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  1. I am. Biggest thing when I took the exam (2012) was the math part. People who understood and got the math passed. I'm sure the course is different now but good luck and study!!
  2. Exactly! That is what makes this season so interesting. They are going to be very vanilla which is perfectly fine by me. We haven't had any surprises with our schemes in a while especially on defense so this will be fun. Even though I am slightly worried about our run defense I am still excited to see how it plays out.
  3. This is the most interesting thing for me. How much will we be playing with 3 down linemen and how many with 4?
  4. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/rapinoe-flag-stomp/ So basically being foul mouth is fine except coming from her? I will say this for a US woman who just brought the World Cup to the USA I'm kind of surprised at the response.
  5. So do you like Trump? Didn't he say all campaign how bad America was and he was going to make it great again? Doesn't he have and use foul language? Did you watch All or Nothing? All our players used foul language
  6. Didn't read the entire thread because it was basically the same thing for 16 pages. Here are some truths for you. 1. Conservatives don't like Rapinoe because she's disrespectful to Trump. It has nothing to do with celebrating. People love Phelps who showboats. People even love Usain Bolt who isn't American but showboats. It has everything to do with her being outspoken about Trump and his policies especially towards the LGBT community. 2. Liberals get just as upset as conservatives when someone doesn't agree with them. They will insult, fight back and yell obscenities because they perceive the lack of openmindeness as an attack on themselves. 3. Whether you are conservative or liberal we are in this battle and Trump is loving every second of it. Much easier to divide and conquer when people are too busy fighting each other. 4. Panthers ownership bring in a World Cup Winner and the player with the most goals in the World Cup and here we are talking about Trump. That's all I got to say about this!
  7. Now, let me preface this by saying I didn't even want Terry. I wanted to be absolutely terrible and have a top 4 or 5 pick being the worst team in the league. With Terry we still be one of the top 6 worst teams in the league unless Monk, Miles and Bacon explode. I still think one bottom 3 but who knows.
  8. With our roster we are tanking no matter what is said. No team is going to outright say they are tanking and rebuilding especially in a city like Charlotte. We are the most fickle basketball fanbase. How many people got so upset and wanted to switch teams because we didn't overpay Kemba?
  9. What do you all expect him to say? "Hey season ticket owners and those thinking about buying, we are going to be one of the worst teams in the league!" Just because he says we aren't rebuilding or tanking doesn't mean that we aren't. Look at our roster! We are going to be tanking even if we don't want to be!!
  10. This was a save face deal for the FO. Hey we didn't give up Kemba for nothing...We got a starter to replace him....blah blah blah. But we all know this is a bad move. Embrace the tank. We have a deep PG draft. So what do we do? We make a trade to get a guy that I actually don't mind but we overpay him and I feel instead of top 4 pick we are going to be around the 6-8 range now. This was one of those moves I absolutely didn't want
  11. This is why I was advocating a trade for awhile. I didn't want to lose him for nothing. Now comes the part that the Hornets have been extremely bad at...LUCK. Let's say they would have traded Kemba last year for the Cavs pick. I think they would have picked Knox with that pick and kept SGA for our pick. We would have been bad and had a top 5 pick. So a young core of SGA, Monk, Bacon, Knox and one of Zion, Ja, RJ or whoever 4th or 5th. Now, we get nothing but will most likely have a top 5 pick in the 2020. Draft. We will have a young core of Monk, Bacon, Miles, PJ and a top 5 pick (most likely a PG). The only way the second scenario is better is if we get a franchise changing player in the 2020 draft. Here's the lucky part. We not only get a top pick but that top pick is a bonafied superstar that is better than whoever we could have picked in the 2019 draft. We also need to hope for great strides from Miles and PJ to make this option better. We shall see but man we have been unlucky with this franchise.
  12. My Offseason Plan: 1. Sign either Mudiay or Peyton. Both young and we won't be good enough to hurt our draft position 2. We have until 7/6 to use the $8m player exception and and combine that with one of our expirings like Biz, Williams or MKG and get some kind of asset. We can even take on a longer salary because we are going to have $45m coming off the books next year. 3. Don't waive, stretch!! Let these dudes expire or trade for assets. Let's not push the issues down the line. 4. Play young guys. Vets need to be on the bench! 5. Want to see a small ball lineup of Peyton or Cody Martin (defense), Monk, Bacon, Miles, PJ. I would be interested to see how that works!
  13. The guy that said it is a done deal also deleted his tweet so who knows. I hope not. Let's embrace the rebuild
  14. Just realize Kemba was gone unless we offered him 200m+. The reason he left was to win. He might have thought at one point he would stay for less but Kemba ultimately decided he wanted to win. Money would have been the only reason for him to stay and we would have had to massively overpay.
  15. Nor should it have been. $160m - $170m should have been the highest offered. No way I want to be paying a 35yr old Kemba $35m a year when we would have been in the same place as we were the last 8 years. Also for the love of God, we are now officially rebuilding so we need to follow these rules: 1. Don't trade any young guys or picks to get rid of contracts. 2. We exchange our expirings for assets or let them expire. 3. Don't panic and try to fast forward the rebuild. We did that the last time. We get impatient and try to make a splash and struggle. 4. Play our young guys. I don't want to see Batum, Williams, MKG and Zeller getting huge minutes.
  16. You guys are depressing. Keep complaining then. Great conversation!
  17. I know the easy thing to do is bash this draft. While I could do that, I decided to take this time to analyze the draft with a positive spin. Position Versatility is the phrase used over and over with this draft class, but that is the absolute truth. PJ can be a 3 or 4. Cody can be a 1, 2 and even switch on 3s. McDaniels can be a 4 or small ball 5. All 3 of these players fit perfectly in Borrego's switching defense. Defense: They all can guard multiple positions. No matter what switches we make they are all pretty good defenders or at least have the potential to improve defensively. Lineup Flexibility: As much as I want to have faith that Monk can still turn into a player in this league, he needs to be paired with a good, tall defender at the PG position. Cody gives him that chance. This would be a much better complement to Monk then Graham (who I like defensively but only against PGs). Also, now if we ever see a Bacon, Miles, PJ, McDaniels lineup, 2,3, 4, and 5 could be switched easily. Accidental Tanking: I know. How can tanking be a positive spin. Well if we can't sign Kemba, we will be tanking by accident. We have a chance to develop some nice young pieces. Yes, they all have their ceilings but if we keep grooming Monk, Bacon, Bridges, Graham, PJ, Cody, McDaniels then we can possibly have 2-3 quality starters and 2-3 quality reserve players. We will still suck but we will have cheap players and a very high draft pick for the next couple of years to hope to luck into a star. Also who knows one of those young guys might develop into an all-star like Kemba did. I still remember when we signed Kemba for $12m a yr after his rookie contract expired a lot of people thought we overpaid because he wasn't efficient. That's all I got. Any other positives towards the draft?
  18. I think we resign both but if I had to choose who I think we would try to hang on to it would be Bradberry. We have more depth at LB than at corner so that would be my choice.
  19. I don't know much about college players but I want a d linemen. I am expecting a DE but wouldn't be surprised with DT which would gather the ire of all national analysts which I would like.
  20. I really don't understand this celebration problem. * These same ppl love Curry and he celebrates and acts crazy with every 3 pointer. * These ppl love Farve and his passion * They love Phillip Rivers even though if Cam did some things he did all hell would break lose Wait a minute just stfu and enjoy we are 9-0! I expect this from other teams fans but not from ours. Not now. Leave if you don't like it and support our undefeated team!
  21. great job as usual. I thought Ginn was down by contact as well. These catch rules are just so messed up now.
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