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  1. 2015 the oline played extremely well outside of the Falcons loss and the Superb Owl loss. Oher was great at LT and Remmers except for those 2 losses played phenomenal at RT.
  2. Looks like I was closest. Will I be on the news? My sentence was spot on as well!
  3. With Greg potentially missing a lot of time again this year would moving Funchess to TE be a possible solution to this issue? He played TE at Michigan. He's not small and has shown capabilities to block. We've got plenty of other guys that can step in at WR. I'm just not sure that we can make it a whole season with just Thomas and Manhertz at TE and was thinking of possible options.
  4. ncsu12engr

    Midfield Logo Watch

    Looks like it fits inside the hash marks. Kinda small, but will still look good.
  5. Cam with the jump over the line for a TD.
  6. ncsu12engr

    Sunday Broadcast Map

    I don't have to deal with streaming the game this week! Probably will for most weeks since I'm in South Bend, IN.
  7. Panthers - 17 Cowboys - 6 Panthers shut down Elliott as a lackluster Cowboys offense barely even sees the other side of the 50.
  8. ncsu12engr

    Tavon Austin vs Donte Jackson

    Jackson will probably be lined up across from Michael Gallup more than Austin.
  9. I know you're probably just joking, but we can't afford to have that much money wrapped up on Guards.
  10. ncsu12engr

    Hiding Profile Pics

    Is that a problem? I'm here to talk about Panthers football and NFL in general. That other stuff can be seen in plenty of other places.
  11. ncsu12engr

    Hiding Profile Pics

    Thanks for the tip, this works perfectly.
  12. I enjoy looking at the Huddle sometimes while I'm at work, as I'm sure a lot of us do, but some people have NSFW profile pics (TheSpecialJuan comes to mind) and I can't figure out how to hide them so I can view content without having to display these NSFW profile pics. Is there a solution to this problem or do I just stop visiting the Huddle at work? I know this isn't about the Panthers, but I didn't know where else to put it.
  13. Just wanted to point out that NFL players don't go into the Hall of Fame for any specific team. Also, Greg has been nominated, but has never been WP MOY.
  14. I love the Panthers so much that I can't even think about anything else this week.