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  1. bernie wasn’t even running a serious campaign until iowa. if idiot chud moderator linvillegorge hadn’t deleted my posts you could look up and see where i called him an “issues” candidate for awhile because he was very obviously just trying to push clinton left. he’s running to win this time and you better hope he does if you’re actually serious about removing trump from office (you’re not)
  2. the young will show up when you stop crowding out good candidates in favor of racists like joe biden and hillary clinton
  3. no there’s not. biden’s campaign is filled with “blue no matter who” types. they will not withhold their vote and they will not vote for trump. bernie’s supporters are the only ones who have this reputation. and for good reason! they’re dead serious. so if you want to defeat trump, you must vote bernie in the primary. otherwise you’re choosing to depress turnout, directly helping trump.
  4. there are millions of voters who will vote for bernie and only bernie. if your goal is to defeat trump above all else then you are morally obligated to vote for bernie in the primary.
  5. yikes not even going to vote for the one candidate who can and will beat trump. must be nice to be so privileged.
  6. if you don’t vote for bernie in the primary you’re voting for trump
  7. lol that you still think trump is a master strategist instead of a petty asshole who went after the bidens because they’re so obviously corrupt. but that’s fine, we will go ahead and put you down as 1 vote for trump. no worries.
  8. one of the biggest warren boosters on twitter
  9. sorry biden bros, liz lads, buttigieg boys and klobuchar serial abusers but if you don't vote bernie in the primaries you're voting for trump
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