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  1. Rhule already said he tried to recruit Moore to Temple, so do you think that now he has him he will let him go so soon?
  2. 1. S. Smith 2. Luke - Comb with TD was a problem 3. Cam 4. Pep 5. 3rd leg Greg.. lol
  3. I wish RR didn't run a great QB into the ground. They would play Newton when it was clear to everyone he was injured with no eye to the future just to save there jobs, and in the end may have rushed his end here.
  4. CMC plays two spots well and can be a mismatch wherever you play him. You don't just pay him like a RB and you don't just play him at RB either. With the 5wr sets I hear they may run you can play him all over the field and never know where he is lining up.
  5. Checkout Temple D when Rhule was there was a 4-3 but had some standup rushers. Minn is doing fine with a rusher that's Burns size out of the 4-3. Nik D is mostly 4 DL anyway.. We ran Nik a lot in 2019...
  6. King said he wanted Rhule a NYG, like the Panthers cant have anything nice.... lol
  7. You pay good players there worth, (You dont always have to break the bank) all Bradberry did was hold down some of the best WRs in the NFL. People cried when Norman left, but all Bradberry did was just as good for longer then Norman. Ints are not the be all of CBs, if the other team dont throw your way you doing your job. JB not the fastest guy but he can play, im sure if he was running around trash talking ppl would like him better all he does is his job and let the # do the talking. Plus Carolina had him 4yrs on a 2nd rnd pay scale.
  8. Better QB play 49ers win, and also run the ball with the lead on 2nd downs to run time late in the 4thQ. 49ers stopped themselves. Also Jimmy g dont close your eyes and throw up footballs for grabs.... Wonnder if he gets killed in the media like Cam for his SB f up moments..
  9. When Ron was a top DC he was a 3-4 guy, his new DC is a 4-3 guy. Del Rio will be calling plays. All Ron DC have been 4-3 guys till last year. Washington dont count as ether..
  10. Tenn coach is former NE player, he knew to run fake plays at the walk-through before the game.
  11. If Allen didnt come in im not sure CMC gets 67 rec yrds. Thats how bad the day was going.
  12. Most top OT been bust, 34 DE with 1st , then C/OG with the 2nd. True 34 NT if there in the 3rd
  13. If Wegher is cut NE will grab him quick( yall know NE wants all the white RBs.. j/k kinda) and that 81 guy didnt look to bad for all the huddle talking so down on him. Him and Funch kinda play the same to me.
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