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  1. Wes has carved out a nice career for being an UFA
  2. It was a stretch to say he was a key guy after all his injuries. The rest of what you said has nothing to do with me.
  3. I don’t know the context of this remark because that seems incredibly stupid to say to someone. Beason is also lying saying he was one of the key guys on the team. Everyone knew his injury history. Everyone knew he would never be the same. Everybody knew Luke was the truth after his rookie year. And Beason asked to be traded. So I don’t know what he’s talking about. Igo confirmed that. Honestly sounds like ego. DG owed Beason nothing, and instead he granted him a trade, instead of cutting him because he wasn’t getting playing time here. Put him in a great spot to start with a great organization. I’m not sure what else you could ask for at that point.
  4. He said you are LARPing which is essentially calling you a fake SJW. Which Colin K and Reid are obviously not. Which was his point.
  5. I don’t mean character flaws like how you’re thinking. Not ones that affect their ability to be on the field. Or issues that make them bad people like Hardy. Who signed the tag immediately. Norman’s flaw is his ego. He was all over the media that offseason saying the wrong things when he should’ve not said anything except “I’m letting the process play out” or thinking that an amateur agent could handle his negotiations. It was messy. And I love josh. And everything I’ve posted about him during that time backs that up. Gross’ quote on DG was something to the effect of “last year I didn’t like you very much (because he was forced to take a pay cut) but I think the organization is in great hands with you” you could also argue DG was right about TD and Olsen as both fell off rather abruptly because of age and/or injury. But they never badmouthed DG in public that I can remember. There is a lot of revisionist history among the fan base over DG. Especially considering that the person who fired him was an extremely toxic person who happened to own the entire fuging organization. He did some things extremely well, and he fuged up too. You can say what you want about MK. It was a terrible signing, we desperately needed a left tackle so I get why he did it but it also didn’t cripple us the way we’ve seen signings in the past do. I never look at one thing and always try to see the broader picture. What I like the most about his time here was that he changed the culture and held players accountable for their play/pay regardless of being a fan favorite. We needed that change desperately and honestly it looks like Marty learned a few things from DG’s stint here. I think we need a complete overhaul again to get where we want to go but I’ve been cautiously optimistic about this off-season because being the opposite just isn’t really a whole lot of fun.
  6. I don’t remember any of those players you listed bad mouthing Gettleman. In fact gross stated in his retirement that he thought Gettleman was doing a great job with the team. I didn’t agree with every move DG made, specifically pulling the tag from Norman. And signing MK, even though I know why he did it. But it was always the players with massive character issues being the most vocal about it.
  7. Jonathan stewart doesn’t have any known character flaws. He is a mature adult. Beason is the only one I can think of that doesn’t either and Gettleman did him a favor by trading instead of cutting.
  8. The message he’s sending to kids? To work hard and put yourself in a position to do things that you’re passionate about? Cam is passionate about fashion. 300k diamonds in a hat can be apart of that. If I was in his position the met gala wouldn’t be my jam but I’d probably have some sort of expensive hobby/passion venture.
  9. Tre definitely did not suck last year.
  10. It’s not even fuging close to the disaster of the Fyre festival. People are so dramatic nowadays.
  11. Reminds me so much of Gamble it’s crazy. he’s just solid all the way around. Hopefully we don’t break the bank.
  12. The 2016 draft as a whole was terrible. But butler was definitely a wtf pick.
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