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  1. like one of the things the left (correctly) fears is a liberal president who further normalizes the terror. the obama-biden revisionism during this election cycle is, for lack of a better word, a harbinger of what’s to come.
  2. i quoted harbingers, not you. but what does it have to do with it? beyond the naked cynicism of white liberals who are more than happy to look the other way when their team is destroying families? there’s a hierarchy in america. an international student being removed from the country tugs at the ol heartstrings in a way that a poor farmer being removed from the country just doesn’t. if you only care when trump is doing it then you don’t care at all. if you only care when it happens to someone you can personally identify with, you don’t care at all.
  3. open secret with white liberals is that they fully believe people harassed and deported by democrats deserve it. don’t believe me? watch how they defend the obama administration’s treatment of immigrants. they start sounding like g5 lol
  4. biden isn’t a dang cheeto in the white house. no worries. biden isn’t a dang cheeto in the white house. no worries. the only explanation here is that you don’t view joe biden’s victims as human.
  5. liberals mocking this are simply projecting. not like their culture is any less embarrassing. are we just going to pretend that hamilton doesn’t exist? liberals turned epic rap battles into a broadway production and the obamas absolutely love it lmao. im not supporting the green party because of banksy or w/e. i’m supporting the green party because they have infrastructure and could become a socialist party. also they are far better positioned to influence the democratic party than dsa is. i will not under any circumstance vote for trump or biden. there is still time for the democrats to nominate someone worthy of my vote. i don’t think they will though. would be happy to be proven wrong! i would start phone banking immediately.
  6. https://www.jacobinmag.com/2020/07/chelsea-manning-james-averhart-alabama-congress
  7. weird that he would treat anita hill that way hmmmm wonder why he did that
  8. there are a couple different ways you can go with it. maybe donors wanted someone they knew they could trust. the rich knew economic collapse was coming and they wanted someone they could count on to impose brutal austerity in response. “nothing will fundamentally change” sounds pretty fuging good to the people who absolutely should have to foot the bill. and by ridding themselves of the candidates that they couldn’t fully trust they set up a november contest where it doesn’t really matter to them who wins. if you’re of a more conspiratorial mindset, the party wants to lose. it is is easier for the opposition party to #resist than it is to legislate. they don’t have grand policy goals they just want to keep their seat and get rich. lose in november and you get four more years of “you have to support me i’m your only hope against the dang cheeto in the white house” campaigning and fundraising. win in november and you actually have to do something and when things don’t get done you get the blame and you run the risk of getting kicked out of office. of course these aren’t mutually exclusive. in fact i think they’re both true.
  9. do you think joe biden is a better politician than hillary clinton? he had never won a primary before 2020 and had been forced to end a previous candidacy for plagiarizing someone else’s biographical speech (lmao) and outright lying about easily verifiable details of his own history. he is an absolutely awful politician who carved out a career propped up by dirty money in a tiny and obscenely corrupt state. clinton made huge, huge errors in 2016. but seeing the party repeat those errors in 2020 suggests that maybe she wasn’t solely responsible for the party’s failures.
  10. folks it’s time to play the hit game: WHO SAID IT? here’s how it works: i post a direct quote with context and you select the correct answer ready? here we go. for one pie, WHO SAID IT? was it: a) arsen hoping to blend in with a new username on a forum where he once called black protestors “wild animals” b) harbingers under his breath with his ear pressed to his stepmommy and daddy’s bedroom door c) both
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