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  1. Oh come on, get out of here with this. Yeah, both parties have their dirty stuff, but don't even try to compare Trump supporters or far right to anyone else. When the left elects a racist president who tells people to leave if they don't like it, then get back to me. There is literally nothing resonable brought up by Trump supporters, nothing. Your arguement may have had merit 10 years ago before the republicans went full crazy mode but not even close today.
  2. If so he didn't read correct as it's taking into account 9/11 and stuff before that. Past 9/11 it's been mostely radical right wing groups and religious loonies. When we see the mass shootings it is always one of them.
  3. Most attacks in the last 20 years are by right wing extremists usually of religious views as well. I don't know where you get your facts from.
  4. So like, how many terrible things have people done in the name of Christianity? You must not trust ANYONE here.
  5. We're a very inconsistent team so I'm not surprised we're not always the favorites. We haven't earned it.
  6. I've never once heard a Canadian say they would take our healthcare over theirs. Also there are other countries to look at as well. This is also America, which means we don't have to say "we can't do it, it's too hard" because it's not perfect in some other country (while still better than ours). We can see what works and what doesn't and adapt it. The wealthiest country in the world and we give up before we even start something.
  7. I don't understand why this continues to escape people's minds. Everyone has to have it, for it to work. It'll be a tax, but you won't be paying premiums and deductables and all that so it'll be less for most people. This will ALSO probably ease up pressure on small businesses (you know those places republicans used to always want to help). Companies may be inclined to give more raises since they aren't having to put into so much for benefits etc. I don't know why people are so afraid to give up their overpriced company insurance and not move to the highest rated insurance program in the country. Then at that point we can negotiate with big pharma for better prices on drugs (similar to what the VA does right now) since we will have more buying power. This will lower costs and probably lower the "tax" eventually too. Then you'll have people going to more routine checkups, so serious issues are going to be less common because people didn't put it off, continuing to save money in the long run and lower that "tax".
  8. People tend to forget the 20 missed calls by the refs. We had to play a perfect game to beat Manning in his last game.
  9. Probably because Richardson forced them to make a spot for him. Hard to replace someone like that. He's not an NFL caliber WR, he never was, that's why he didn't get on any other teams when we finally cut the rope. I don't blame him at all and anyone would have took that opportunity, it's just the idea of having him around because of Richardson is what people hate. If people hate him because of the fumble on punt return well THAT is definitely on coaches for thinking he could do that lol.
  10. I don't think it was hate at him himself but the fact he made the team because he was Richardson's neighbor, that's how this team was ran and that frustrated people.
  11. Stupid thread. The OP is out of his element and should go back to the main forum.
  12. I think the real reason are mad is 1) We didn't trade when we could and get picks and whatnot. Since it's obvious a small market team has to draft right, we need all the picks we can get but yet we ignored trade offers. 2) We lowballed him which was an insult. Should have just said we're moving on with a new focus and the split would make sense. I'm not sure the majority is mad we lost Kemba, we were all prepared for it, it's how it went down is the issue.
  13. Almost 50% of the country apparently.
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