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  1. The NFL did NOT want testimonies coming out from the owners and whatnot. Obviously they were guilty, and we all knew it.
  2. Zaximus

    Trump concedes there is no national emergency.

    I'm not sure man. That night in 2016 felt like the timelines we were on diverged and we're on a new path. Nothing makes sense anymore. However, one thing I know is, our Government needs to revisit checks and balances especially when it comes to the POTUS, but really everyone on a whole. The American people need to demand this, right or left, because you can't have someone using a declaration of emergency for something like this.
  3. Zaximus

    The glorious socialist utopia is nigh

    The people didn't want it, and it went away, isn't this what republicans love "small government" and letting the state/people of an area make their own choices and fighting for themselves? First, $15 is not enough of a wage to live in NY lol, not even close. Sure it's probably pretty decent over in Gastonia though for a low skill job. Second, NY is a big supporter of unions, and people of unions love them, and despite what people say to hate on unions (ofc some take it too far) they are far and away great for workers. My wife's father before retiring was a life long International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers member and nothing he ever said was bad of them, they take care of their people and he never complained. So yeah, they weren't going to let this place come in and change a way of life for them. Then of course all the economic fallout that Fry mentioned. Then they also expect all these handouts? Amazon basically did a con job with this whole HQ stuff. They got inside information when all these companies threw their hat in the ring but they never were even going to look there but now have all kinds of information on metro areas, basically the cities did all their research for them.
  4. Zaximus

    Trump concedes there is no national emergency.

    Exactly, but then the collective right will LOSE their poo immediately. Obviously checks and balances weren't completely ready for this. But it's 100% up Trump's MO, this has been his whole life, doing what he wants and then using lawyers and loopholes to crush people.
  5. Zaximus

    Trump concedes there is no national emergency.

    Fantastic, the way I see it, if we don't move to impeach this guy over misuse of power or anything then the next democrat can use this same tactic for when the republicans are blocking his/her bills. Obama should have just declared a national emergency about Obamacame the first month of his presidency. This opens the door for way too much power for the president.
  6. Zaximus

    Fringe 2008 - 2013

    I liked it throughout, the characters were good enough that I was invested, it was a great show.
  7. Zaximus

    Border Deal - Winners & Losers

    Sure, let him set that precedent, so the next democratic president can do the same for universal healthcare.
  8. Zaximus

    Border Deal - Winners & Losers

    Probably IS a mod
  9. Zaximus

    MAGA tax return season is upon us

    The trick has been working for 30 years why stop now lol
  10. Zaximus

    AOC Masterfully Breaks Down How Money Affects Politics

    Yet, almost everything he has said now or in the past was true or came to pass.
  11. Zaximus

    Border Deal - Winners & Losers

    I'm always just waiting on Fry to drop the hammer when someone tries to bring up stats and graphs lol.
  12. Zaximus

    AOC Masterfully Breaks Down How Money Affects Politics

    The meme is really a representation of racism and user should be banned honestly. Posting a meme that is obviously not OCC because they just put a random brown girl on there.
  13. Zaximus

    Fringe 2008 - 2013

    Yeah you kind of have to with X-Files because there's too many episodes lol. I hit the classics like "Home" and some others but mostly do that as well. There's also some good MOTW ones with actors that weren't big at the time like Cranston and other people.
  14. Zaximus

    Apex Legends

    It would look like Borderlands if you look at the trailer and the still graphics but graphically it's basically Titanfall, same engine, etc. Runs smooth. I think the more fair comparison is CoD blackout/Overwatch/Titanfall . Right now the biggest issue I have is ammo and weapon diversity. When I say weapon diversity, I mean there is too many shotguns and pistols laying around. I hardly see the regular AR or whatnot. And it takes a lot of ammo to go through shields so they need to possibly start increasing the stacks you find.
  15. Zaximus

    Fringe 2008 - 2013

    I watched it from episode 1 till the end. Wife and I loved it. Super underrated show but I'm glad they were able to have a full run and whatnot. I plan on going back eventually and re-watching. I feel it hit its stride when it limited the "monster of the week" episodes to only a few per season or around that and focused more on the overall story.