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  1. I actually don't mind this mock. Yes, i prefer Brown over Simmons but I wouldn't hate the choice. I'm not convinced about Josh Jones but can't complain about tackle depth. Rounds 3-6 were home runs IMO. Don't know anything about 7th round guy
  2. Miles has been more aggressive and isn't just hanging out in the corner. On the block or driving hard is opening up his game a ton. Monk has improved tremendously with his change of pace. He isn't going just fast but keeps changing up and keeping the defense off balance. On defense he still needs to get stronger off of picks but isn't having the lapses which is huge.
  3. Cho gave out crazy contracts when the salary cap had that huge jump. The problem is that the rest of the league paid role players the same and moved to try to get 3 big time players and then fillers. We made a mistake and have paid for it since. Nobody was giving up assets for our vets. Maybe a second but they wouldn't take on those salaries. Both of these were smart moves by the organization.
  4. Glad all of you all agree! No move = Great Move! We are finally embracing the fact that a Top Pick isn't a bad thing!! We are 2 years away from potentially being good. For that to happen we need to hit big time on the 2020 draft.
  5. The organization did right by Marvin. I think that might go a long way treating a Vet that well on the way out. Maybe we could have traded him for a 2nd but now Marv gets to choose his team. This is something that Marv probably initiated.
  6. I have really enjoyed watching the young guys play this year. I also LOVE the fact that we didn't trade for anybody that would have gotten us more wins. We need to embrace the fact that we are a young growing team. That is the goal. After Graham's hot start, he has come back to reality. Now don't get me wrong, he is a fine player but not the player who prohibits me from drafting a high potential PG. All Star Potential Players: PJ - I think he is probably our only player currently on the roster that can develop into an all star. He has the outside jumper, inside game and underrated athleticism. Trade Material: Rozier - His numbers are great but don't tell the whole story. My hope is that his numbers will garner some nice trade interest for potential assets. Even if we can't get a trade we like he is a serviceable starter. Potential Starters/Role-Players: Miles, Monk, Graham, Cody Martin - All of these guys should be role players right now. Because we aren't very good they are starters or play minutes off the bench. Miles gets a lot of flack but I think he has the potential to be a nice starter in this league. He just needs to stop settling for jumpers and be aggressive. Copy and paste that for Monk but add in playmaking ability. Graham is a fantastic distributor. His passes are what sets him apart. I don't like him in the volume shooting position that he is currently in. Cody Martin is what MKG should have been at a 2nd round price. He makes winning plays and hustle plays. When up down the stretch in a tight game, Cody Martin needs to be in the game. High Draft Pick 2020: Don't pick for need. Pick BPA. We don't have anybody that should cause us to overlook anybody. Yes, we have 2 PGs in Rozier and Graham but they don't have All-Star Potential IMO. The PG position is one of the most important positions so if a PG has the highest ceiling we should go for it. I know we also need another Center, but the way the league is going (Houston lineups) don't reach. Monk hasn't been the shooter we all were expecting. He is a better creator and driver than I thought but a much worse shooter. If a SG is our best available pull the trigger! Line-Up I Want To See Start This Year for a Few Games: Graham, Monk, Cody Martin, Miles, PJ. The only this happens is if Rozier is hurt but I really would like to see how this group would do together. I know it's small but it's fast and fun. We would get hurt on the boards but since there are not many true bigs we might have a chance. I just would like to see how they would do together since they are my favorite players currently.
  7. We are a rebuilding team that needs talent. We have Short and that's all at DT. We don't even have unknown players. At least at LT we have two players going into their 2nd year that struggled with injuries but at times showed potential. Daley and Little were rookies. It takes time to grow into their position. We just saw what SF did with their defensive line. We saw the impact Chris Jones had on the game. Imagine putting Brown next to Burns and running a stunt. That would be hell to block. Give me Brown in the 1st.
  8. I personally like the idea of drafting a TE. I like the idea of Moss but his 40 time and agility drills will really determine where he is picked. I would have no issue spending a 3rd and after on a TE. Yes, we have other positions of need, but we aren't solving all that in 1 year.
  9. My biggest reason why I haven't been talked into Simmons is Luke. We had the best MLB in the league and our defense still struggled so your reasoning is definitely sound. Difference makers seem to be always DTs, Pass Rushers, CBs and S so I agree with your point.
  10. I am on the Brown bandwagon. I think he will be a difference maker, but I would completely understand the Simmons pick. Fact is this draft is pretty deep with DT but not very deep with LBs. So do we go for BPA or do we go for a really good player at a position of need because there are not a lot of other players available? LBs in the Draft: Simmons, Patrick Queen and Kenneth Murray are all probably 1st rounders. Jordyn Brooks might be overdrafted in the 2nd but I am not sure about him. That's about it. There are some other guys but I don't see much difference between them and a guy like Jermaine Carter. DTs: Pretty much round 1 - 5 there are guys projected in that round that I wouldn't mind having on the Panthers and think they could be part of the rotation quickly. So even though I want Brown, I am slowly being talked into Simmons. My ideal would be Brown in Round 1 and Queen in Round 2 but that is becoming more and more a pipe dream because Queen's stock keeps rising.
