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  1. harbingers have you ever in your life applied for a job that wasn't already guaranteed thanks to your daddy? im thinking no lol
  2. lol $1000??? he's probably getting close to that a day from his daddy in his "please don't embarrass me" allowance
  3. did everyone get a chance to see trump laughing at the idea that biden does his own writing today? said he'd be happy if he just knew what was going on lol. it's political suicide to nominate biden. not that the party destroying itself bothers me because heh im not even a democrat
  4. yeah it’s actually really unfair to compare joe rogan to a committed segregationist like biden who cozied up to monsters like strom thurmond, james eastland and jesse helms
  5. bernie has decades of statements and policy proving that he has always been an ally. quite the opposite with joe. voting for joe biden is significantly worse than accepting an endorsement from rogan because joe biden has caused far more direct harm for lgbtq than joe rogan has or could ever hope to inflict. you, being a spoiled failson, don’t care either way so long as daddy’s checks keep coming. bernie threatens that in a way biden doesn’t. that’s why bernie caused you to lose your mind.
  6. i can see the convenience in making up your lived experiences but understand that no one here believes you
  7. honestly i’m just fed up with your bullshit harbingers. that’s all. all you do is lie on this forum and i’m sick of it. you lie about making movies. you lie about living in canada. and for what reason? to attack the left. fug off harbingers. i’m sure your rich daddy has bought you plenty but i take solace in knowing he can never buy you the respect of your peers.
  8. bernie is a compromise and the means to an end. i don’t give a poo about him outside of that but beyond that i definitely don’t give a poo about the hurt feelings he has caused you. cry about it to your rich daddy harbingers
  9. should have listened to him then. instead liberals decided that maybe the heritage foundation had the right idea lmao
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