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  1. Wasn’t it Coleman that shredded us last year with ATL? I haven’t watched yesterday’s game, however the last time we got shredded Coleman just kept moving laterally until a backside crease opened up. That’s how I’d play this defense if I’m any team in the NFL
  2. Since 11/8/18 our record is 5-9. For those 5 wins Kyle Allen was our QB. Not sure how much more proof is needed. Is a mobile Cam better than Kyle? In most ways yes. Will Kyle ever be MVP? Nah. Is our offense asleep with Cam?Yep....but it’s really because when he fugs up he continues to beat himself up about it and can’t recover. That’s the biggest thing that separates these two for me. Kyle Allen flashes a goofy smile and is caught on the broadcast saying “I fuging missed it by that much” Cam is dying inside when he doesn’t execute, there’s nothing wrong with that, it just doesn’t help the guys stay engaged.
  3. Play Allen until he loses. To protect Cam. If Allen when 5 straight-10 straight-whatevs , then Cam loses first game back, everyone will come for his head
  4. I remember on draft day many people on here thought Beane sniped Zay Jones from us and Zay was our target, if so I’m glad he did. Samuel has legit receiver skills and is often open deep we just can’t hit him. Too many underthrows let the dB catch up
  5. Samuel gets mugged downfield because the balls are under thrown with the exception of the no call PI last week. Guy should have 400 and 4 Tuddies right now
  6. Missing my overall point. Which is when your replacement gives you no Big Tymers then gets his roll on, it’s hard to compete. You have got to see how poor drafting in round 1 over the past 5 years is affecting the current team, it’s blatantly obvious
  7. Well Fuzzy wuzzy, we ain’t hitting those either. Maybe...maybe... Bradberry and Moton, they at least are serviceable. We did hit a 2 on Short.
  8. All I know is that our Super Bowl 2015 squad was Hurneys team. Getts basically admitted as such
  9. My point was Gettleman poo the bed with first round picks. Also TD...he gone.
  10. You got to hit on first rounders to be successful boo
  11. Kelvin Benjamin, Vernon Bustler, Shaq Thompson, Star Lotuleli. Cupboard=Bare
  12. It’s truly fuged bro. I just don’t believe he’s done. He can’t go out this way, you either sit him or let him play how he plays, he’s fuging Cam Newton, the guy slam dunks footballs into the endzone
  13. He will take no worse hit than a blind side in the pocket.
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