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  1. This isn’t gonna be fixed in one draft/offseason but we need to get the ball rolling. I’d rather address corner linebacker safety and te with later round picks 3-7 and free agency. Build those lines up with top tier talent. QB is the wildcard tho, if the org thinks there is a franchise qb at our picks in the next three drafts do not hesitate to pick him round 1.
  2. If a QB doesn’t drop to us that we like I’d keep drafting lineman on O and D in the first two rounds for the next several drafts. I’d follow the 9ers drafting model until we can secure a legit QB.
  3. And this is only his second year. Gotta think next year and the year after he’s gonna be making more jumps especially as those around him get better. I’ve said since his rookie year and watching his traits that he was a 15+ sack type of player. The things he can do at his size are extremely rare.
  4. KK is done here or should be. I love that dude but it’s time. Should’ve been cut before this season. It’s sometimes easy to forget that Burns is only in his second season and making people look foolish. Brown will continue to progress, YGM will get better. We get another high draft pick on the line in 2 or 3 years it has the capacity to rival 2013. Every starter on the dline will be a 1st or 2nd round pick. Extremely talented bunch. thats why when people say we need to draft all defense again it’s really short sided. We have talent on this defense. They’re just young. Remember the 9ers who kept drafting 1st round dline and it took a couple years to catch up. We should be in a good spot soon. Obviously wouldn’t be opposed to getting a competent linebacker, corner and safety in the next couple of years. But yeah.
  5. Bengals and Burrow will be fine and start revamping their oline with the selection of Sewell in round 1. He’s probably the best player in the draft. That’s a franchise cornerstone LT for a decade. I dunno what I would do if I was Lawrence. Probably stay another year and hope the Jets don’t get the #1 pick next year but goddamn they might.
  6. Apparently it was really fuging bad. They’re not showing a replay. Awful.
  7. We’re probably gonna win this game because Stafford’s thumb is fuged
  8. It’s not about PJ. He’s not the answer. It’s just seeing a qb who can open the field with deep throws that can give us a look into the future a bit.
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