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  1. Anybody with a brain knew Gaulden couldn't, except Marty of course.
  2. If we sign McCoy will there be any money left for Boston? If Gaulden fails, as one would expect, him not being a safety and all, then maybe they'll bring Tre.
  3. This guy is better suited for cleaning out kennels at the pound where he can shovel poo to his hearts content.
  4. Samuel can be the deep threat, Smith is just too expensive with too little to offer except speed, look for him to be a final cut.
  5. With these two young powerful runner here's hoping CAP is history! Hood to the practice squad. Armah may be a bubble boy.
  6. Hurney needs to stop trying to convince himself Gaulden wasn't a terrible draft pick!
  7. Yes, another man crush, just like with Gaulden last draft, I'm so tired of this unprofessional silliness. If JR were still owner I he'd have never gone near a guy with that colorful background.
  8. That ultra embarrassing fifth round pick clearly shows Hurney is no genius! It's like he played pin the tale of the donkey of available RB and he got the donkey, talk about unprepared.
  9. Team needs to move up in the second to get Grier, if he's not taken in the first, because between money and shoulder it's time to move on from Cam.
  10. I'll bet you boys he is already drafted by 16 because decision makers, unlike you guys, think clearly.
  11. If ones heart isn't into something no amount of common sense facts is going to change the heart.
  12. Perhaps he did, perhaps he really didn't want to be there, perhaps most anything, which is why I think one game is meaningless.
  13. I'm with you on that, since I said almost the same thing a couple of days ago. If they want to draft Cam's replacement. because of shoulder or money, then they should draft high no matter what others think a guys draft round "should" be. Grier won't be there at #100 but Stidham should be. play hard, hit harder
  14. From SB Nation: Enter Andre Dillard, the former Washington State Cougars standout, who is an ideal fit for the Panthers with his technically sound pass-blocking ability. Dillard is one of the top pass protectors in this year’s draft class, and while his run blocking needs some work, the Panthers can scheme around that while he learns on the job. The Panthers also need to address their lack of edge rushers, but with most of the top prospects at defensive end off the board, they will take the best offensive tackle remaining to protect their franchise quarterback. Analysis: This pick brings up a positional value discussion. Which has more value for the Carolina Panthers: a tackle like Dillard or an end like Rashan Gary of Michigan? Gary, for me at least, has a higher grade. But Dillard, arguably, has great positional value in protecting quarterback Cam Newton. It may also be easier to find an edge player in later rounds than a true left tackle. One game is MEANINGLESS! Get a life.
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