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  1. TheRumGone

    Matt Kalil?

  2. TheRumGone

    Let's talk Saints...

    I just hope it’s a very cold night, that may stop the saints from completely embarrassing us.
  3. However you wanna rationalize “I got you first” and giving the universal money sign by rubbing his fingers together. But this did in fact happen. If it were the panthers I would’ve wanted a regime change immediately.
  4. You can go ahead and ban me because this forum is poo now so here ya go: suck my dick bitch
  5. Agree to disagree. But please stop targeting me and start paying attention to people who don’t actually contribute to this board and poo post. Like the definitely not trolling dude who is calling people who support Cam his boyfriend. Have a nice evening.
  6. I’m not salty but you did in fact mean to ban me when you said “needed some time off” for calling a poster a weirdo. Anywho, I think Ron is indeed telling norv that Curtis needs to be brought along slowly. There is no conceivable reason why Curtis is on the field as little as he is and at the same time is being used as a gunner on special teams. It is ludicrous.
  7. Hi! Ron has ultimate say on what players get playing time as they gameplan for the week.
  8. TheRumGone

    What is the problem with our offense?

    Funchess killed our drives. It’s hard to win when your supposed number 1 drops 5 passes. Take him off the field and give opportunities to guys who can make plays.
  9. Steve was a beast no doubt. My dad was a Montana guy and I was a Young guy. Lots of debate between the two of us over the years.
  10. As far as Steve not playing In super offensive friendly rules it didn’t really matter with rice and t.o. Dude would just literally throw the ball up and rice would come down with it and take it to the house. Or have a three step drop back throw to rice on a crossing route and he’d take it 80 yards to the house. I can’t stress enough how good Jerry rice was. You saw that dude in person and he was just magical.
  11. Matt is more in the Marino mold. He just can’t seem to make the plays when it counts for whatever reason. But has big time arm talent.
  12. It’s much easier to be an elite passer when you’re throwing to Jerry rice and Terrell Owens. Think about Cam with those two on the field together. I watched that in person. I’m not trying to diminish Steve. He was an absolute freak. Actually watched him in a 49ers vs cops basketball game fundraiser my dad was apart of. He was doing insane dunks and passes all night. He could’ve been an nba player.
  13. TheRumGone

    Is It Time To Gut This Team?

    Tepper is the wildcard. We just don’t know.
  14. And I grew up in the Bay Area watching Steve. Cam is a better qb than he was. Steve was blessed with a HOF coach, and some of the greatest WRs/weapons to ever play the game.