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  1. They hate him for different reasons. its time to shut him down until he is 100% it’s pretty obvious now that his foot is the reason for no running and the large number of miss throws. GM and coaching staff should be fired for not having a reliable backup to play until their starter was fully healed. They’ve had plenty of time to make things happen and didn’t. They need to go.
  2. Just let the dude have the season off like Luck did. Get new coaches and GM and go from there. We can’t keep throwing this dude out there injured.
  3. Shut him down for the season and fire everyone
  4. Here’s a good example. On NFL.com they wrote an article on Lamar’s great start for the Ravens stating “he’s the first player in nfl history to throw for at least 270 yards and rush for 100 yards in a game” except Cam did that in 2015 with 340 yards passing and 100 yards rushing against the Giants. I notice things like this a lot. Little slights, leaving out credit.
  5. Stop caring what other people think. This is the same dude who is working out and rehabbing on his vacation in the off-season. The only people commenting on his attire somehow meaning he cares less are either liars, trying to smear character or just ignorant of him as a person. We know Cam gives 100% to this team and game. All that other stuff is just outside noise for people desperate for attention and to be a name. If people didn’t give that kind of poo attention, there wouldn’t be a platform for it.
  6. If people complain about cam’s inaccuracies...woah boy. He’s got a big time arm and is massive with some athleticism but he’s not accurate.
  7. Yeah sorry to get political but this is why I believe in AA and NA reparations. This country was built off the backs of slave labor and Jim Crowe, meanwhile generations of other races profited. And you see which generations profited to this day.
  8. Me neither. I think he retires if he’s cut. But Im not leaning towards that yet. Still some football to play and see what he does.
  9. Hypothetically if he was cut and wanted to play for another team, my guess is he would sign to the team with the best oline
  10. Not sure if that’s the case anymore. I definitely think he could rebound but right now it doesn’t look like football is fun for him.
  11. I don’t feel any sympathy for them either. Just relaying. They talked about a clip of him trying to pick the ball up off the ground and he couldn’t even do that. They think he’s done for the year.
  12. Saints fans are thinking its season ending
  13. He hit that thumb HARD might be done for the year
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