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  1. search "carolina" under users to see if you recognize anyone else
  2. based on his profile he is 28 or 29. ex military, current police (presumably cmpd). sound like anyone you know?
  3. found one in charlotte who lists current profession as police officer
  4. the left must consolidate power to stave off attacks from the right. and talk of a left politician "delegitimizing" their government is a red herring when the right views no left oriented government as "legitimate" to begin with. tbh left governments aren't doing enough to maintain power.
  5. hmm i wonder what the class character of this coup is lol
  6. im not sure the police and military and the cia have a better plan for the country than the will of the people and it’s popular, democratically elected leader
  7. black people aren’t animals and there is a long history of people dehumanizing them in exactly this way. iirc around this time you went to the all pro forum to cry about the way you were treated for posting racist tropes. there’s always a backstory with the people who cry about the tinderbox and it isn’t good
  8. you called black protestors animals. you’ve actually posted quite a few concerning things before falling back on the “language barrier” as some sort of defense. once again, there is a trend with the people crying about the tinderbox in the main forum. it isn’t good.
  9. speaking of which isn’t it kinda weird that jangler has been allowed to post here despite his extremely creepy comments on an 11 year old hayden panettiere? there sure are some uh...sketchy posters who exist without controversy while the usual suspects cry about the tinderbox
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