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  1. Biden is the only candidate I would consider not voting entirely. The other top candidates can bring meaningful change and would be open to some of the ideas that Yang has expressed. I understand your sentiments, there are times when I become nihilist and just wanna see it all burn. As someone has said in another thread “trump put an ugly face on an ugly nation.” But Yang isn’t the end all be all to help this nation turn in the right direction.
  2. UBI is just the beginning of transforming our economy.
  3. I’m a yang guy but you’re insane if you don’t go out and vote for whoever is opposing trump.
  4. I just moved to Madison at the beginning of the month. Scott Walker is HATED around here. He has a history of this bullshit. Three weeks before Evers took over Walker got legislation passed to restrict governor and attorney general powers (Wisconsin gives the governor some of the most power compared to the rest of the country’s state governments), restricting early voting by changing some areas from six weeks to two weeks, student ID cards having 2 year expiration date, not allowed to use receipts as proof of residency if you are involved in a lengthy process to get an ID without a birth certificate, etc. Walker is a GIANT piece of poo. “Never before in our rich 170 year history, has a Governor signed lame duck bills into law that are specifically designed to curtail the power of his successor." Fortunately liberal groups like One Wisconsin Now got the case reviewed by a federal judge who struck down the legislation. Saying, “this isn’t even a close question” Madison is in the exact same position as Asheville but it’s triple the size. It’s a liberal utopia surrounded by backwoods, farmland conservatives. Glad that fuger is gone. Goddamn what a fuging asshole.
  5. So I watched the video. And I only have two points to make. 1. He IS offering Medicare for all but starting with a public option to ease that transition. This is similar to Bernie. That was really weird they didn’t know/include that. I like those guys from the Majority Report. They do a lot of good work so it was a bit surprising they got that so wrong when he’s been in multiple interviews and every website linked to him has stated that. https://www.yang2020.com/policies/medicare-for-all/ 2. Yangs’ gonna need to clarify if his ultimate goal is to completely eliminate social programs and replace with just UBI. But giving people a choice is a good thing. It’s not a bad thing to entice people to get off those programs for the 1k if they can make it work because there are drawbacks to them (especially disability) but like yang said everyone has a distinct situation. Ultimately he’s gonna need to clarify if his goal is to completely eliminate those programs, if there is a threshold to decide when the programs get taken completely out of government based on the amount of people using them or if people will be allowed to switch back and forth between the 1k and social programs depending on ever-changing personal situations. Those are questions I hope he is asked. I think you’d see a lot more people getting off those programs or moving to cheaper, better job opportunity-filled (based on skill sets) parts of the country with the UBI. But we need that safety net for people regardless. It is imperative. Yang is not stupid and part of the reason I’m drawn to him is that he actually listens to people, understands people and adjusts his plans accordingly. I’m not naive to think he has a chance at the presidency but I’m hoping some of his ideas seep into public consciousness and young voters continue to not become apathetic to the status quo. Bernie did that in a major way in ‘16.
  6. Thanks man. I’m gonna go through this when I’m able but based on the comment section (I know it’s youtube) seems like people thought this was a huge mischaracterization of what he wants to do.
  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t his UBI proposal an option? People can continue to collect social services, welfare, food stamps, etc. instead of the UBI if that’s what they want. Now if you’re saying he’s being dishonest or that leaving people with that choice is bad id like to hear why you think that.
  8. He claims his mic was muted when he was trying to interject several times. I’m not sure that’s the case but he seemed fairly nervous like most suspected would happen since this isn’t the type of forum that plays well for him. I’m hoping he is more comfortable and prepared for the next debate if he gets another chance.
  9. It’s ironic that white nationalists like yang because of his concern for white folks when what he’s trying to do is turn them away from the very thing that they have become and what is killing this country. Racial divide. He thinks you can do that through economic relief. More opportunities for education, traveling and leaving behind these poor, backwoods communities. That’s my take from his comments. Yang may be misguided on how to stop the creation and rise of white nationalism in this country, but at least he has a plan to try to get to the root of the problem rather than just ranting and raving with no real solutions.
  10. Interested to see how Yang does in these debates. I’m not sure if his message will come across as well because he is very non emotional. And we saw a bunch of emotions from candidates last night. Not sure how people will react to Yang. He’s probably my favorite candidate besides Booker.
  11. Ron doesn’t look very stoic...
  12. It’s already too late unfortunately. For a decade you had pharma companies telling doctors that these pain meds weren’t addictive and doctors handed these things out for any type of pain. People got addicted, then when they started cracking down on giving pain meds out, addicted people had nowhere to turn but to heroin and other street drugs to feed their addictions. It has literally torn apart entire communities/families all over the United States. Entire towns/inner cities have broke down. And for those of you that wanna give the bootstrap defense, fug you. You have no idea what it’s like to be addicted to opioids. Hell on earth. These people were following their doctors orders. Put their trust in them. I have personally known 20 people who have died from opiods/heroine. Kids who were beginning college, kids from affluent families to poor families. Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. So go on blaming the symptom instead of the source of this crisis. Because this will more than likely happen again with some other drug down the road. They don’t give a fug about anything but $.
  13. If I remember correctly this was a hotly debated game. All of those things should be taken into account but at the same time Cam needs to make that play on the 2 point conversion. It is what it is. Rivera and funchess did nobody any favors but as the franchise you should be expected to make that game winning throw. So some of the blame should fall on Cam even though we shouldn’t have even been in that situation to begin with. I think we can all agree on one thing though: be glad funchess is gone. The inconsistencies were mind numbing. He’d put together an incredible game, then next week drop 3-5 passes. I like funchess the person, but the player was unreliable.
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