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  1. I don't really mind that either, I'm just pointing out the delusional fans when it comes to this. However, if we really want to WIN this year, Kaepernick would be the right anwser as he's more experienced and less of an unknown than Allen and let's be honest, this team doesn't have a good track record of devloping QBs.
  2. You can find all kinds of stats like that to make any QB look like they had issues, but the fact is he had a 60% competation percentage on a team that had pretty much no cast to help out on either side of the ball. It's so weird, I'm not really a fan of how this guy acted ON the field (during games) but if Cam is hurt extended time then he's a much better choice than the unknowns we have on the bench (unless we get super lucky and they are amazing).
  3. That team shut it down and the fact he still went 16-4 ratio in those games is pretty impressive for a team like that. I have NEVER seen a team go from the top to the bottom faster than the 49ers team. He was just on the sinking ship.
  4. You answered your question. That is why he was benched. The other reasons, are pretty obvious but it's not for this specific forum.
  5. Yeah he only had a 16-4 td to int ratio and 60% completion. He's not a world beater but people's biased for other reasons around here have made it look like he's Jimmy Clausen.
  6. I sometimes wonder how much I'd care if the team wasn't a hometown team, to be honest. Anyone else ever think about that?
  7. This team has always handle injuries terribly going back decades. They did this to Cam with his shoulder and now I think the same with his foot. No wonder he's out there looking like he's not feeling it, he's hurting and playing through nonsense. It's truly time to clean house. Tepper needs to get all new people, new medical staff, new everything.
  8. He's been hurt for weeks. He shouldn't have been playing. Typical Panthers fashion we probably extended the issue just like his shoulder that one year. Makes me wonder if he didn't want to play the last two games but felt he had to.
  9. I mean, do you know who attacked us on 9/11? Saudi Arabia connected people. Iran is definitely not a "good" country, but I don't remember them flying planes into us but yet here we are giving Saudi tons of money and military tools. Wake up. Do we blame Iran? Think about it, everyone around them is getting money and military help from USA. Things aren't as clear cut as they try to tell us from the white house. The fact is, we need to get out of that area permanently for most part. Saudi, Iran, and Israel are all mostly evil countries. And yes, if we pay more, it is OUR fault because we still rely on oil like idiots and haven't moved to electric because we keep voting in politicians that are owned by big oil. It IS our fault.
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