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  1. I think Sam writes the "book of ice and fire" after it all. Anyway I think Jamie is my first pick to be Azor Ahai, or no one. But Hound would be too on the nose for GRRM I think, too obvious. Jamie's character has had a full development and the way Bran acted like he's very important makes me think.
  2. Theon was at one point a beast. He was a master with the bow and I'm sure with sword as well since he learned right beside the other Starks. I think he mans up now that he realizes he's basically a Stark and fights tough to the end. I'm expecting a Boromir type moment lol.
  3. Yeah I like the idea that Night King just flies south either to take out Golden Army to build up his armor or to just lay waste to King's Landing.
  4. KC's 1st may as well be a 2nd so it's not that bad.
  5. I think the thing is that the Night King has similar abilities so it's a chess game between the two. He was able to mark Bran in one of his visions for instance. The future probably keeps getting changed between the two of them and they also need to know WHERE to look, etc.
  6. Yeah I think at least a handful of our characters are goners. You can probably bank on Beric. I think Hound is safe for plot armor for Mountain time but who knows. I don't feel like Brienne will die or Jaime. Tormund I'm feeling like he will die. I think another dragon may die. I think Lyanna may actually die and Jorah will be safe. I'm still getting the feeling Dany is going to be a villain in the end but not sure, the show is trying to throw us through loops.
  7. Yeah those feelings I had about Buttigieg being pushed by establishment look to sadly be true. I keep feeling like Bernie needs to distance himself from the democrats if this stuff is happening. May be a good thing for him actually.
  8. I feel like everyone was in that movie lol
  9. Trump has at least proven that we need a review over checks and balances in Washington.
  10. Great post and this is what I wish more people would come to understand. People voted on Trump with no plan or anything because "we need to try something different" but those same people won't think about voting for any of the "liberals" that in fact HAVE plans and want to do something different. Why? Because he told them he's a Christian and loves unborn babies yet has never acted Christ-like in anything documented? It's just mind-boggling that people will take a chance on a reality TV star and has terrible morals but FORGET even thinking about these "lefties" with new plans and changes, some of them who have the actual experience as well.
  11. What? 3448 yards, 65% competition rating, 35-7 ratio, 110.9 = little above average? Dude also has a team of mediocre or worse players. I'm not a fan of Wilson either but I can't deny he's one of the best in the game and probably one of the most underrated QB's over the last few years or so.
  12. This may be going somewhere, if we can just drop all Trumpers into the red trailer park states (you know the ones that take more than they put in taxes) I could be on board. Equal trade and I would take the hard working immigrants over the MAGA crowd any day of the week. Also can we ban people that put ,,, in posts over and over?
  13. Did we need 15 replies from the same person in a row when one would have sufficed?
  14. The show was way ahead of its time like The Wire and if it was released TODAY it would be one of the biggest shows on the air (also like The Wire).
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