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  1. Anytime anyone cites a death rate of ~0.02%, they are dividing the deaths by the total US population, not the total number of cases...so there is no reason to take them seriously.
  2. It’s funny watching the mental gymnastics of the self-proclaimed Huddle “realists” in here. The same people who continuously predict us to be bottom-feeders and trash the organization year after year are now condemning anyone who predicts Cam to struggle in New England. Where’s that “realism” you guys pride yourselves on? Cam is going to be tasked with learning a new system in what is shaping up to be a significantly limited offseason, coming off consecutive serious injuries, having missed most of last season, playing with a new o-line and receivers who he has to build chemistry with...I mean damn that sounds like a recipe for some struggling to me, no? Yet for some reason that rational, dare I say “realistic” take is met with responses like “Oh boy I BET you would just love to see Cam fail in New England!!”. Um, no...just like I would hope y’all don’t WANT the Panthers to fail just because you predict it every offseason. Otherwise y’all need to take a step back from your feelings a bit.
  3. It’s okay buddy, I know I know...who’s daddy’s big special smart boy??? When you go to your next game and scream “FUG BRIDGEWATER” and look around you and see a sea of red hats and confederate flags chanting with you in unison, I hope you take great comfort in knowing you’re not racist.
  4. Jesus, can you please just take 3 seconds to google what a trend is so we don’t keep going around in circles. I don’t want to overwhelm you so I am sorry for introducing a second buzzword, but trends are extremely helpful when making projections. Let’s say City A goes from 10,000 daily cases in April to 2,500 in May to 1,000 in June. City B goes from 100 daily cases in April to 500 daily cases in May to 1,000 daily cases in June. Do you consider these two cities to be in exactly the exact predicament with CoVID simply because they’re both averaging currently averaging 1,000 cases? Or does one concern you more than the other?
  5. I think I’m starting to understand the disconnect now. Whenever I use the term “trends” and reference NY, you seem to take that as me handing them a shiny gold “Most Improved” trophy. That’s not what this is about...this isn’t some feel-good Disney Channel “Worst to First” redemption story. I couldn’t care less if we’re talking about NYC going from 10,000 -> 500 daily cases vs. some middle-of-nowhere town in South Dakota going from 10 -> 3 daily cases. All I want to see are promising declining trends which indicate that a city or state is getting this virus under control. As of now, NY is exhibiting that trend. Florida? Not so much.
  6. Yeah, strawmen are annoying and weasly right? So how about you not go down that road next time. Don’t play dirty and expect me not to get in the mud with you if that’s how you want to play it. The operative word in all of my posts has been “trends”...everything you’ve posted thus far demonstrates to me that you have no clue what trends are, and I’m not gonna help you with something that you can google on your own time. I’ve repeatedly stated that NY is trending in the right direction, Florida however is not. So you went from arguing a strawman to now making me argue someone else’s claim about NY being COVID-free. Jesus, how about you just clue me in on what exactly you would like me to argue cause I can’t keep up with your ever changing version of it.
  7. Man, I gotta say....I've heard so many ridiculous rants lately about how masks are depriving people of oxygen, which I originally dismissed as ignorant babbling...but based on these responses I'm having to deal with in here, a lack of oxygen to the brain would actually explain a lot.
  8. I mean sure...if that's an easier strawman for you to argue against, we can pretend that. But I'm sorry...my attention is invested towards preventing the deaths of more American lives going forward. So go ahead and sit here and thump your chest about absolute numbers and how Florida is doing such a great job cause they have less total deaths while I'll continue to monitor present trends...since those are a tad bit more relevant than citing statistics from months ago. You are sounding even more nonsensical than the other guy.
  9. If me explaining your logic doesn't make sense to you, then that's an indictment on your logic bro lol. But sure, wear it proudly like a badge of honor!
  10. Someone said Florida has more recent cases than all of Europe. His reply was pointing out that NYC has had more deaths to date than the entire state of Florida. While factually true...that's clearly sensationalism, not reflective of the trajectories of NYC vs. Florida, which are trending in complete opposite directions. Then he goes on to complain that the media emphasizes TOTAL cases rather than ACTIVE cases, because they are so sensationalist and just want headlines. He's doing the exact same thing cause it supports his agenda. *Active cases are way more relevant than total cases*...just like *CURRENT death rates are way more relevant than TOTAL deaths*. Hint: Florida has had more than twice as many deaths as NYC in the past week, and the gap between the two is only going to continue to grow.
  11. Lol so you engage in sensationalism nonsense using the total death count of NYC vs. Florida instead of recent trends and then 2 posts later cry about the media being sensationalist by using the total cases instead of active ones. Way to drive some headlines there...sounds like you might have a future in mainstream media after all.
  12. You have nothing against Bridgewater personally but you’re gonna scream “Fug Bridgewater” at every game...okay lol. You seem like a child unable to process your emotions so you choose to lash out. If you think me saying “who needs racists when you have fans like Mojo” is me calling you a racist then you need to go back to high school and finish your GED.
  13. Why “fug Bridgewater”? Bet you’ll get a bunch of high-fives from a certain portion of our fan base for that one...nice one. Who needs racist fans when we have ones like Mojo.
  14. Trump is the 45th president. 4 + 5 = 9, which is the number of lives of a cat. CAT backwards = TAC. TAC = Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, which is in Australia. Anagram of Australia = Ultra Asia. Ultra Asia? Umm if you STILL don't believe Coronavirus was artificially created and leaked deliberately by China in order to eradicate most of the global population so that they could emerge as the leading superpower, secret cure in hand, then WAKE...UP...SHEEPLE! Ultra Asia is right around the corner and you mask-wearing idiots are too stupid to see it!
  15. The same people faux-outraged and clutching their pearls at Dr. Fauci initially misleading the public about the efficacy of masks are the same people who have never worn masks since day 1 and still refuse to wear masks under the guise of "muh libertiessss". They now just have a convenient excuse to try and justify the action (or inaction) that they had already committed to.
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