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  1. Swaggasaurus

    Moton LT of 2019? Not so fast...

    Moton is probably just right handed
  2. Cam gives us the best chance to win. He needs to go ahead with surgery and sit out the next 2 weeks. You don’t give up on a franchise QB and league mvp due to a correctable injury. He was having a season on par with mvp season through 8 games.
  3. If any player on our team smokes crack before the game it’s Ben Jacobs
  4. KK short was the end on that 3rd and 5
  5. Come on. The guy is shot putting the football.
  6. This is a super huge overreaction. Like he kind of pushed her and then kicked her in the butt. The most damage came when he pushed the dude into her. If she called him a racial slur I don’t feel sorry for her. This, to me is about the same as the Joe Mixon deal. Both times the man was not at fault. Ladies, don’t buck up to any men if you can’t handle the consequences
  7. Poe and Love already started for 3-4 teams. I done seen two people who clearly forgot that
  8. Time to bring in a CB and a kicker. If we had a warm body at cb, we win
  9. Are you forgetting where I said he was doing good and having a great year? (Blinders)I did not compliment Curtis Samuel tho, shoutout Curtis, also shoutout DJ Moore. Great job Cam, DJ, and Curtis. Nobody else gets praise right now
  10. Well if you want to look through, so far I’ve provided a critique of McCaffrey and playcalling. Defense, I don’t have anything specific to critique as this time. Captain is bad, refs don’t call holding on when a DL is held, but that’s every game
  11. Read option was wrong call there. You don’t have time to pitter pat on short yardage. That has killed us today