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  1. Kyle Allen haters nowhere to be found
  2. Raiders are probably a fringe playoff team. Bucs might start gelling as the season goes on although I think the Bucs should be concerned about Brady’s lack of arm strength. BA needs to put Brady in the right positions. It’s very early in the season and without a real offseason and Covid stuff we don’t really know how teams outside of the talented, cohesive ones like the chiefs and ravens are gonna be. I always say first couple games are a toss up with some teams trying to figure out their identity and get into a groove. It’s why I think people need to pump the breaks about us getting the #1 pick. We certainly are gonna be worse with cmc on the shelf for a bunch of weeks and we are not a good team but I wouldn’t be surprised to see us win some games that take us out of the running for that top pick
  3. Yeah I think if we draft trey lance we’d need to give him a year or two to sit and learn while also building up the oline. But he’s got the arm talent and mobility. i don’t really care who we draft as long as the guy hates losing and has the right intangibles and talent.
  4. Lol. I’m honestly looking at trey lance. We might not get that #1 pick. There are some really bad teams this year. Or some desperate team in the top 5 might give up a fugton to secure Lawrence. and yeah cam looked great. There’s no guarantee his shoulder holds up all season but it looks really promising and I’m rooting for him hard. It was like watching him in 2015 last night.
  5. As far as the next Patrick, that trey lance guy I’ve been watching YouTube videos (I know) but that dude can fuging sling it. Flicks the ball 50 yards like it’s nothing. And he can run and move around the pocket. If that guy gets in the right system and has the right coaching he’s gonna be good.
  6. Luck was amazing. The media just overhyped him to laughable levels and it created friction when Cam wasn’t getting the same level of treatment for amazing play as well in a billion times harder division. the media would headline Luck articles like “the legend grows” it was super weird and off putting. But luck was a true baller. That wasn’t his fault. Everyone who knows Luck has said he’s a super nice guy and ultra competitive. His body just broke down behind comparable shitty olines that cam had to deal with.
  7. That’s why I want to be sure we get the right guy because the window will be open in this division. Trey Lance is also super intriguing. That dude can chuck the fug out of the ball effortlessly. Huge arm.
  8. Keep reading that post. That’s the point people are making. How does he respond to losing. Does he hate to lose? Does he have that same fire as Mahomes, RW, Cam, Lamar, Watson? Those are the types of qbs we need on this team.
  9. If Trevor doesn’t have the “killer instinct” I don’t want him. look at all the qbs around the league that are Uber competitive and successful. Yes they have the tools and the talent but what separates them more is the “want.” They hate losing. Mahomes, Watson, RW, Lamar and Cam. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player hate losing more than Cam. I want that again. someone who knows more about Lawrence can chime in. I watched the natty Clemson lost and Trevor seemed like one of those guys but that was one game and I don’t know enough.
  10. I’m also fine with sitting out our top 3 qb pick for a year so we can build up the oline. I know fans will want that pick to start immediately but I honestly don’t care if the oline can’t protect him.
  11. Even with new ownership the Panthers never fuging learn. This franchise is garbage.
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