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  1. @TheRed where were you with all those statistics when we signed Cam to a big-money extension, talking about how stupid that was? I mean...look at the previous Super Bowl winners historically and how much money they had tied to their QB. Statistically speaking, signing QBs to big money contracts severely hampers your ability to win a Super Bowl. We should've just let him go in FA and drafted a cheap rookie QB...right?
  2. Hell, if his agent successfully brokered a 7-year $60-70 million contract for a first time head coach...I might just swallow my pride and resentment and hang onto that agent.
  3. Nothing about Tepper screams “impulsive” to me...quite the opposite. How many people in here wanted him to fire Ron and Hurney as soon as he was handed the keys to the franchise?
  4. You okay? You write like a teenage girl on her period. #Triggered
  5. Do you consider the amount of money given to our Head Coach a “football decision”? If so, how? If not, then you might as well be panicking over decisions like whether he orders pizza with or without mushrooms.
  6. Since you're so concerned about our owner making smart decisions that are non-football related, then you'll be happy to know he has a net worth of $12 billion...that equals a LOT of smart decision-making.
  7. LOL I've posted like twice all offseason...thanks for reaffirming that you argue from your fragile wittle feelings over anything factual. I can't handle a negative take? How's this for one: we suck...we're probably a bottom-three team currently. If I tell you you're wrong, it's probably cause you post some pretty dumb takes, not cause I can't handle negativity. This board is full of negativity so if you feel like I'm specifically targeting you of all people, that should tell you something. I thoroughly enjoyed every game this year....the day I stop enjoying football, is the day I stop watching. For the sake of your own mental health, I'd advise you to consider doing the same. Your turn: how did you enjoy your boy's 4-12 season that I pretty much told you was going to happen for a variety of reasons?
  8. The fact that you think any time a head coach gets fired, the GM should automatically also get fired tells me you conflate the two and have no idea what one's roles are versus the other...which does shed some light on your earlier post. Tbh it's very hard to follow your posts since they're derived heavily from emotion rather than logic.
  9. The GM does not dictate operational decisions like what scheme a team is gonna run. How many GMs in the league do you think could go toe-to-toe with a head coach on the intricacies of schemes, alignments, game plans, etc.? GMs are essentially glorified scouts who have to learn how to manage the cap on the job. The scenario you just laid out above sounds like a dysfunctional GM/HC relationship. This is why there are defined roles within a company...if one party tries to extend beyond their defined roles and tells the other how to do their job, that breeds dysfunction. In that hypothetical: if Ron refuses Hurney and is adamant about trying to make the 3-4 work, then what? Are they gonna run to Tepper and cry "DAD.....!!!"?
  10. So the head coach tells the GM "Listen...we're making a desperate switch to a 3-4 on a whim but have none of the pieces/talent for it, so I'm gonna need you to go out and get some" and the GM does his job and acquires some pieces to fit his coach's system, only for that coach to get fired and for the new coach to switch back to the old alignment...that's on the GM?
  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone dunked on harder than this...poor OP.
  12. Y’all are complaining that we’re holding out one of our best players with an injury in a meaningless game that you want us to lose? Can someone explain that logic to me?
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