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  1. Boom !!!! Heck yeah let’s go get our division back!
  2. In all seriousness we would be Legion of Doom good with Eric Reid. Dontae Jackson has been better than advertised so far, and with Adams coaching everyone on the back end our aging pas rush would probably reappear
  3. Beast_3000

    Where was C.J. today

    I agree with you for the most part but remember some of that mix and match play calling keeps the defense off balance. We don’t want personnel to give away the play.
  4. Beast_3000

    Analyzing the Game

    Makes you almost not know how to feel because of the injuries. I may have missed it in another thread but how long will the procedure on Samuel keep him out? I felt our separation on routes were lacking today. Samuel will eventually make the offense flow better because his speed dictates a cheating safety.
  5. Not a professional when it comes to the trenches either but I have heard small concerns in the past about Larsen. When Larsen gets his hands on you the play is over, the DT or linebacker is done, but there were some rumblings he isn’t quite as good at run blocking because he can’t pull like Ryan Kalil can. I am hopeful now that Amini isn’t starting that all the guys get a fair shot.
  6. Beast_3000

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    Especially since KB and DWill were talking about our quarterback and sports org. It’s no different than Troy Aikman saying something about Cam that catches media attention. Should we not talk about it then ? He doesn’t have a valid point and probably shouldn’t respond.
  7. Beast_3000

    Training Camp - Day 4 Updates

    Agreed you just hope with enough practice reps he cuts down on his mental errors that he has never been able to avoid.
  8. Beast_3000

    Your most hated NFL team?

    1) Saints by far 2) Patriots
  9. Dameire Byrd, D Hall, Obada and the UDFA offensive lineman from Penn St.
  10. Lol thanks for the clarification.
  11. Agreed. Allen may have a tad more upside if he can put a little weight on and retain his speed.
  12. Hey Stirs, Why do you say it is puzzling? Just curious of your comment. I think he could make the roster. He is fast and has nice wiggle for possible special team help. I think he could create mismatches in the slot. Most of our receivers now are big boys, so I think there is a place for him.
  13. Beast_3000

    Five Panthers Make ProBowl

    I guess I am a little selfish but Gano not making the pro bowl is probably good for us re-signing him. If he stayed at 100% in field goal percentage we may have run into trouble since he is one of our free agents next year.
  14. I personally like the fact that the media thinks our record is inflated by bad opponents. Every week we hear excuses why the other team lost not why the Panthers won. That alone should make the players hungry for more. We won our first 5 games because we played lackluster opponents per the media. We beat San Francisco because Kapernick is struggling and the 49ers have injuries........per the media We beat the Patriots because the officials helped us....... Yada ....Yada.....Yada....