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  1. This is exactly like Beason and Peanut, it was going to tear anyway. Nobody did anything wrong
  2. In fairness Jourdan probably doesn’t know a ton about routes. But also in fairness Cam probably doesn’t either so neither of them would’ve benefitted from Cam providing a detailed answer
  3. Ridley about to be looking like David Boston over there
  4. This is correct. And we are going to need to pick someone up, we ain’t got enough
  5. Idk. Timeline gonna be interesting on this one. March was nut free so hopefully this baby pop out in November
  6. You can’t just have 4 down linemen. Bryan Cox Jr has to be on that list or not at all. He can’t play the OLB
  7. When I watch him run in pads, he doesn’t look 4.6 slow. Kind of weird
  8. I didn’t think this draft was very deep for Nose or 5tech. Lawrence could be a great nose. I feel that Oliver and Wilkins were more natural at the under spot in a 4-3, that’s where most of the DT talent was in this draft. Hell Gerald Willis didn’t even get drafted and he had more TFL than both. Dre’mont Jones and Charles Omenihu were really the two that I thought had the most potential for the 5 in this draft. As far as Little and draft capital. The trade was the right move. Our evaluations felt he could be a starter at LT and there was a tackle run right after. If you dislike losing 77 instead of 100, I challenge you to look at picks 77-100 and you will quickly see dogshit and realize we would’ve drafted Grier at 77 anyway.
  9. I’ll tell ya Jackson and GW3 are great. I think 4-3 fits only tho. I’d rather have Redwine than pretty much any safety left. Good athlete, clutch plays. As good a leader as Jaquan was, size and speed is going to hurt him
  10. Burns- B+ :Look, the writing was on the wall, this was the guy. We had our choice between him and Sweat. High character guy, motivated guy, fast, flexible, just what the doctor ordered. Little- A+ :Y’all have been begging for this for years now. Hurney trades up in 2 to get our guy right before the tackles are picked clean behind us. I don’t give a poo that we lost 77 instead of 100. We probably pick Will Grier anyway. Really, who went between those picks that y’all would want? Jaylon Ferguson? Winovich? Looks like a damn one leg Clay Mathews, get real THIS MOVE WAS fuging AMAZING!!!!!! Grier- A: So outside of Murray, this is the best QB in the draft. I love accuracy of the deep ball and Grier is pinpoint there. People are forgetting that he lead a shitshow of a Gator team into the top 10(on PED but still) and had his Mountaineers in contention for conference both years there. As referenced above, this would have been 77 or 100.
  11. 77 ain’t looking too hot right now. Trading for our guy was a good move
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