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  1. Click on the article in the OP and actually read the Panthers section. Based on how they summarize Person’s article, it sounds very much like speculation. For example, he notes that there haven’t been contract talks yet and that Moton is looking for $15 million or more per year or whatever...let’s say those are indeed actual facts. It’s still speculation to take those facts and then leap to stating “I don’t think the Panthers will sign him to an extension”. The article keeps saying “Person thinks” ...they go on to say Person thinks we may not extend Samuel either because another team might offer him more money. Like, okay...lol that just sounds like a boring post any random Huddler could have made. Nothing in that article screams “insider info” to me...that’s all the same kind of stuff I’ve read on here by randos for years. You could say maybe that $15 million per year demand was “insider info” , but is it?? That seems kinda low and conflicts with other reports I’ve read...I’d consider that a damn steal if we sign him to a $15 mil per year contract.
  2. To be honest I don't even know how we got on the subject of clickbait titles...that was never a part of my initial argument nor I think was anyone else really discussing that, but I still roped myself into discussing it for whatever reason, so my bad for that. The relevant discussion was supposed to be regarding whether Person writes any speculative pieces for The Athletic and whether this could have been one of those, which I didn't think was a contentious question; and that is exactly the picture that is painted in the article from the OP. Whatever, I'm getting pretty bored of this topic anyways. I feel like there are way more useful insights to gain from any inside sources than these niche cases of "Are we going to re-sign X player". Like for example, the macro-level overarching question of who is actually running the show when it comes to roster management - Hurney? Rhule? Tepper? Shared input? Obviously we're not entitled to your particular insider info or anything, so I'm not actually foolishly asking that you find this out for us, I'm just saying I find those types of questions to be way more interesting and pertinent. But hell, if we're concerned about an individual extension this offseason, Hurney's is really the most impactful one that we should be discussing.
  3. Cody Ford has been pretty bad too...are we praising the Bills' talent evaluation because he was slightly less bad than Little? Seems weird, but if that's your bar for talent evaluation ("slightly less bad than the other guy"), then okay I guess. Little was obviously a worse pick all things considered, since we traded up for him...but Ford was the guy they were targeting all along so that doesn't exactly seem like great talent evaluation. Btw you guys sensationalize the hell out of that Bills' draft room clip lol. I think two guys high-fived in the background when we took Little and then they collectively cheered once their pick was officially announced, which is pretty standard in any draft room after 1st/2nd round picks are made (the rejoicing/catharsis that comes from thousands of hours of scouting to finally culminate in the official selection of your draft pick). I finally got around to watching that clip because I hear it talked about so much in here as a damning indictment, but the way you guys dramatize it, I really thought people in there were facepalming after our selection and that perhaps there was an audible recording of someone muttering "We can always count on that idiot Hurney". Did I watch the wrong clip? Am I honestly missing something?
  4. I thought it was clear that I was highlighting that Person still writes some op-ed (opinion) pieces for The Athletic. Which is precisely what some people are wondering in here....whether his article is simply a speculative piece based on his own opinion, or whether it's something he's hearing from insider sources. I don't know about you, but the word "Should" denotes to me that this was, indeed, an opinion piece.
  5. There's a difference between customer retention vs. acquisition. You seem to be describing how to retain subscriptions - surely you still need attention-grabbing headlines to entice new customers to subscribe, no? How do you get people to subscribe when they don't click on your article to begin with? Title grabs your attention -> article, however, is inaccessible behind a paywall -> you decide "Damn, I really want to read this and see where it goes" -> !Subscribe I would also question your claim that these articles have to be "accurate" (i.e. factual) - does he not still write some op-ed pieces on The Athletic? That's simply all people are questioning - whether this is truly factual "reporting" or if it's more of a speculative/op-ed piece. I just did a google search to pull up some of his articles and here's one headline from a couple weeks ago:
  6. I'm not disputing the claim itself, just find it ironic that people are suddenly treating Person as this incredibly reputable bastion for journalism given how much people have trashed him in the past.
  7. You're right you didn't have to point that out since I addressed it in my very first post. 5.5 games of solid to borderline elite LT play for vet minimum? You kidding me? How can you scoff at that as a Panthers fan, considering the trash we've had to trot out at LT for the past several years.
  8. Never thought I'd see the day when Joe Person apologists would jump to his defense on the Huddle...the same place where he used to be the butt of every joke. Actually makes me sort of tear up...I'm happy for Joe's redemption arc lol.
  9. Oh....thanks for letting me know. Damn, I have no rebuttal for such a fleshed out argument. You win this one.
  10. Probably not making it up, but I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled it from here lol. Honest question cause maybe I'm being ignorant about Person...has he ever broke any news? Does he actually have solid, reputable sources? It seems like throughout his entire career, he has had a tendency to piggyback late off others' reporting.
  11. Vet minimum signings aren't supposed to provide long-term stability. They are stop-gaps to buy you some time for that long-term solution. It's very low risk, very high reward.
  12. People pounding the table for o-line while also saying they wouldn't sign Okung at vet minimum lol. Even if he only plays a third of the season, that's a steal.
  13. But but...*something about players on small market teams*
  14. There were reports (and I believe even quotes from Hurney) that they hadn't initiated contract talks because they are waiting to see what happens with the salary cap next season. That could ultimately be the deciding factor...and hell, could maybe even be considered a rational levelheaded decision that Hurney isn't exactly known for when it comes to dishing out massive contracts. Although that type of wait-and-see conservatism seems like a shot that would stem from the top, rather than it being a unilateral Hurney call. Hard to believe Tepper is giving Hurney this type of incredibly impactful autonomy when he's on the last year of his contract and there is no indication yet of any extension in the works.
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