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  1. Take him! Drew and Marty are tight, so I could see us kicking the tires
  2. The guys wear scarves. Some “local” food truck parks outside. It’s super woke.
  3. Reche Caldwell, it’s in the fuging thread title. Don’t be a ***** about somebody’s death.
  4. In reality, the draft was much deeper for defense than offense once you got past the top level skill guys and lineman. Matt Hennessy at Center, Kevin Dotson in round 4 at guard was the last guy that I would’ve picked. WR was a juggernaut until round 4. Duvernay and Edwards probably the last guys there with any good percentage of becoming a significant player and they were in round 3. TE all JAG. QB was ugly this year too.
  5. I’d like maybe another corner here. Kindle Vildor, Lavert Hill. Thaddeus Moss is kind of a tough blocker at TE that could work not really what you look for but it’s good to have someone who can block on the edge.
  6. Wasn’t a fan of Biadasz. Rewatched the Wisky bowl game and he ended up on the ground a lot. Getting bitched aka Paradised
  7. Really liked Dotson out of Louisiana, think he will be a better Pro than his teammate Hunt.
  8. Davis-Gaither, Peoples-Jones, Lynch I'd love a corner or Kevin Dotson OG from Louisiana but the value isn’t there. Corners are picked clean. I don’t see Bryce Hall as an NFL athlete. I do like Lavert Hill and Kindle Vildor both more nickel backs for the Pros all those guys more 5-6 rounders
  9. Raiders coming up. Maybe we give up our 3rd and Samuel for their 2nd. I think I remember Gruden being a fan. Edit: fug. I hate LAR not being LA Raiders
  10. Not really. If your Dline sucks then your LB can’t do their jobs. Neither can the DBs. Prime in his Prime can’t cover for 8-10 seconds every play
  11. fuging Ray Lewis couldn’t play with zack Kerr in front of him. You don’t build a house without a foundation
  12. Need conners. Don’t know if that’s BPA. We shall see if we draft for need or not. I mean we’ve got fuging nobody at CB, hell S too.
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