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  1. How would that be different than drafting Grier in the second or third round? You think using a high draft pick on a QB wouldn’t cause any chatter or a potential QB controversy? Especially considering, in this scenario, that we’d potentially be using a higher draft pick on Grier (i.e. a greater investment) than we would be to trade for Rosen. With a greater investment, comes greater expectations.
  2. I’m very confused by this version of @Mr. Scot. He is perpetually one of the most vocal critics of the roster moves of our FO, and now it’s all “It appears this is what the Panthers’ organization wants to do. No use in complaining about it”. All of a sudden you are so trusting of the judgment of our FO?
  3. Yeah obviously it would have been better for us, but people complaining about something that had zero chance of happening is pretty nonsensical. Imagine if a politician went out and platformed for some Utopian society with zero poverty and unemployment and no racism or discrimination, but when people ask him how he will achieve this, he just dodges the question and says “is this better for society or not?!”. That’s how I feel about the “we should’ve tanked the last game” crowd. I’ve yet to see anyone propose a realistic scenario for how we could have tanked the last game in a vacuum, without any extenuating implications like asking backups with no real game tape to just throw the game, effectively sabotaging their chances at sticking around in the league. We were playing our third string QB and benched our best offensive player (CMC) and best defensive player (Luke) in the first quarter. This was a win by the players, not the coaching staff. Imagine telling Panthers’ legends like Thomas Davis, Ryan Kalil, and Julius Peppers to go out there and tank their last game ever as a Panther. Or even if not explicitly telling them to tank, putting out some overtly half-assed gameplan that clearly insinuated a tank job...all for a few better spots in draft position.
  4. Did you know if we never win another game for the rest of our franchise, we could pick #1 every draft? Wouldn’t that be amazing......if only...
  5. If you’re referencing me...I’ve said plenty good about Gettleman. He got us out of cap hell with some smart, cheap FA signings, which was no easy feat...I think most everyone agrees on that. He was a master of the bargain bin shopping which allowed us to field some successful, overachieving rosters. The problem is that this success was not sustainable because of his subpar drafting, so instead of having young talent on 4 or 5 year rookie deals, we had these one or two year FA bandaids that we were constantly shuffling through.
  6. What word am I concentrating on to make a point? I’m not arguing semantics...you took a “let’s wait and see” approach and then immediately dived into a “these signings would have made a better offseason” while laying out all your alternate moves. What if TD’s play falls off considerably and Shaq has an All-Pro season and has a huge role in a Super Bowl run for us? What if Amos puts up a stinker of a season and Reid has his own All-Pro season? You can say you’re not explicitly condemning any of Hurney’s moves, but there is clearly implicit criticism when you say “I would have done A, B, C instead of D, E, F”...unless you’re really that nitpicky that you liked all his moves but you still want to give your own slightly “improved” version with all the power of hindsight, meanwhile making plenty of assumptions about players’ intent. And when you say stuff like “Hurney’s dumb ass gave Gano $9M guaranteed” you’re sort of discrediting your claims of impartiality and objectivity. That’s when it seems like you have a personal vendetta and are gonna come across as a “hater”, when you insert unnecessary attacks like that. If people criticize Gettleman or anyone else and call them a piece of sh&$, moron, dumbass, loser, etc....are you more or less inclined to take them seriously than if they just calmly and objectively lay out their criticisms about him? You’re not exactly doing yourself any favors. As far as addressing your alternate roster moves: those are fine moves and I would have been happy with those as well. I don’t think yours is considerably better than what Hurney did...just a matter of personal preference. I personally am pretty high on Cockrell as a solid CB so I don’t see the need to add someone like Callahan. Also I’m not sure if you’re saying we should sign Amos to play FS and Boston at SS, or vice versa, but I don’t see Boston as a proven starting caliber safety so I would still argue that would leave us with a hole at one of the safety positions. I am happy with our starting 3 WRs of Moore, Samuel, and Wright, so you arguing that we should sign Conley/Kearse/Matthews over Smith as a depth move seems relatively inconsequential. Smith could still be cut at any time and signed for a receiver like Kearse if that’s something you feel that strongly about. I don’t think people realize how valuable and how much leverage we have in Smith’s $5M non-guaranteed contract during the off-season. You’ve mentioned Gano about a million times in this thread which I’m not sure what that has to do with this offseason, but I find your disdain for Gano to be pretty dramatic and irrational. He had an excellent 2017, followed by what could be considered at worst as a middle-of-the-road 2018 season...but you’re acting like he’s a scrub. I think practically everyone acknowledges that it would have been incredibly advantageous to have Butker over Gano due to the savings, but you seem to be quite down on Gano in general so it seems to be beyond the money for you.
  7. You changed your tune pretty quick there...are you comfortable judging off-season moves in April or not? You advocate waiting to judge Hurney’s moves until the end of the year but are declaring your hypothetical offseason superior to his? Do you see how that’s contradictory?
  8. Would be a good Kyle Love replacement rotational piece at minimum.
  9. You sure that’s not a typo? That’s not even enough savings to cover a tank of gas these days
  10. Hmmm it’s almost as if these two points could be related to one another somehow
  11. So is it not needed? Or is it harmful? You classified it as “junk” which you benefit from bypassing along with sugar and pesticides, implying that it is harmful to the body.
  12. You took a statement made by one guy who no one appears to ever take seriously, rebutted with a broad claim that Irvin has never played OLB in a 4-3, then people simply fact-checked you on that claim, and now you’re lumping them together with the original guy’s claim. Their original point was that he has indeed played OLB in a 4-3 defense, which is true. What do you otherwise mean by “y’alls original point” which you claim is false?
  13. It’s hardly confirmation of anything.....I’m sure CJ Anderson was “told” last year before signing that he would get a lot of playing time alongside CMC.
  14. That’s a high bar you’re setting...are you saying you’re 100% sure that Greedy Williams will consistently lock up Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and Mike Evans? Bradberry has done about as well as you could expect anyone to shut those three receivers down.
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