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  1. South Bend here. The drive down to Indy is terribly boring.
  2. I'll be going to the Indianapolis game since I live about 3 hours from Indy. Probably can't afford any other games.
  3. The 3 backers in a 4-3 are akin to the 2 inside backers in a 3-4. The outside backers are primarily pass rushers and 4-3 backers don't translate to 3-4 outside backers, so really you're going from 3 backers in base defense to 2. So if we drafted a backer in the first and we transitioned to a 3-4 you would rarely see Luke, Shaq, and the rookie on the field at the same time.
  4. Good to know. It could be a complete non-factor. I've seen mocks with him going anywhere from the top 10 to in the 20s in the first round to the 2nd round.
  5. From what I've read Simmons has first round talent, but due to a video showing him punching a woman multiple times he could slide in the draft similar to Joe Mixon.
  6. Reminds me of this beautiful video. https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/college/acc/unc/unc-now/article69975172.html
  7. His contract is awful, but I think it would be in the teams best interest to cut him now and absorb all the dead money in one season rather than putting a whole bunch of it on 2020.
  8. I don't think he'd move for anything short of an NFL head coaching gig.
  9. Sit him all of 2020 so that we can get that #1 pick and get Trevor Lawrence. Dude is legit.
  10. I love the Panthers so much that I can't even think about anything else this week.
  11. The food coma is strong right now. 20 minutes to get it together.
  12. Might have a heart attack before this season ends. Way to keep pounding!
  13. We can't leave points on the board. Should have 7 more right now. Gotta make it impossible to come back.
  14. Haha, Cam ripping Packers signs off the wall. Love it. Keep Pounding!
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