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  1. I said in the other thread we have to look at states as individual countries not as the US as a whole. Peaks are gonna differ everywhere. that’s why a more uniformed approach was needed to get this over with as quick as possible. What Bill Gates has been talking about. This is common fuging sense. We are gonna be in for a long haul of pain and suffering both economically and medically. Hot spots are gonna continue to pop up. People will travel to other states, infect people and the cycle will begin again. i’m resigning myself to the fact that I’m not gonna be doing poo until a vaccine or treatment plan is created.
  2. Yeah Evers has been pushing for it. fug all of this poo man. I legit hate this country.
  3. I live here in Madison. They’re having issues finding poll workers because people have backed out. And they’ve been changing polling locations and removing some all together. It’s gonna be a poo show. Wisconsin as a whole hasn’t been hit too hard known case wise. Milwaukee has seen the most cases as opposed to where I live. But this is gonna cause a spike in cases. Very worrisome.
  4. Yeah I know. People need to be more aware how fuged this is.
  5. America is fuged when we have to lean on rich famous people like Stephon Marbury to secure 10 million masks in Beijing China, at cost, to ship to New York State. Why the fug is the federal government not doing this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/04/02/sport/stephon-marbury-china-masks-spt-intl/index.html
  6. So based off of what I heard from that dr Birx, we’re gonna be in really bad shape. Our log curves are not following Spain, France or Italy. Mortality looks exponential but our new cases also have a different slope. It is different than the other three countries trends and they were/are getting fuged up. we are in big trouble.
  7. I wouldn’t even look at an overall chart of American cases. I’d look at each state as an individual country. There’s gonna be peaks at different times across the country. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/chicago-er-doctor-explains-why-coronavirus-pandemic-scares-him/ here’s another vid from a doctor in West Chicago.
  8. Georgia’s governor is a fuging idiot.
  9. I know. I was speaking in terms of “whistleblowers” China seems to make doctors literally disappear. While here in America we just fire them. as far as who is handling this worse China or USA it is not even a question worth discussing. We are going to be the worst hit by this in the world besides maybe India. Iran is obviously up there because of inhumane sanctions and other reasons. But population wise US and India are going to get fuged up epically. I’m not trying to freak out but I think this is gonna be the biggest event in human history that I can remember (and I’m a history major) based on economic and health devastation. I hope I’m wrong.
  10. Read what doctors and nurses are tweeting out and filming. They are being threatened with losing their jobs if they speak out. This is gonna be a disaster of epic proportions. And we are not much different than China in terms of silencing info getting out.
  11. My friend is a private cook for rich people’s boats. Got fired because of this and got a quick apartment in New Orleans parish where the cases are concentrated. I just got off the phone with him. He said it is completely fuged there from what he’s seen and heard from other folks. he thinks he got it back in late February. Was sick for 12 days. Had all the symptoms and was hospitalized. Said it took him a month to feel back to normal. Never got a test.
  12. Based on everything I’ve read I think we’re gonna see 5k-10k deaths a day for awhile. This is not counting people who die for other reasons because they can’t get treatment for stuff. The numbers are gonna be shocking and really fuging scary for a minute. We just saw over 1k deaths yesterday and this really hasn’t ramped up yet. Florida is gonna get fuged up bad especially.
  13. They’re doing the Nickelodeon thing to try to get more kids interested in football because of all the head injuries stuff. It’s shady as hell. The nfl is evil.
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