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  1. Do you really not understand the Russian sacrifice during WW2? We don't beat the Germans without Russia. They don't without us. It's actually pretty sad we've been at odds with each other since considering those facts. However, it does explain why Russia is the country they are after all those lives lost.
  2. Yeah boomers started off amazing but somewhere down the line got a taste of greed and gave up and let it all go down the drain.
  3. Obviously like anything, not all boomers are the issue. But for the most part, they need to get out of the way and let others have their chance at fixing the huge screw ups.
  4. Mob mentality. They probably have the same incorrect idea like you have that the ones frustrating you are tinderbox regulars, but they aren't. You yourself above admitted you aren't in there often but at the same time say the ones that are annoying you use these tactics in the tbox "frequently".
  5. Maybe it's not as frequent as you think. But mostly, it's kept in there by the regulars and doesn't go into the main forum. These are other people.
  6. He's not even a big tbox poster though, so you can't just see something you don't like and say that's a tbox poster etc.
  7. I feel that's not that common, not even close to as common as the alt spam. And that's probably the same couple people so that could be dealt with.
  8. See, alts like that are the big problem happening right now IMO
  9. I would say sure, why not ? They are already sticking their nose into everyone's business in America so why not add a random message board to it lol. We're all used to that already.
  10. Then ignore both. So I see because people are too lazy to use features BUILT into the forum, they want to take a couple examples and get rid of something many others use.
  11. There isn't that many examples, people are just blowing up one or two examples. It's just troll accounts over there. Deleting a forum would be lazy instead of taking care of troll accounts ruining it for everyone. Also, there's a cool ignore feature.
  12. People that don't even use it shouldn't be able to vote, that's just stupid. Most people will just pick a cause one of their favorite posters (Mr Scot for instance) picks and run with it not even being educated about it. Once again there is a ignore feature post on this very forum. Use it. Learn it.
  13. Yeah I agree mostly, but every now and then there's a post and it's very sketchy haha. I still say the real issue is the damn alts.
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