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  1. Right!!! We need a real center and drafting one in the first round seems the best way to do it. And be sure to get rid of Williams who seems to have forgotten how to block sitting out last season. And don't shackle us with Tua, geez louise.
  2. Will should be allowed to start against the Redskins! Them only. Rookie QBs against each other.
  3. Kyle is a rookie learning on the job, he's not a veteran and certainly not a franchise QB and is unlikely to become one thus hang onto Cam for one more year! But if Kyle beats the Saints twice we can talk a little trading Cam to the AFC.
  4. FINE, we'll take a starting DT and a third rounder.
  5. If Tepper gets the Soccer team are there enough hour in the day, energy, money etc. to do that and rebuild the Panthers with new GM/Head Coach etc.?
  6. I guess a lemon can't be changed into an orange after all. Most here knew that on draft night.
  7. One has to take into account how slow Tepper has been to change his Head Coach and General Manager. Will he extend to his starting QB this patience? And how likely is Allen to beat GB, Hawks, Saints twice? If he doesn't split or has a repeat(s) of 49ers is he a real permanent starter candidate? I've said since Grier was drafted that it could mean Cam was a short timer and still could be but Tepper could give him a play-to-stay season in 2020.
  8. The man's a blowhard, I have to mute MNFB. Do you remember him saying at the top of the broadcast that the two best RB's in football were there tonight? Doofus!
  9. My take away from this is that as a receiver, if needed, he'd work much better with Kyle than with Cam.
  10. Would you be talking DeAndrew White by chance? That's what I'm thinking.
  11. I love this!!! But the only reason we won is because the Buck's defense lost to their offense. So glad we don't have to meet that defense again this season.
  12. I'm betting you do too. Slye is a ROOKIE, remember? Butker missed an easy field goal today too and he's not a ROOKIE. GIve Slye an entire season to find his way and stop the whining until then.
  13. Hasn't the knock on Allen always been that he starts out like a house afire but then rather quickly peters out? To me meaning he starts TRYING to repeat his big game/over thinking and all that brings him down. So will he hold to this form or has he grown-up enough to trust that house afire Kyle is who he really is? We'll find out between now and the bye week.
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