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  1. Meanwhile, Trai Turner sat out of the Chargers’ season opener with a bum knee. But people were losing their MINDS when Okung *mulled* retirement...that certainly aged well.
  2. I mean I get that Butker is an objectively good kicker, young, and we would have had him on a very cheap contract...but people are also extremely sensational and dramatic about his performance sometimes. I didn't get a chance to watch the Thursday night game but I was keeping up with it in the thread and the way some people were losing their minds about Butker, I thought he was nailing 50 yarders left and right. I was confused when I looked it up later and he made a 19-yarder and a 29-yarder...the latter of which seemed to just barely sneak through the uprights. I'm still hopeful Slye will turn around his short-range woes cause he is incredibly impressive from long-range. 8/11 from 50+ last year and they all seem to go right down the middle with plenty of room to spare.
  3. Of course it’s Richie Incognito too (#64)...POS.
  4. I mean...isn't this what we were hoping for with a new coaching staff? Coaches who can actually develop our players? This is basically what Rhule is known for...player development. Many of his starting freshmen/sophomore during their 1-win season ended up becoming the same starters that were part of their 11-win season two years later. This is supposed to be his bread-and-butter, but obviously we'll have to wait and see if that translates to the pros. Coaching is the one TBD variable that people don't really seem to be factoring in, other than to say our coaches are inexperienced and will probably have a rough transition to the pros. But everything else is always evaluating our players in a vacuum based on how they performed in college or how they performed in the previous regime with an entirely different coaching staff. Let's see what these coaches can do.
  5. Not if you count all them Huddle beers you’ve been racking up!! Amirite? I’ll have to remember to stick to only sweet delicious pie.
  6. I think it's more likely that people on this board severely overstate Hurney's actual role and level of autonomy within the organization. Roster building is quite clearly always a heavily synergistic and coordinated relationship between the GM and the head coach...but nuance is not one of the Huddle's strong suits. Negotiating contracts and managing the cap do appear to generally be mostly (if not exclusively) the role of the GM, but we hired Suleiman to assist with those tasks. The fact that Hurney has been evaluated and kept on as GM by two different owners should be an indicator that he is at least somewhat highly regarded in whatever his actual tasks are behind the scene. You simply cannot reconcile the theory that Tepper/Richardson like Hurney because he's a "yes man" who simply carries out their bidding with simultaneously trashing Hurney as a GM for his roster decisions...because those are being dictated by Tepper/Richardson, no? He either carries out their bidding or he deviates and acts autonomously and then gets fired and replaced by another "yes man", if that's what the owner is looking for. If that's really your theory, then I don't understand how our lackluster roster isn't entirely 100% Tepper and Richardson's fault.
  7. Probably a glitch in his AI. Then his programmer learned about this corrupted deviation from his coding that automates 17 anti-Hurney rants a day and then wiped it from his hard drive. So probably not his fault...he didn’t have any record of it, BUT THE INTERNET NEVER FORGETS!
  8. Then who is this impostor posting in the Matt Paradis signing thread? He's definitely got your trademark passive-aggression nailed.
  9. Says the coiner of the term "sunshine crowd" lol. But hey, congratulations cause it looks like recruitment is going well...I like that dude's "sunshine pumping" extension, that must be our special finishing move. I can already picture the fliers for the fear-mongering campaign: "Beware the diabolical menace known as The Sunshine Crowd! Lock your doors, hide ya kids, hide ya wives....cause they just might be around the corner waiting to pump some sunshine through those dark clouds!!"
  10. If he does well, the narrative will be about how amazing Joe Brady is, to have elevated such a mediocre QB.
  11. I’m convinced you’re that guy people have to explain absolute numbers vs. per capita to lol.
  12. I’m starting to understand that you have a very simple, linear way of thinking, which is why most of what I say goes over your head. I’ll be as clear as possible: Cutting a draft pick right away absolutely CAN be a better outcome for the team than keeping him for multiple seasons. I guess you thought Gaulden was a better pick than Robinson because he made our roster two years in a row. Personally, I would have rather cut him his rookie year and given his spot to someone else if it was clear he wasn’t an NFL-caliber football player. Calm down bud...I’m not worth you losing your modship over with your personal insults. But then again, you seem to be the Brenton Bersin of Huddle mods: everyone wondering how you seem to keep your position when you’re clearly unfit. Is Mr. tough guy gonna ban me and wipe my post history? Lol.
  13. I actually made zero arguments whatsoever...I’m just making fun of your argument that the longer you hold onto a draft pick, the better the draft pick. You should google something called the Sunk Cost Fallacy since you seem confused as to why that’s a dumb argument.
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