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  1. His last season he started 11 games, 18 total tds 4 picks almost 3k total yards. People were talking about this was the best he had looked as a passer since coming into the league. i honestly don’t know if we should sign him because he’s been out for 2 years. That’s really sad.
  2. TheRumGone

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    Because there is a difference between being a loyal fan of our team and being an empathetic human being? Its weird how some people can’t separate the two. Just because I hated kaep when he played us doesn’t mean I wish the man harm in real life.
  3. TheRumGone


    Old ppl memes
  4. TheRumGone

    The evolution is in process

    The old cliche actions speak louder than words applies. Stop talking and start doing. He’s been given so many chances, just shut up and do it.
  5. God damn that’s badass. I have a friend of a friend who worked on that movie that was in Sylva, NC. Said woody was a really awesome, nice guy. Good luck philly!
  6. TheRumGone

    Carolinas pulling for the Pats?

    Tom Brady a genuinely good dude? That’s funny.
  7. People can change their minds. Especially when they’re faced with the reality that the game they love the most is over. The “lies” you’re talking about aren’t that big of a deal. Y’all really need to chill it’s just a game.
  8. He’s not washed up but obviously not what he was. He’s gonna make some plays for whoever signs him.
  9. TheRumGone

    Aints Fans Continue to Devolve

    still better than any ecat rap
  10. TheRumGone

    Louisiana Governor pens letter to NFL

    My god use that energy for something constructive
  11. Why? And I’m not trying to give a tone argument but the alternative for many people medically are pain killers. I’ve had 4 friends from HS get addicted, overdose and die from those nasty things. Medical marijuana legalization should be a top priority in this country. Everything is so ass backwards.
  12. TheRumGone

    No Flag Brother!

    The ghost of prince one last year was the best
  13. TheRumGone


    I mean it’s hilarious it happened to the saints. But if that were us there would be similar threads. After 2015/first game of 2016 I have severely reduced my fandom it’s not worth it to be so upset over a game.