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  1. It’s not the designed runs that bang him .... it’s the lack of protection in the pocket.
  2. lovelett


    Sounds good making fun of anyone... they played well and should be going to the Super Bowl... a game is not one play.... just sucks when that one play would win you the game.
  3. We didn’t ruin our QB.... maybe embarrassed him.
  4. Do you think we should have kept Dave? Honest question....
  5. lovelett


    I want to win. If Rivera is done after the season that’s fine.... if Tepper says he wants to win, let’s win.
  6. Rivera may not be a killer like some of you want ( and me too) however he is not why we lost the last couple games....
  7. lovelett

    Who didn’t ball out tonight?

    Yes... 100 percent.... we were in it until the last minute against a team that will minimum sniff the Super Bowl.....
  8. lovelett

    Who didn’t ball out tonight?

    It wasn’t that bad.... we were in it to the end.... we knew the offense wasn’t clicking but any given (Monday).
  9. lovelett

    Good game fellas...

    It was actually a great game all game.... congrats on coming our on top.... we will meet again next year.... what more can we ask for from the NFL.... was there until the end!!!!
  10. We always like to say who did ball out.... we played well on D from what I saw.... O we f;),):, a lot up.... over all there were mistakes... who didn’t call out!
  11. That’s reasonable.... I am not sold on the fire Rivera train but he has been loyal to us and his teams overall are competitive.... mostly. No need to disrespect a member of our franchise.... people looks for jobs will know....
  12. lovelett

    Ron just stated he will not sit Cam

    Have we been eliminated? When we are sit him... when there are us chance.... be a fan.... WIN!
  13. Cam played terrible. He will be better next year. I am ok with Carolina keeping River but he has to call defensive plays or get a decent DC. By the way, outside of the huddle 80 percent of the fans are also.
  14. Ron put up a great d and norv did his best with the offense..... I am ambivalent on Ron however this was not on him
  15. Anyone who doesn’t think Rivera can run a defense doesn’t know anything about Rivera....