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  1. Why do people think Cam needs to have "better" weapons? I think and hope Cam is a franchise QB, who makes ordinary players look better. If he can't do that then IMO he isn't worth a franchise QB level contract. Signing guys to help field position (Ginn) and improve the line (Oher) is what Cam needs much more than a over paid WR that wasn't coveted enough by his old team to keep around. How about instead of buying Cam a high priced #2 WR, let Cam show why he's worth the big contract by turning Brown into the next overpaid FA.
  2. Hurney's claim to fame was his ability to work the cap and hitting on 1st round picks. Notice I said work the cap not manage it. This ultimately lead to his downfall. To much pushing money around and lead it blew up in his face. While his track record after the 1st round was close to horrible, I can't think of another GM is recent time that was able to get it right that often and for that long in the 1st. Of course DG has added 2 more years to that streak which makes me wonder how much of that was Hurney and how much was it the scouts.
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    NFL Free Agency Update Thread

    Tarheel can you name a QB that has done this (left a team over roster moves). I'm not saying it hasn't happened but I can't think of one.