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  1. Why the fug did they move Moton to the left and put DW on the right? Is Daley not healthy enough to start?
  2. Bradberry seems like the kind of guy who won't be a diva like Norman was when it comes to contract discussions. I think he'd take around 10M/year. Definitely worth it if you ask me.
  3. Hopefully a lot of those Questionable guys are able to play. Bye week couldn't be coming at a better time.
  4. I love the Panthers so much that I can't even think about anything else this week.
  5. The food coma is strong right now. 20 minutes to get it together.
  6. Might have a heart attack before this season ends. Way to keep pounding!
  7. We can't leave points on the board. Should have 7 more right now. Gotta make it impossible to come back.
  8. Haha, Cam ripping Packers signs off the wall. Love it. Keep Pounding!
  9. Solid move for a player who only 2 years ago had double digit sacks. Once CJ comes back Ealy will see very little playing time. Too many stupid penalties.
  10. A win is a win. We need to stop giving teams free first downs, and we need our defensive QB back.
  11. A beautiful photo of a beautiful man. If only I Luked like him I could get all the ladies... @drectorscut
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