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  1. TheRumGone

    Torrey Smith is at practice today.

    Smith is the kind of receiver on your team to come up with big time clutch catches. We need him. But he should not be starting. He has a role that can serve this team best and my only hope is that since Torrey has been out, norv now knows what we have. And will now use Torrey accordingly. He’s a great receiver to have, just need to define his role better.
  2. TheRumGone

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Sorry who cares if he was “unhappy” with his role. You need talented players in the playoffs. And depth.We needed him.
  3. TheRumGone

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Only reason you do this now is if he became a problem in the locker room because of his limited snaps. We work the poo out of cmac I hope this doesn’t bite us in the ass.
  4. Dude I’m down with Eric 100% but that’s an ejection worthy play. It wasn’t malicious because I don’t think Eric is a malicious person but you can’t judge intent. The play is just there on its own. He deserved an ejection.
  5. This is a fire somebody type game. Hope Washington gets the axe
  6. They seriously might score before half
  7. We’re back in this bitch. Defense man the fug up
  8. Need to get this game to 10 point difference before the half
  9. Before the full meltdown. It’s very early
  10. Ok so let’s pretend like the game just started. Lol