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  1. yeah this is where the question gets interesting. if we know we aren’t compete then i would rather put that money elsewhere (filling needs, re-signing guys, etc) so that when we take a qb potentially #1 overall they have a better situation to step into. and i would hope that our FO could look at this roster and realize that we aren’t going to compete with a guy like teddy. i would rather have kyle if cost is being factored in, knowing this roster won’t be competitive without an elite qb.
  2. he is what he is. i’m sure he’s a nice guy, i’m glad he kneeled and all that but that doesn’t really factor in for me. i’m not going to pretend he’s something more than he has always been just because he’s had bad injury luck and now he’s the starting quarterback of my favorite team. i’ve said before i think his problem is probably more an unwillingness to throw deep than an utter lack of ability but that it’s splitting hairs when the outcome is the same. i don’t think it’s downplaying him to say he’s being misused or that his impact is being overstated but some people are really invested in him being a bellcow running back or w/e to the detriment of things like winning football games.
  3. gives them a shorter field so less yards against the defense and less time off the clock when they inevitably give up a touchdown and the offense gets the ball back quicker for a bunch of underneath throws before time expires
  4. lol yeah i wouldn’t want to talk about teddy either if i were you. pull up whatever post you want, it’s not hard. everything is cached. i stand by every post i’ve made concerning mccaffrey. but yeah it’s probably easier for you to argue against your idea of my posts about a completely different player than for you to stand by your man in a topic explicitly about teddy bridgewater. btw come on man what are you doing here
  5. that last pass was tough too because he pumped and then just reared back and threw it to the guy he faked to. like ok let’s just make sure the guy catching the ball gets tackled immediately. fug
  6. yeah it would be cool if he was on a 1 year deal. but then at that point why not let cam play on what was a 1 year deal? ugh yeah it just sucks
  7. kyle allen had that tëbow thing going where he was so inaccurate downfield he probably threw less interceptions than he should have
  8. clearly yes. the problem is there’s an insane gulf between “better than kyle allen“ and “quarterback who can win you football games” we’re losing and the qb has looked ugly at times so i guess it’s easy to react that way but kyle allen was fuging awful and i don’t think fans here will ever be able to appreciate how truly bad he was.
  9. that ones on moore for sure. gotta make sure there isn’t a defender within 15 yards. anything less and it’s just too tight of a window.
  10. mccaffrey is a better receiver than a running back and he is certainly not worth his contract given his poor positional value. so you can stop acting like it’s a take i’m hiding from lol. he doesn’t move the needle. not good from your so called “face of the franchise” but hey maybe touchdown theodore is coming for the throne. i hear he can hit wide open receivers downfield sometimes!
  11. takes a lot less effort to embed tweets than it does to try to argue against what literally everyone who has watched teddy play can plainly see with their own eyes. i could probably copy and paste dozens of twitter links in the amount of time it would take to try to defend teddy’s deep ball or ted ginn’s hands or w/e. of course idc to defend replacement level guys. might take less time if it’s your prerogative. not mine though.
  12. staff doesn’t trust teddy to throw downfield. quite a few throws short of the sticks on third down through these first almost 6 quarters of the season
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