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  1. MasterAwesome

    Myth buster christian mccaffrey

    Hopefully this is the last time we hear “McCaffrey” and “bust” in the same sentence.
  2. Except Ward is actually good...the Bucs’ starters were terrible. That’d be like if other teams were like “Wow Devin Funchess and Torrey Smith were out and we got killed by their backups, DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel”.
  3. https://media.giphy.com/media/Fml0fgAxVx1eM/giphy.gif
  4. Yeah that Steelers game was a sh&$-show for our defense, but that was a Thursday night Away game against one of the league’s best offenses...firing him after that would’ve been an incredible overreaction. To us fans, it definitely looked like something was off with our defense during the season but they really weren’t bad statistically and Washington is a brand new D coordinator. That would be like hiring a new Head Coach and firing him midway through the season for a mediocre 4-4 or 4-5 record after a blowout. The defense (and team as a whole) had performed admirably against Baltimore and Tampa in back to back weeks, despite our usual late-game efforts to let teams come back by being conservative. At this point I’m more than happy with firing Washington because our team has fallen off a cliff largely because of our defense, but you can’t say rationally that he should’ve been fired under those circumstances after the Steelers game when our team was 6-3.
  5. I don’t think you understand how averages work...
  6. Lol is someone projecting just a little bit...? I’m not sure how I got under your skin so much to where you felt the need to lie about being disinterested in engaging with me (actions speak louder than words, buddy) and then lie about only reading the first few words of my post which no one bought for a second, to try and give off a “too cool for school” vibe...which is pretty weird at your age. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so insecure (internet or otherwise). Anytime someone refutes or questions you, you get incredibly defensive. I’m not sure how you’ve lasted this long on this site with those insecurities. If someone attacks your argument, just defend it...don’t lose your mind and curl up into a ball and repeat the same nonsense over and over.
  7. Is that your same approach to reading football articles too? Cause that would explain a lot. So let me get this straight...Mr. Bored and Disinterested not only replies to everything I post within seconds, but actually cares enough to consecutively go back and edit his replies after posting. As if you are sitting at your computer reading over your posts like “No no, this won’t work...ah ha! Now I got him”. If these are your edited posts, then I cringe a little thinking about what came originally:
  8. Fun fact: you know what conversation requires, by definition?? Two willing participants...I’m having a lot of fun here, but you *supposedly* are so bored and have no interest in talking to me and yet here you are predictably so quick to engage me every time. But it’s okay, another thing that you and her have in common is your need to get the last word in. The only thing distinguishing you two at this point is that she actually knows quite a bit about football. Otherwise, I’d be convinced you’re the same person.
  9. The passive-aggressive one-word response with the period lol, yep...my ex-girlfriend ladies and gentlemen. That’s too perfect
  10. So no then...I was right. You could’ve either answered my post with one word or ignored it, since you’re “not interested in talking to me”. Instead, you proceed to go on a mini rant to tell me how I’m not worth your time, somehow missing the irony in that. You’re like my needy ex-girlfriend who would get mad at me but still constantly wanted attention. Oh hey, there’s an actually good analogy for you to chew on..since you struggle with those. Now please go on and show me how little interest you have in talking to me. I’ll be here, babe.
  11. Oh gosh you’re one of those...ok so then you proceed to whine about my whining, and now I whine about you whining about my whining, and then we continue into an endless perpetual whine-a-palooza. Another solid contribution. Now what? Do you want to try defending and validating your analogy, as any intellectual would do if someone attacks their stance? No? Ok, good.
  12. If Shula was still our OC then there would be 7 threads with this GIF about how he’s an idiot calling plays with 2 receivers in the same spot on a deep route. Instead, a thread gets started about Funchess for some reason, who clearly isn’t intended to be a part of this play. Meanwhile others who do address the receivers running into each other are blaming the receivers for running the wrong route. Again, I’m not a Shula fan...it’s just really funny seeing the double standard in full effect on the Huddle. Shula and Norv are a lot more alike than people care to admit...Norv just runs a lot more reverses and is generally more conservative than Shula if that is even possible. The difference is we have receivers with YAC ability so we can actually utilize more of a short pass game.
  13. What do you think your hyperbolic analogy contributes to this thread? Did you get your degree in False Equivalencies from Trump University? Rush defense on 1st down has exactly one qualifier (hint: I put it in bold for you). The point of looking at this specific stat is to look at what teams are potentially putting their defenses in good position on 2nd/3rd down, as explicitly stated in the tweet.
  14. MasterAwesome

    LOL - who could it be??!!

    Jeremy’s the type of person to retweet an Onion article.