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  1. Man you are really fuging losing it. Why does the name Tom Brady come up every fuging thread about Allen. this fan base is straight up retarded. Time to go to reddit for football talk for good. peace
  2. I agree but I don’t think Curtis specifically has that talent. I think DJ does though. Qb has to play to the strengths of his skill players.
  3. One of those to Curtis he should’ve caught imo. But the ones I’m speaking to are the ones dj and Curtis had their man beat and he just needed to lead them more. Instead he put it up for either player to make a play. Curtis and DJ are fast as poo. Need to play to their strengths and lead them. I hope this is what they’re gonna work on here in practice. See if Allen can overthrow either of them. Or as Jeremy said he might not just have the arm strength for it.
  4. Well I never said he couldn’t continue to grow. Most are pointing towards just THIS year and our chances to make the playoffs are limited if Allen can’t hit those deep passes.
  5. Kyle played a good game but he didn’t hit deep shots. The throw to DJ I guess could be considered one and it was a fuging awesome throw. But we really need him to start connecting deep. There were at least 4 or 5 horribly thrown balls that could’ve really blown the top off this game. We’re gonna need him to hit those for us to make the playoffs. Hopefully he starts connecting on those.
  6. This was us last week vs the 9ers. We’re not as good as them but we’re not 51-13 bad.
  7. Christian has the chance to have 30 total tds by the end of the year if he keeps the pace. That is fuging insane.
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