  11. He is giving people what they wanted or at least what we should want. To be fair, we never should have extended TD or Greg Olsen when Gettleman left. We did. It didn't work and set us back. We have been an average to below average team with our aging vets and coaching staff. Tepper changed that up after not rushing to anything to gauge the team. He got us a practice bubble which Jerry never did and preferred a freaking ball room. He is trying to get the best practice facility and the best medical staff. What are you unimpressed with exactly? The fact that we didn't want to pay Olsen $7m+. Is he to blame for Luke retiring? Would you prefer he keep Rivera for the off chance that we can treadmill one more year and hope that because Rivera is here, Luke would stay? I see his moves as smart business decisions and finally rocking the boat to a historically middle of the road franchise.
  12. Rivera: Loved vets and also pressure up front. Money was always invested there in his tenure and not much in the secondary. New Coaching Staff: I don't have a clue which makes this offseason so intriguing. With our last regime I would seriously doubt a high pick at CB, but I just am not sure what they will do. They could go CB, DT, LB, OT, WR or QB. We have so many holes. I am interested to see if Rhule tries to fix the offense first or the defense.
  13. IMO the draft comes down to Okudah, Brown or one of the offensive tackles. I never could see Marty trading down because the Panthers were in a win now mode and that wasn't Rivera's style. Now that we are most likely in a complete rebuild mode I do see the trade down as a possibility but it is not for the position that we think. IF we trade down for extra picks I think we would end up taking a chance on a QB like Love or Eason. So in the 12/19 scenario, I see taking a QB at 12 so they could pick the one they want (which will piss everyone off) and then at 19 pick their BPA. We have so many holes they can justify anything but I wouldn't be surprised with the best LB available being Murray or even Patrick Queen if he runs well at the combine. I personally would not like this approach. I wouldn't want to give up our 2nd for 2 guys that could be good when we have potential difference makers available. Choose Brown, Okudah, Simmons, Thomas, Willis, Wirfs in that order. Only reason I have Simmons over the offensive tackles is that the draft is deeper at lineman that good sideline to sideline 3 down linebacker. Also Brown over Okudah because our run defense has sucked the past 2 years even when healthy. Need to get younger and hungrier.
  14. I cant wait to see Burns getting more snaps. He was a difference maker in the beginning of the year. I think he will respond very well to Rhule.
  15. Im all about building from the trenches. I don't believe we should or will reach for a QB in round 1. Id he happy with all the guys that have been mentioned in the thread. Now, if we traded down and added a pick in the 2nd round, i might be open to a QB pick then. Example, trade down and get Kinlaw. 2nd round picks Eason if available and an offensive line. i would be ok with this scenario.
  16. We are officially in the draft pick watch mode. I honestly just want JB to take the leash off Monk and give him 30+ minutes a game. He will learn and show enough to keep or actually get value from him. Also, this post has nothing to do with the past 2 games. Ive always said he needs the freedom to make dumb TOs now and then. Hell Nic does it and still gets minutes.
  17. Now I will admit that I don't watch the game looking at whose staying in their lanes when talking about rush defense, but for everyone wanting McCoy back what did he go last year to make you all want him back?
  18. Change is something that most people don't handle well. Everyone was begging for change and then when it happens all at once, it comes with resistance. I for one, love these changes. Tepper is spending money to try to get a competitive advantage. Look at some of the HC and OCs signed this offseason. The Panthers went against the grain and actually got some sought after young coaches. Tepper built a practice bubble which Jerry could have done but never wanted to spend the money. Tepper is going to give the Panthers the best in everything he can. It reminds me of the story of the English cycling team. They were terrible but a new coach had them change small habits that improved them incrementally. Things that many people overlooked and that helped turned them into champions. Once the Panthers start winning nobody will care what the change cost them.
  19. Yeah the way I see it, the Panthers are not going to fill all their holes in 1 offseason. I wouldn't be mad at them trying for a QB if they liked one. Myself i am still the play it safe person. I would like LT Thomas in Round 1 or DT from Auburn. In round 2 give me another interior lineman or even a LB like Patrick Queen.
  20. Why not both? We got a ton of time before draft to change our positions! I usually change who I want about 3-4 times.
  21. Interesting. So who do you have above Eason? Burrow, Tua, Herbert and Love? I can't imagine only 4 QBs in the 1st 2 rounds. Also I think Eason is better than Herbert and Love is an absolute wild card.
  22. Yeah and Burrow lost his job. Many college coaches make mistakes when evaluating talent. Burrow had so much growth in 1 yr and was a transfer. Justin Fields is better than Fromm but transferred. Cant just go by GA tape.
  23. Eason will go Top 15 and most likely Top 10 by the time the draft comes around. He was the guy I wanted if we traded back into the 1st. Now I wouldn't complain if we traded down to about 12 and got him, but I am not sure about #7
  24. My personal preference would be for him to become a scout. Imagine how much better our draft would be with Luke watching film. I think that is the ideal situation. He is close to the game but doesn't get those feelings of being on the sideline. I really think Luke watching film on prospects would find us some real diamonds in the rough!
  25. Every coach does this. They hire people they know and work well with. When starting a business most people hire people they know and have confidence in. I don't see the issue.
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