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  1. I doubt he would have made it to 57. Was it a reach? Yes. Was it drafting in a position of need? No. Will Panthers fans be happy we got him once he is on the field and heaven forbid something happen to davis? Yes IDC what they say. I would almost rather the experts hate the picks. You read Seahawks and our division rivals fans reactions to Shaq being a Panther.....tells me all I need to know.
  2. RB are very important. Its a huge risk to take one in the first round for obvious reasons, but Gurley is worth it.
  3. I've been opposed to us taking a RB in the first round in the past, but Gurley makes sense. Why? He has all the tools to be a franchise RB. If he is BPA, I would take him. He would be a top 10, maybe 5 if he didn't get hurt.
  4. GotSwag?

    NFL Free Agency Update Thread

    Have no idea what the Saints are doing. Their fans are claiming they will be better, but they lose Graham, Stills, and Thomas....so far replacing them with just Spiller and Unger. Defense is still a mess. They built up some picks but I'm just not seeing how the Saints are any better now than to start the off season.
  5. They got some good returns from the trade, but wow... They just traded one of the best offensive weapons in the game.
  6. GotSwag?

    Ted Ginn update

    Benjamin, Cotchery, Ginn, Brown...I like it. Will be fun seeing brown and Ginn in there together with cams ability to run. Would still feel better getting one more proven WR
  7. GotSwag?

    Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    Awesome. People everywhere are writing him off. Healthy and back with a coach he was successful under. Michael, read these comments and prove everyone wrong.
  8. I liked what we did yesterday. Execution let us down. Newton had one bad pass to Olsen that could have been a big gain. Olsen dropped another that could have been a big gain. Then of course the fumble by Williams and punt where the ball hit Thomas and they recovered. All in all, I believe our offense will open up, play faster, etc...but yesterday we had the perfect game plan. Our defense is legit folks, and if DeAngelo doesnt fumble that ball, that Seahawks D was done for and we probably win that game and its different story today. I just hope the team keeps the confidence. This could be a special year. Just gotta learn how to make the plays when it matters.