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  1. Dat sexy 3/5 for 24 yards and a big fat L. I hope they’ll accept CMC for McC straight up.
  2. If Mr. Scot didn’t feel the need to post every errant non-filtered thought running through his confused head: What would you think? Not a potshot, just asking hypothetically: what if?
  3. I can’t imagine having the free time to spend 15 pages trying to convince everyone our GM sucks...bless your hearts.
  4. Can we stop using this “teams have figured out the blueprint on how to stop us” narrative? We’ve lost 9 of the last 10 games...it’s really not some secret revelation at this point.
  5. The “positivity”/“sunshine pumping” crowd (really just anyone who talks out against the excessive negativity) will always win for the simple fact that it’s pretty pathetic that y’all will allow a sports team or any form of entertainment to plague your minds/lives SO much that you will spend the majority of your free time on message boards rehashing the same negative sentiments again and again and again in thread after thread after thread. I’ve reached that happy medium where I get a lot of entertainment value from watching every Panthers’ football game and will be a bit bummed out over a loss but I can seamlessly move on with my life after the game is over. You all on the other hand, rush to the boards for the entire week to shout at the clouds and circlejerk about how badly we suck...then rinse and repeat after the next game. How y’all can unironical call out “positivity” in an insulting manner just blows my mind lol. “Look at you...all positive and stuff, having a great time and being all optimistic after a loss!! Soooo pathetic”. Like, you’ve already lost at that point lol, I have nothing but pity for those people.
  6. When our sole moderator is the first one to jump into this thread to whole-heartedly endorse the toxic negativity referenced in the OP, you know this forum has reached a level of “dumpster fire” even beyond the team which it endlessly ridicules. These boards need just as much of an overhaul as the Panthers organization...if not more.
  7. In today’s edition of: People Getting Triggered by Coachspeak. Complain all you want about the product he’s putting on the field, but y’all obsessing over his every word at the podium is silly.
  8. Surprised there hasn’t been as much Joey Slye love. I was reluctant to hand him the starting job after one preseason game like a lot of people here, but by the end of preseason I had seen enough to confidently draft him as my kicker in Fantasy Football and he has NOT let me down.
  9. It’s almost like it’s silly to give much credence to these arbitrary historical stats. For example, what is it inherently about a Super Bowl loser that would rationalize or begin to explain why they’d lose the next season’s opener? Are they just that deflated from a game played 6-7 months earlier? I prefer to judge games on the matchups themselves...there’s way too much team-to-team/season-to-season variation to take any of those stats seriously.
  10. LOL what in the world are you talking about? What did I say that was “wrong” and when did I take anything back? Are these just confused, senile ramblings? If you’re that desperate for my attention then sure I’ll be back over there to reply to you in a minute. You are one strange dude.
  11. Maybe you need a hobby...you spend a concerning amount of time on here.
  12. You’ve been “not interested” for the past 8 posts. It’s weird how important it is for you to respond to everything I say lol.
  13. Cool, let me try that too: Hey I’d write out an entire post indisputably proving that Ron is way superior to Payton, the latter of whom is actually the worst coach in the NFL. I could use lots of facts and statistics and then get it published in a peer-reviewed journal and win a Pulitzer. But nah I don’t feel like it cause you wouldn’t understand it. Bravo...you really got me. It’s hilarious that I even called you out on your “I’m not gonna even bother engaging you, you’re not worth it” followed by “hey let me continue to engage with you and tell you how you’re not worth my time” and here you are...like clockwork. Just can’t help yourself lol. Please provide my quotation on the bold? Since your comprehension is severely lacking, let me provide you with some clarity. I questioned your double standard when it comes to your idolatry of Payton and your utter disgust of Rivera...considering they both had second-half turnarounds in their Week 1 games and you chose to arbitrarily highlight one of them as evidence of strategic genius while ignoring the other one. Looking forward to your continued engagement.
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