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  1. Yes, Joe, he knows what he's doing, a real pro. And there is Cardell Jones who likely would be available for a trade, he played well Sunday but his teammate Hill beat him out for Chargers #2 today with special play and speed. Don't shoot him down so quickly, he's matured.
  2. Are you kidding? The sky is falling, how do you not see it? It was a disappointment, nothing more, fans here should take some deep breaths and wait to slash their wrists if something like this happens week 1.
  3. Geez Louise, what planet were you on last Fall?
  4. His problem is that he thinks the whole world should revolve around HIM! I'm so fed up hearing about this dope I hope he does retire!
  5. Here's hoping they see the wisdom in keeping a belated replacement for Mike T. rather than a veteran just because he's a veteran.
  6. Geez Louise ladies, wait for a few preseason games to come and go before getting your panties in a wad. And a fourth round pick is making the team already, provided there aren't any grand-theft-auto charges. Give the guy time to get some coaching, if the has natural abilities they eventually come out.
  7. Well duh. Good you're getting over the, 'why didn't we draft an safety mindset?', at least.
  8. I think one reason for drafting Grier was to replace Cam. Cam will be asking BIG money if he comes back this season and plays well, will Tepper want to pay that should be the question. If healthy what could the team get if they trade him sooner than later? Remember Teppers previous line of work, is Cam's shoulder worth the gamble of investing BIG money if there is this worth replacement? And I've never been a Cam hater, just looking at the possibilities.
  9. Oh please, CAP has been a wasted spot of the roster for years! If Holyfield continues his hot start in Red Zone practice to the pre-season there is no way he doesn't make the team. The only way CAP makes the team is if Armah doesn't. CAP is gone, deal with it!
  10. A common idea, season over if Cam goes out, but with the other playmakers on the team we don't need an all-star QB to win game, just solid play from a back-up. My thinking at this point is Allen could give us that, we'll see over the next six weeks.
  11. Common sense referred both to some on forum but just as much to Hurney and Rivera.
  12. Grier would have to have a killer Spring to win it out right, if he doesn't and they give it to him anyway they're taking a big risk. Maybe Kyle could make it through waivers but then how long would it take before a team took him off the PS?
  13. What you've said should be common sense but seems not so for lots of people.
  14. They've totally screwed up NFC South, Bucks more likely 7-9, everyone else 11-5, if Cam/Drew are healthy. Well maybe 10-6, no run aways. Brown more likely 8-8.
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