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  1. he is. his WRs also lead the league in drops. Them thinking he isn't a passing threat is lazy.
  2. This myth that Cam cant complete passes...how is it still a thing? Also, contain Cam Newton. Good luck...
  3. When I'm in the airport early I like to search "I hate cam newton" on Twitter bc...free entertainment. Today it was "cam newton Titans"...
  4. I was cool with them....then the Cam is selfish and can't handle adversity without pouting thing started (like Colts OT and Seahawks game and car accident and KB getting hurt never happened)...
  5. A couple of those gladiators are built like a busted can of biscuits, but fat felt nicer to say. Also, I see the Active Duty "Good Cookie" so...not reservists.
  6. I dont know if this will make the news, but man...glad I chose this team .
  7. That's Draya...Chris Brown and Orlando Scandricks ex. He was going to propose to her, but...women. Just so you know how much of a favor she did Jameis...Chris Brown, Meek Mill, Fabolous, Gilbert Arenas, Javaris Crittenton, Kenyan Martin (NY Knicks). aaand Scandrick.
  8. unjustified allegation vs disregarded conviction that's silly.
  9. I dont need any defense for a rape allegation, mostly because its an allegation. Prove something or drink water and change your socks.
  10. Meanwhile, Jameis will still be called a rapist by the majority of Carolina fans.
  11. Everyone did something that someone would consider unacceptable in college....except for people on this board who had a pristine matriculation through college with only Young Conservative Choir rehearsal and bible study occasionally taking them away from their regular studies.
  12. If a group of people on the internet can make you feel like an idiot, you care too much. At the end of the day....one was accused of a crime (that's still held over his head), and one was convicted of a few (but he;s a Panther so whatever). nah.
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