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  1. College isn't always about making money. We need to become a better educated society. People should go to college to just learn. The right wing does NOT want more college students because that eats into their uneducated voter base. I agree when a company increases min. wage others should but I don't agree with wanting it to not even happen because of selfish reasons.
  2. I love how boomers and right wingers just ignore the "make America better for your kids than you" goal. "Well because we had it harder, they should do, here is my BOOT." We should want future generations to have things easier, and just because it was harder 5 years ago doesn't mean they should go through it as well. Stop being selfish. Same people that get mad when min. wage is increased and their pay isn't. Yeah in a not-greedy version of America you would get a bump too but let's not get all bent out of shape and hate those who got it.
  3. Says the bible believer lol
  4. This dude is offended at people being offended lol What a snowflake.
  5. I really doubt Cam leaving would influence this decision. Luke would play football if he felt like he could. We knew this was probably coming sooner or later with those concussions.
  6. Emotionally I say no but logically if we're going to be 5 years from contending like some think it makes sense. Think to yourself is CMC in 5 years going to be worth more than some great draft picks? Age catches up quickly to RBs. It's a hard pill to swallow but the right offer would make sense. And those talking about tickets.... that doesn't matter. The league has profit sharing when it comes to stuff, Tepper isn't here to make money, and BOA sells out with half the stadium the opposing teams' fans at times. It's why Richardson never cared.
  7. Sadly, no. I think HOF may not happen either. He needed a few more years to make more of a mark unfortunately. But at least he'll have his brain in 20 years.
  8. It's because Tepper isn't here to make money, he's here to own an NFL team and have a legacy. He has more money than he will ever need and he knows it. This is retirement for him.
  9. Are we also judging Grier based on that terrible offensive line and inept coaches?
  10. lol who cares about bowl games minus the top few
  11. Wait what? The MLB is pretty much all analytics at this point. Launch angle, OBP, homer or bust, etc. Beane continues to field insanely cheap and successful teams based on math and farm systems. Same with teams like Twins etc.
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