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  1. Mike Then all of the OL. Corner should be a higher priority than Safety. Corn Elder is not an NFL player. Spending and early pick on QB is a colossal loss if it doesn’t work out.
  2. Some of y’all are acting dumb as hell. That rookie held his own there. Sometimes the other guy does it better
  3. The guys wear scarves. Some “local” food truck parks outside. It’s super woke.
  4. Must run in the family
  5. Looking at this roster, Roman Harper or another vet S would make me comfortable. I like Marlowe, Boston, and obvs Coleman tho. WR- Garrett, Philly, Ginn, Funch, KB DE- we keep 5- CJ, Ealy, Addison, Delaire, Miley
  6. Philly makes some spectacular plays in between disappearing, but his shoulder is trash.
  7. I feel as if Bradberry had a professionally done 4 Minute splash reel, you guys, Walterfootball, Kiper, and the whole lot would be talking about this great player and pick we have and how we stole JNos replacement in round 2. But because highlight reel does not exist, he suck and is a reach.
  8. As an offense you have to dictate what the defense does. Bring the whole fuging house. I'll throw screens all day, it's not that they are more talented, this team cannot make adjustments man
  9. Ifedi fuging sucks. I'd rather wait and take Shell, Beavers, or Haeg 2 rounds later. I would replace Germain with Cash or Boyd.
  10. That was a backwards pass, clear as day. WTF is wrong with y'all
  11. I'm not a fan of Cinci, I'd like to see them lose. But you are right on the fuging money with this. Williams turned his head and lead with the shoulder after Wheaton had caught the ball and ran 2-3 steps. Ol boy launches and tattoos Gio in the head and gets nothing
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