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  1. Jerry needs to grow a pair and withdraw the franchise and release his greedy butt. It worked well for Gettleman.
  2. Hey dog breath, here on the west side of Rockies prices have gone up a lot the past few years and properties to buy are much fewer than in the past so good luck. But hey, we'll be neighbors. I've been a Panther's fan since Day 1.
  3. Yes Yes Yes, it's not too early to add cmac to those four guys.
  4. I'd rather spend an hour staring at a blank screen, off, than five seconds watching this "so what" documentary. Are American men really this desperate for sports? If so the term, "Get a Life", comes to mind.
  5. If the three defensive standouts are gone then offensive standouts could be next up, Jeudy and Ruggs, not Lamb, he'll be a bust in this league like some recent Panthers receivers, I'll take your 100 on that.
  6. Hmmmm, I wonder if anyone but himself considers him a professional at doing this.
  7. That should really increase his trade value.
  8. Also a good TE from Portland St. that would be a good fifth round pick if still available. Some Pacific islander name I can't remember muchless spell if could.
  9. Old Dave would make that trade if rich enough for him, he'd be happy to take a LT (the LT is what they really need anyway) rather than Simmons if it meant more high picks, Simmons would be a luxury not necessity. I don't know about these guy who do these mocks, either they know little about drafting or they just have no common sense, though they could be smoking weed for several hours previously I suppose. Herbert looks like the second coming of Dan Fouts, you'd think the Chargers would want him. And how stupid would the Bengals be not to take all of the Dolphins first round picks for Burrow if offered?
  10. That's the best you can come up with to post on this subject? Clearly you know little.
  11. Just imagine it's 1995 and go with what happens expecting it will get better.
  12. Cam's "look at me" personality was the straw that broke the new coach/owner's backs. I think with a less showy personality he could have played out his contract to prove he was still Cam. But to establish a new culture with the new coach you need a leader who is also new, preferable one who isn't so taken with himself. Hurney hasn't received an extension has he? If not there still may be hope to rid the team of old Jerry's ways. People getting down on Rhule already is just silly, give him and ownership a chance to bring change. Tepper clearly moves slowly, slower than we all have wanted but Rivera is gone and hopefully Hurney when his contract is up. We've all been thru four win seasons before, we can do it again with hope for 2021. If there is a 2020 season.
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