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  1. Back to projecting, are we? This is fun. Thought my account got deleted with that sick burn you dished out earlier. Hate to break it to you but it’s just us in here dawg...I ain’t playing to an audience like you. I mean, my ~30ish word post was apparently TL/DR for you so I’m just saying you seem like a picture-book kinda guy...substantiated by your penchant for spending hours drawing pictures on Microsoft Paint that no one reacts to (noooo he didn’t just hit em with the Paint trifecta!!!).
  2. The Huddle is such an impressionable bunch lol. Cam Jordan talks trash: “What a piece of poo...F that guy”. Cam Jordan says something flattering: “What a cool, likeable guy”. It’s like the love/hate relationship with PFF depending on what their rating system says about our team at any given moment.
  3. Damn...talk about cringey. Sorry my posts are too long and boring. I’ll whip up a pretty, colorful picture in Microsoft Paint for you next time. Ok buddy?? Daddy loves you.
  4. Bro, you are a walking case study on projection lol. “Why is everyone getting their buttholes knotted up about me getting my butthole knotted up”. ”Gosh I hate these grumpy fuddy duddies who are so positive all the time...let me complain grumpily about it”. Tell us more about all your other interests in life while you actually unironically spend your free time making cringey satirical anti-Hurney pictures in Microsoft Paint or whatever.
  5. Why did you come into a literal GIF-fest thread without a single positive sentiment towards the team to complain about how everyone is so positive all the time? That might be the grumpiest fuddiest duddiest thing I’ve seen on here, ever. Imagine how obnoxious it would be if I went into a 6-page thread discussing the best taco joint in Charlotte and was like “Yo!! All the dumba&$ haters are gonna regret not jumping on the bandwagon! PANTHERS ARE WINNING THE SUPER BOWL THIS YEAR BABYYYYY!! F the whiny-a&$ h8erzz why y’all whining so much?? Bit&$es”. Like wtf? That’s what you just did, and continuously do, but on the opposite end of the spectrum.
  6. Fair enough lol but I think AceBoogie is concerned with general intellect as opposed to football IQ, if he’s invoking those kinds of broad racial stereotypes. Didn’t know that about his math prowess though...the only math I’ve heard associated with Gronkowski is when he asked reporters “what’s 6*9 + 6+9” or whatever lol
  7. So there’s a direct correlation between intelligence and ability? The best players in the league are also the smartest? Are you suggesting Rob Gronkowski was the smartest Tight End in football for years?
  8. Ultimately this has too many fluky implications on a team’s success to be a viable option that I’d be in favor of, but there are some obvious benefits that extend beyond just a cash grab. For one, essentially extending the season but keeping the amount of games played per player at 16 means more rest for each player. Not only that, but teams have the flexibility to rest players on any given week, whenever they need it the most. Bradberry has a bit of a lingering ankle issue? Hey let’s just rest him this week since he has to miss two games this season anyways. It also gives those players who are buried in the depth chart a chance against real NFL competition (not a meaningless preseason game against other backups). I mean Rivera apparently loves his vets and all that right? Well now we’ll get to see some more flexibility and fluidity in the lineups. For example, I love Christian McCaffrey as much as anyone but I admit I’m intrigued in actually seeing what kind of RB talent we have behind him, beyond just spelling him for a couple snaps here and there. Then there’s the added strategic element of figuring out how to optimize your matchups in deciding when to play and rest certain players. I think that would introduce a very interesting chess match between coaching staffs.
  9. If we’re going with that angle then you have to apply that to Dave Gettleman too...i.e. Rivera pressured him to keep Silatolu and Bersin around for all that time and then pressured him to re-sign each of them to one or more additional contracts. Knowing Gettleman’s stubborn egotistical persona, that’s a pretty tough sell imo. Not sure how much weight the Sunk Cost Fallacy holds with regards to bottom-barrel players like Silatolu and Bersin. Where was the cost? They both played on virtually vet minimum salaries on their last 2-3 contracts. Yeah we invested a 2nd round pick on Silatolu back in 2012...but that was a lifetime ago. Nobody holds onto a high draft pick beyond the expiration of their rookie contract because of the sunk cost fallacy. Usually it doesn’t even last the duration of their rookie contract...just look at Ealy and Hall.
  10. Yeah I mean I agree with the notion that a single individual is not solely responsible for most decisions...which is why I brought up people like the offensive coordinator and positional coaches who also give roster input. You realize the guy I originally responded to was quoted saying Ron likes to hold onto these players for way too long? It seems like your sentiments should be directed his way. Not only is he attributing these roster decisions to a single person...he’s attributing them to a single person who is not even responsible for said roster decisions. My point was that if you are hellbent on blaming one person for retaining players too long, why the coach instead of the GM?
  11. Yeah of course Ron probably gives his input, but that’s still a silly argument...no offense. Why are we arbitrarily assigning an unknown percentage of input to the coach versus holding the GM to account for any gripes, for what is ultimately his responsibility? You know who else probably has a good bit of input and in all likelihood is in Ron’s ear specifically about these players that he’s “holding onto for too long” or whatever? Maybe the Offensive coordinator? The Positional coaches? You think Matsko was giving any input towards Amini? Or you think Rivera, a defensive guy, against the behest of the GM, o-coordinator, o-line coach, etc., was like “you know what, I see something in this guy and he’s so nice so I’m keeping him”. See how murky it gets when we walk this line? Why can’t we just blame the people in charge for the job duties that fall within their jurisdiction? Why is it always “Rivera this” and “Rivera that”. Imagine how silly it would be if a manager in a company got a tidbit of subjective input from a data analyst or something, and the manager ultimately made a decision to invest in some new technology or product that lost them millions of dollars. Would the blame fall upon the analyst or the manager? Senior managers acquire input from their analysts and their middle management all the time and that of course factors into their decision making...but they’re put in place specifically for their judgment and intuition in pulling the trigger on the big stuff. Here’s another scenario: we have regional scouts who are employed to heavily scout prospects from certain regions/colleges. No doubt these regional scouts have a sizable contribution to developing a team’s draft board. If we draft a bust from Oklahoma or something, are you advocating we blame that regional scout or the GM? Let’s not even go that far...hey Ron himself certainly gives a fair bit of input in the draft board. Should we start randomly blaming Ron for all failed draft picks too? Why is this system of blame so random and arbitrary?
  12. Is Rivera in charge of roster management? Why does this talking point constantly get parroted?
  13. Y’all are hella naive if you think Jeremy actually keeps up with his own boards.
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