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  1. did you tell them AR stands for “assault rifle”
  2. paa langfart is a piece of poo and should get the jangler treatment after this
  3. we saw a glimpse of how richardson ran this operation. not just the alleged sexual harassment and not just the alleged racial slurs but carefully checking cam’s skin for tattoos and piercings while heavily implying that he shouldn’t grow his hair out. i think it’s fair to question what he saw in rivera. how did rivera sell himself to that piece of poo?
  4. not necessarily agreeing here but if any coaching staff in the league would do this to save their own neck, it’s a ron rivera coaching staff. it’s not a coincidence that military ron sat cam for the first drive for not wearing a tie in a game where they got absolutely shithoused. he knew it was coming and wanted cam to take the heat when it did. for such a “players coach” he sure does like to throw his guys under the bus. for such a “players coach” the players sure seem sick of him on the field.
  5. lmao @ calling anyone a "neanderthal" when we've read your posts and we know what you look like
  6. have you ever thought to do that outside of this stupid hypothetical in defense of an obviously racist comment? ive seen your posts in the tinderbox dude. you should have posted this from an alt.
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