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  1. Beast_3000

    NFL.com ranks the NFC south rookie classes

    Another reason it’s silly because Moore had value in the run and return game. He had almost 200 yards rushing
  2. Lol thanks for the clarification.
  3. Agreed. Allen may have a tad more upside if he can put a little weight on and retain his speed.
  4. Hey Stirs, Why do you say it is puzzling? Just curious of your comment. I think he could make the roster. He is fast and has nice wiggle for possible special team help. I think he could create mismatches in the slot. Most of our receivers now are big boys, so I think there is a place for him.
  5. Beast_3000

    Five Panthers Make ProBowl

    I guess I am a little selfish but Gano not making the pro bowl is probably good for us re-signing him. If he stayed at 100% in field goal percentage we may have run into trouble since he is one of our free agents next year.
  6. I personally like the fact that the media thinks our record is inflated by bad opponents. Every week we hear excuses why the other team lost not why the Panthers won. That alone should make the players hungry for more. We won our first 5 games because we played lackluster opponents per the media. We beat San Francisco because Kapernick is struggling and the 49ers have injuries........per the media We beat the Patriots because the officials helped us....... Yada ....Yada.....Yada....
  7. glad he is ok that was scary after seeing the replay
  8. sheesh he got hit in the temple....
  9. i don't condone violence. but daaaaaaaaaaamn he just got knocked the fug out
  10. Hopefully since you called the sensible outcome we will have a shocking victory that builds confidence.
  11. I remember when half the huddle wanted to get rid of him over the offseason. He is a pretty solid kicker
  12. Beast_3000

    Farewell to Jon Beason

    I agree I don't know how to feel. I know for a fact it is better for the organization for Beason and for the Giants so I should be happy. But I feel .........meeeeeehhhh! Kind of like when you get rid of your favorite recliner for a furniture upgrade. He will be missed.
  13. I agree. They gave up the game winning touchdown and let the Seahawks run out the clock. I would give them a B maybe (B+)