we are having a regime change.
  4. I think we grab the best tackle available when we pick top 5 this year and then tank for Lawrence the next year.
  5. Rivera should be gone tonight. Also, Cam is not a starting caliber QB in the NFL anymore. At least not what I've seen these first 2 weeks.
  6. It's amazing to me that practically every big college football team has an indoor practice facility, but the Panthers, as well as many other NFL teams, haven't built one yet.
  7. Not sure how CMC could "BREAK OUT" when he is already considered a top 5 RB in the league. I guess breaking out for CMC would be 1000+ rushing, 1000+ receiving, 100+ receptions, and 20+ total TD's.
  8. At the moment Bradberry is the answer, but I would like to see how Shaq does with a full year starting next to Luke before making that decision.
  9. I love the Panthers so much that I can't even think about anything else this week.
  10. The food coma is strong right now. 20 minutes to get it together.
  11. Might have a heart attack before this season ends. Way to keep pounding!
  12. We can't leave points on the board. Should have 7 more right now. Gotta make it impossible to come back.
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