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  1. If you think Allen can succeed when surrounded by talent (as he has shown thus far), then you have to account for his dirt-cheap salary which would presumably allow us to build a better team around him. That’s another thing to factor, despite the odd sentiment that $19 million is nothing.
  2. Forget football suspension...there should be criminal implications here. Assault with a deadly weapon? I dunno how these things play out on a football field but that doesn’t seem like a leap at all.
  3. Isn’t EPA/play the stat that had CMC as like a below average running back this year or something?
  4. Let him DM Billy Marshall on Twitter with your questions and he’ll get back to you in 2-3 business days. You’re kidding yourself if you think he knows the first thing about film analysis.
  5. If only somebody could do something about all those poo threads...hmm...
  6. We don’t know the outcome of his meeting with the doctor. He could’ve had every intention of continuing his career when he decided to go see the specialist, but what if he received some troubling news about the severity of his injury? It’s pretty telling that pretty much immediately after the visit with the specialist, he gets put on IR. Maybe the injury was worse than anyone initially thought and there could be long term health implications at play...or at least bad enough news to make him re-evaluate things. I’m not saying by any means that that’s what I think happened...just saying, the results of that doctor’s visit and the prognosis of his injury could certainly have their own set of implications on Cam’s desire and willingness to continue playing.
  7. Why do you keep making prognoses on his injury? It's weird cause I know you'd flip out if someone applied your rationale to Cam, and rightfully so cause it'd be just as silly. "We've seen Cam limping and he even admitted to not being able to run on his foot, even during pregame warmups. So he's 30+ years old coming off a bum ankle making millions of dollars...we should just cut him and go with the cheaper replacement, even if we get less production". Gano is coming off a vague knee injury to his plant leg, not even his kicking leg. He gets an entire year on IR to recover from it, and 33 years old is not old for a kicker so I don't know why you keep emphasizing that he's 33 like he's about to fall off a cliff. Many kickers are successful into their late 30s and even early 40s. How about we wait until next year and see how Gano performs in preseason, yeah?
  8. Why is having confidence in him a good thing, if he's not converting on those field goals? He's 9/15 from 40+ yards. That's like saying Rivera has confidence in Daryl Williams at LT so we should praise Daryl Williams and ignore all his whiffed blocks.
  9. 2014 at Minnesota was 12 degrees at kickoff and was the coldest game in franchise history as far as I know. We lost 31-13.
  10. I mean, that was literally his exact FG% (71.4) in 3 of his 4 college seasons including his final year...so no one should be particularly surprised except for those who were trying to argue in the preseason that we shouldn’t pay any attention to his college performance. His insane leg strength is such an asset that I’m still holding onto hope that he can improve his consistency.
  11. Strange thread to pop into, if you feel that way.
  12. Charlotte -> London -> Charlotte -> San Francisco -> Charlotte is a hell of a lot of traveling in a 3-week period, no? What’s hard to understand about that?
  13. No offense man, but I think you should take a little more time to read and analyze your charts before you post them. This isn’t a list of top receivers nor is it any kind of “ranking”. It’s simply sorted by default by most cushion yards...completely unrelated to a receiver’s ability to get open (which was what you were trying to convey by posting this). As far as Julio...I would make an educated guess that his low separation comes from his propensity to get double-teamed quite frequently. Somehow I don’t imagine Samuel and Moore have garnered enough respect in this league to get routinely double-teamed...especially since our offense runs through CMC and our opponents generally devote more defenders to stacking the box. That being said, Moore and Samuel could be getting more separation than this data suggests...since it’s only accounting for separation when they are targeted. If Moore/Samuel are routinely getting separation but Allen just isn’t looking their way, then that wouldn’t be reflected here. Nevertheless, this chart simply isn’t saying what you think it’s saying.
  14. “Cushion” just means how far away the defender lines up opposite the receiver pre-snap. You wanna look at separation.
  15. Only Rivera can straight up say "I take the blame for this loss" and also be accused of throwing the team under the bus... He said "we lost to a better team today"...if he said "they were the better team today", would that still trigger you so much? Everyone loves to dissect everything Ron says at these dumb pressers. That's why everyone was freaking out about us not making any trades after Rivera made some incredibly vague and generic comment like "Marty has a plan" when asked about the open roster spot.
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