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  1. Imagine being such a coward that you have to make alts on the INTERNET. You can't even have guts on a forum.
  2. Yeah he should be starting on some team and he DEFINITELY should be a backup somewhere. Any talk to the contrary is ignorant and shows your true colors. Jameis Winston just got signed to be a backup.
  3. Listen to him. He's obviously an expert on education.
  4. CMS is its own entity lol. In fact, the first week or so of school is remote learning (set aside BECAUSE of the RNC). Sigh. LOL yeah, militant whack jobs, because protesters are the ones going to government buildings with camo and AR15s complaining that they have to wear masks.... I really hope you are a troll. I'm scared that if you aren't, you have access to automobiles and the internet and sharp objects.
  5. They are literally getting killed by the very people that should be protecting them. If that isn't a tyrannical government then I don't know what is. Stop being a coward. You haven't stopped and thought about how they feel at all. There have been 50 years of protests and nothing has changed. Peaceful protests. If cops will kill a man in broad daylight knowing people have cell phones what were they doing before cell phones? This isn't new. And if cops are doing that and not having a worry, don't you understand they are protected and have been given the freedom to kill unjustly? What do you think a peaceful protest will do in this case? It's swept under the rug in a matter of days, no one listens, no news, nothing, and no changes. So let's see: Football player kneels peacefully during national anthem of a sporting event: People literally lose their mind. Make up nonsense about it being about the military. Tell them it shouldn't be done..... there. Call them UnAmerican and player gets blackballed. No changes, nothing happens. Then: Violent protests. People freak out. "Don't tear up stuff, that's now the way, I agree, but like, don't do that". Neither is OK. You know what is OK to everyone? Basically, go protest in the corner of a city with 20 people, be quiet, we don't want to hear you, and after that go home and suck it up and deal with the status quo. This all reminds me of that article posted earlier this week about the "liberal" and wanting status quo. People that are supporting the protesters, don't really care, they just want to give the illusion that they do. They want status quo, go back to normal, it doesn't affect me, out of sight and out of mind. And just like that article "violence is power". That's how American has power. That's how we became America. Nothing else works. In America, nothing matters but money and maybe if they cost enough rich people money something will be done.
  6. Twitter should just ban his accounts.
  7. Like it or not, rioting and destruction of property is as American as guns/nascar/jesus.
  8. Why would companies want to invest in a area with a corrupt police department? The only answer points to why things are in the situation they are at in America.
  9. Explain how peaceful protests have helped the last 50 years when we still have cops doing this WHILE KNOWING everyone has cameras? It hasn't worked. Next step.
  10. Please explain how 50 years of peaceful protests has helped? It hasn't. They get no TV air time nationally. What other option do they have? This country was built on violent protests and fighting back the oppressor. Stop being hypocrites and support the national past time. What speaks in this country? Money. Who owns politicians? Companies. Maybe when their stores keep getting shut down and tore down they'll pay their politicians to change their tune. There is more outrage over the protests/fires than the death of this man..........
  11. This is the perfect description basically. I can't really blame Ron that the owner and GM kept him around year after year of mediocrity. It's on them.
  12. Were you around when Pep was in his prime? There wasn't another player in the league doing what he was doing. Before that closest was Kearse but Peppers came in and was blocking kicks, returning INTs, chasing down everyone. He was a freak of nature. He's also probably the only first ballet HOFer. Luke probably as well but semi-short career could make it a year or two in. I think maybe Smith is the biggest fan favorite and obviously close to the top but looking outside in Peppers is the guy.
  13. We were spoiled by Gross, dude was a beast and absolutely deserves to be on that team. I am still in love with the year we had Gross/health Otah/Wharton etc. and just crushed people. Stewart and Dwill running at will. We'll ignore the Arizona game though.
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