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  1. Dont worry we will have a COO on the football side. It not just 1 GM anymore, there will be someone else to check with before future deals go down.
  2. Maybe the Panthers should suck for like 10yrs so they can have all top 10 picks. Just think how good our team will be one day, game days will be sad but just think how good it will be to have great draft picks.
  3. Why would "FANS" of a team be happy any players on that team played bad?
  4. 3-4, 4-3 dont matter Panthers play Nik D most game anyway. The ends just stand more so far, less 3pt stances.
  5. Been a Allen believer since last season he can help win some games..
  6. So why was he benched? And what other reasons? I dont care about the kneeling thing i dont even watch the games till they start and couldnt care less what players do before or after a game.
  7. DW was all pro but even that season he just didn't look right. Must have been a bad yr for RTs
  8. He was not good before he got hurt. Why they wanted him at LT who knows...
  9. Is this the Madden curse coming for another players career? Dude has not been right since beeing on that cover..
  10. You do know Wilson played at NC-St right? He is well liked up here around my way He was good then and is still good now.
  11. Kap was not a good QB. He was demoted to #2 QB, does anyone really think Kap would have done any of this if he was starting? I like that he took a stand but for the wrong reasons i feel. He could have played another season in Sf but he forced his way out of SF but i dont think he knew it would be hard to find a job because im sure he thought he was still starter QB talent. Hes not. NFL talent not a stater. Reid is sticking up for a friend like he should but one thing is true, you cant let the man become bigger then the message.
  12. Fight for the 53 is new it seems, running alongside Camp Confidential. I like it, as for Holyfeild I think PS this season and CAP spot on 53 next year. Allen is #2 QB this season and he has earned it.
  13. Yes. (2) 1st round picks where used to pick Otah, i guess the Panthers could have taken any other player. Yes. Only (1) 1st round pick was traded with that 2nd and 4th. Looking back on it thats still not a terrible trade if not for the knee problem . Butler is a bust but still a big body for the DL and the Panthers have to pay him anyway this year. I would give him 1 more year to see if the light comes on.
  14. HC even said if the Pathers where still close to making the playoffs they would have played him all season last year. (SMH) When teams where head hunting Cam in 2016 then he got hurt they should have sat him, but they wanted to win future be damned but here it is 2yrs later and they still paying for that thought process. Or as last season proved never changed.
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