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  1. Would you be talking DeAndrew White by chance? That's what I'm thinking.
  2. I love this!!! But the only reason we won is because the Buck's defense lost to their offense. So glad we don't have to meet that defense again this season.
  3. I'm betting you do too. Slye is a ROOKIE, remember? Butker missed an easy field goal today too and he's not a ROOKIE. GIve Slye an entire season to find his way and stop the whining until then.
  4. Hasn't the knock on Allen always been that he starts out like a house afire but then rather quickly peters out? To me meaning he starts TRYING to repeat his big game/over thinking and all that brings him down. So will he hold to this form or has he grown-up enough to trust that house afire Kyle is who he really is? We'll find out between now and the bye week.
  5. It was not wrong to ask for a veteran QB backup based upon the blah preseason Allen had, I'll not apologize!
  6. Yes, forget drafting a QB and draft a first round center, give Grier a couple years to honestly prove he's a bust.
  7. If you're trying to remind us that Foxy was a goof you've succeeded. Now, start Grier, he's the future and there is seemingly nothing to lose.
  8. Sure, it was a bad idea but maybe Tepper is just stalling to see what kind of QB he had. If you need to start over at QB, coaching, GM, why not do it all at the same time?And the team will also have lots of free agents at end of season. To me I see a mass rebuild coming.
  9. Scarf smarf, he just seems like he's going through the motions, possibly because he knows he's done or is it because of the crappy play calling? Still it seems he doesn't really care, despite what he says.
  10. Little did we know, the season was over before it started due to Cam not being able to throw well. And then there is the OL most had high hopes for has been a large flop. Little needs to come up large, if Rivera will give him a chance.
  11. If Cam doesn't have a miraculous turn around he'll retire or get released at end of season. L Riley or Bienemy top the list for head coach. Doesn't matter who new GM is, we'll hate him sooner than later.
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