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  1. That dude is def an off duty cop.
  2. Cam was willing to play the last year of his deal here and we gave teddy 63 million dollars off 5 games when four years ago he busted his knee so bad he literally could’ve died. fuging insanity. I’m not calling you out or anything but goddamn. You roll with Cam one last year, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. You let him walk and you draft his replacement. Cam has been bet against his entire career starting from high school when his coach wanted to make him a tight end and he’s made people look like fools. The panthers are about to be added to the list.
  3. Don’t forget Ron telling the players to break the locker room huddle “mr Richardson on 3” when it was publicly known our racist owner was throwing slurs around and sexually harassing women. ron is a shithead.
  4. I have family in LA who’ve said it’s been happening for awhile. Weird hours from like 6 am to noon. Now there are people saying that cops have been doing it. Specifically in NYC and LA where some of the biggest protests are happening. A couple articles have been written up on it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jun/23/fireworks-why-going-off-every-night-theories-explained
  5. They’re projecting 6.7 million evicted which is unprecedented. Florida and I think New York just extended their eviction freeze 30 days. if all those people get evicted end of July it will be chaos and rightfully so.
  6. I’ve been turned on to some podcasts now specifically Dixieland of the Proletariat. Their last episode was really good. They had these two people from the Memphis occupy come and talk about what they did and how people can do the same types of things in their cities/towns. It was awesome. The Red Nation Podcast I haven’t heard yet but was recommended. It’s by Nick Estes.
  7. I forgot to respond to you before in the main forum. TB ran different schemes dependent on the personnel. You saw a lot more WCO as his arm strength deteriorated and they had those little shifty, quick wrs. They ran more EP with gronk and Hernandez and more AC with Moss. They adapt a ton to the talent they have. I’m interested what you think about that. BB does the same thing on defense.
  8. Mav you can’t keep spitting out this garbage. They create their system based on the players they have. Cam will be fine.
  9. Lol cam is never ever ever ever ever times infinity coming back here
  10. I like Cam so much as a person and player it transcends my hatred for Patriots. Most of that stemmed from Brady but BB is a cheater. Don’t care anymore, hope Cam balls the fug out.
  11. Main forum dumbasses are terrified Cam is gonna make them look like fools so they’re lashing out rn and posting furiously to control the narrative. What a sad bunch of pathetic dweebs
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