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  1. You do realize when fraud comes out it's mostly been republicans right? Just look at NC for instance. Also the military has been doing this for years and years and I don't remember anyone whining about that. If you don't see an issue with what he's doing, which is literally trying to interfere with an election (regardless of agreeing with mail in or not) then you are just delusional (which we know you are). This is how we know you are brainwashed because a sane person thinking clearly wouldn't agree with this because no matter what spectrum of politics you are on you should not agree with this.
  2. I find it odd CMC's catch rating is only 82. DJ Moore's higher and CMC is definitely the best hands on the team. Guess he'd be even more OP.
  3. I seriously doubt your tax bill will go up lol.
  4. Losing Norman started it for sure. He was more than the play on the field. He was the spark plug to that defense. The team lost a lot when he was gone. And I know he hasn't been amazing since leaving but it doesn't mean he wouldn't have been here. The very least, we should have kept him for a year or traded. Gettleman was right that TD/Olsen were on the way out but I swear he poison pilled us with Kalil and no one seen it coming? However, I think never getting a tackle worth a crap and the league having a clear path to just crush Cam with no calls did him in. Anyway, that Super Bowl was 100% rigged. There was like 25 missed calls all going to Denver's favor after people reviewed the game. I'm not sure we ever had a chance to beat Manning in his last game. That was the game where I knew, without a doubt, that the NFL pushes games where they want them to go.
  5. I'm glad those people have woke up but all that stuff was pretty obvious before he won lol.
  6. Looking from outside being a Panthers fan it's obviously Peppers. He'll be the only first ballet HOFer I think, zero question marks for him. Luke will get in, but there is longevity questions there and Smith will have too much competition with other receivers that have similar stats.
  7. Some people looking pretty bad in this thread about right now. Also if tasers are "deadly" it's time to ban those everywhere. Rayshard was drinking obviously. And, could a case be made after the news and recent shootings he was just running and fleeing for his life. Like Zimmerman.
  8. TBH I don't really care about "physical" ability, our best president ever was in a wheel chair. But dementia.... yeah that's an issue.
  9. First, if you see a grown man sleeping in a car you need to realize it's either a mental health issue (or close to one) or he's drunk/on drugs. So probably handle it correctly. And..... a taser is not a deadly weapon, gtfo with that. If they say it IS a deadly weapon, then why are cops using it on people with no weapon?
  10. I am not so sure as you are STILL the only person in this thread who can't form complete sentences or come up with a coherent thought.
  11. What is insane is how many people in this country are illiterate and lack reading comprehension.
  12. Ah the NFL where one of its biggest money makers is from the military paying them to advertise with fly overs and all other kind of nonsense. THEN people get upset about protests, "keep politics out of football" but yet are 100% fine with anthem and flyovers. Also, these protests and BLM are not political matters. When people say that, and also say "go to the Tinderbox" it shows how ignorant they are. If you think wanting people to not get killed is a political issue you need to re-evaluate yourself. Let's be honest, $20 million is actually nothing to a company this large. Compare to what Jordan Brand just pledged. It's all a PR stunt. Until they focus more on the real issue, and admit they were 100% wrong about kneeling, and possibly even admit that Kap has been blackballed then this is all nonsense.
  13. Imagine being such a coward that you have to make alts on the INTERNET. You can't even have guts on a forum.
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