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  1. He’s playing 5tech not 3. Goddamn this guys stupidity pisses me off.
  2. It’s more about angles in a short yardage situation like that. He still slow.
  3. If I’m Greg Olsen and I see this guy I’m fuging him up.
  4. Prolly not tho. We live in a microwave society now. With everyone fighting for their causes these days she’ll be a footnote. Your daughters daughters won’t know anything because nobody remembers fake awakenings. People got to stop trying so hard to be revolutionary’s cause it gets tired and everybody gets too woke to see when real change is needed. No real difference had been made in this country regarding civil liberties since the early 70’s. Turn that poo down and maybe you’ll get to be part of the history books. I know you want to be part of an era that made a “difference” but you’re failing.
  5. Extremism has been king for this decade for sure. That’s on all sides of the spectrum. People have too many convictions. Can’t we all not give a fug.
  6. I don’t like folks who force personal agendas. Don’t like folks openly opposing same sex marriage, don’t like Kap kneeling, don’t like Rapinoe Rapinoeing, don’t like The Golden Calf of Bristol Tebowing. All personal beliefs and political agendas should be kept out of your sport. We need more Antonio Brown twerks in this world.
  7. Nothing I love more than a drunk trip to IHOP at 2am
  8. This is exactly like Beason and Peanut, it was going to tear anyway. Nobody did anything wrong
  9. In fairness Jourdan probably doesn’t know a ton about routes. But also in fairness Cam probably doesn’t either so neither of them would’ve benefitted from Cam providing a detailed answer
  10. Ridley about to be looking like David Boston over there
  11. This is correct. And we are going to need to pick someone up, we ain’t got enough
  12. Idk. Timeline gonna be interesting on this one. March was nut free so hopefully this baby pop out in November
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