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  1. Still made him move off his spot and move around.
  2. This is why I was so pissed seeing him drop into zone so much the 1st two games. Glad Snow is seeing what he has and is willing to change things up if it's not working. Seen a lot less of Burns in zone the last two games. There is a time and a place to do those things just not as much..
  3. Was thinking the same thing... Maybe the players stay there for training camp or something.
  4. Losing your best WR for a run down RB was probably not the best start to the year. I think HC-GM is to much for one guy to run. You always need someone to check what you alone think is the right move.
  5. So there is a place for FB still in the NFL. I like that the OC is getting the FB out on the field.
  6. Burns is a rush DE, hope more people see that now. He can play olb but DE is his best spot. Glad he was not traded like a lot of people on here said they would..
  7. His size hurts him, if he was 6’1 210lbs with his speed he would be a monster. Atl, NO, and TB have big really good WR that he just wont be able to match up with well. I think he a good #2 CB to match with speed guys not much else.
  8. Just play 4 DL and you can run anything you like behind it. 2 DE 2 DT they was suppose to be the 1 strength of our Defense. Running that 3 man front with our best DE in the flat zone is hard to see. Maybe he will blitz more out of it but all i seee is some zone where a QB has had all day to scan the field and throw. Other then that im ok with seeing how this Defense grows over the season.
  9. Little a LT thats what he was draft for not a G. 2 different body types give him time. Daley earned a starting role and people are saying bust? What more can he do? KK can sit or play but next year it will be time to move on.
  10. Brown and Burns are keepers. Please let Burns pass rush move..YGM we don't know yet, KK is hurt so who knows. But yes after having Luke Whitehead is a joke.. I would take him out on pass plays.
  11. 3-3-5 will not work in the NFL teams will just run all over you. Could not believe when i seen that on 1st downs and guess what they ran right at it.
  12. Burns as a true olb is a waste. He is slim but he is our best DL and needs to stay at DE and rush even if it is a more stand up rusher from a wide stance. Teams pass also on 1st now.
  13. Really wish we stop with the 3-3-5 baylor D stuff. it puts Burns at true olb droping in to cover alot. I can see maybe on 3rd and long but 1st? Burns best spot is on DL rushing. If anything i like the old Temple D Snow ran with a more stand up rusher. Brown played his game not his fault the Mlb not doing his job.
  14. I like Burns as a stand up rusher or DE didn't really like the 3-3-5 looks with him as a olb. He can play it just think it's a waste of what he does best.
  15. Im really rooting for Teddy to shock a lot of so called fans. I always taught it was Cam everyone was hating on but now I see its the Panthers everyone hates and the fact that the Carolinas have a team. So if our own "fans" want to get in on the hating too when this team gets back to winning i hope thoughs types stay gone. I know this is a thing every year just had to get that off my chest..
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