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  1. If that is the case then it is not Cam who bares the brunt of the responsibility.  It is the coaches job to find the best scheme to fit their personnel.

    I know the level of competition is nowhere near the same but a friend and I have coached youth flag football across multiple age groups for years.  He has the offense and I have the defense.  While we both have our favored systems, neither is married to it and we change things each year to fit that group’s abilities.

  2. 16 hours ago, pantherphan96 said:

    Astros are absolutely incredible. The margin of error in this series will be slim to none. Hopefully the bats can stay hot and the bullpen performs like they did in game 4. Not sure about starting Price game 2, I would have preferred to go Sale, Eovaldi, Porcello.

    Eovaldi worries me.  I have been a huge fan of his for years, use to always get him as one of those $1 pitchers to spot start in fantasy.  When he is on, he is amazing, and he is a Yankee killer.  When he is bad though, he is very bad and it happens quickly.

    Honestly though...against this opponent everybody worries me.

  3. That was one hell of a series.  The starters will have to go deeper into games and the bullpen will have to pitch better against Houston though.  The Yankees were a very good baseball team this season, the Astros may end up being the best team that I have ever seen.

    Regardless of the outcome, there is nothing that can happen at this point to make this season a disappointment.  Greatest record in Red Sox history and knocked the Yanks out of the postseason, evening the score at two series apiece all-time.

    Cannot wait for Saturday.  I am struggling to think of a sports match-up where I felt you had two all-time great teams of this caliber, should be fun.

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  4. 9 hours ago, Zaximus said:

    Not all shows are for everyone.     To say it sucks, is kind of ignorant though lol.     It's like The Leftovers, definitely a show NOT for everyone, but by far one of the best series every created.

    Absolutely the best thing that I have ever seen whether it be TV, film, whatever.  I agree though, it is not for everyone.  It is also a show that will hit you differently depending on where you are in your life.  Had it come out five years earlier I would have still enjoyed it, but would not have connected in the same way simply because I had had different life experiences at that point.

  5. This reminds me of the first Saints games last year where we came in 2-0 to their 0-2 and what a win could have done for us.  Going up two games on Atlanta with a h2h victory and with the Saints already having a division looks would be enormous.  With this OL and secondary though I just do not have the confidence that it will happen.  I also do not expect the new offense to really hit its stride until the second half of the season.  Plus, we rarely win there.  Hell, we could not win in Atlanta when we went 15-1.

    Panthers 13:21 Falcons

  6. I was not a fan of the abrupt ending, most things they did a good job leaving clues so you could deduce them, but there were several things that were left unexplained.  My main issue was the way the murders were so different and it was commented multiple times about it being two killers.  Then the characters basically forgot about it and it was never brought up again by the show.

    I am fine with it being the same killer but it is very lazy to bring it up multiple times and then just drop it.  I still very much enjoyed the show but do not feel that they stuck the landing.  It had a shot to be my favorite of ‘18 but I feel that The Americans is still the leader in the clubhouse.  Could be the first time in fifteen years or so that my top show of the year was not an HBO show.

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  7. I have basically avoided everything with the exception of one podcast where neither person read the book or knew anything about it.  I love this show and cannot wait for the finale.

    I have a theory about it all so stop reading as my explanation might contain spoilers for those that have not watched.

    I think that Amma, maybe with Natalie’s help killed Ann and that Amma and Ashley, maybe with help from Joades and the other one, killed Natalie.  Now until this last episode I thought it was Adora, not Ashley that was in on Natalie.  Some Ashley things as well as my belief that the vision of Adora as the woman in white is probably muddying the waters changed my mind.

    First: there was talk early on that this was two different killers.  They mentioned it multiple times.  I doubt this means nothing.  The difference in the killings has to be explained.

    Natalie’s murder has much more evidence around it.  John has talked about the three girls being friends and about how Natalie injured the one classmate while younger, liked to bite, and would have never painted her nails.  The nails part makes sense coming from Adora, but correct m if I am wrong, I do not remember Ann having painted nails.  Therefore it is likely someone doing it out of hatred as opposed to Adora, who would do it to make her “proper.”

    Amma and Ashley both have reasons to hate Natalie.  Amma would be jealous of the attention that Adora paid Ashley (and Ann) while Ashley, who complained this week that John never slept with her, would be jealous of the friendship John and his sister had.

    Ann turned up the next day while Natalie turned up several days after her disappearance.  She had to be held somewhere.  Ashley’s pool house makes sense.  It would explain the blood on the floor and bite on Ashley’s ear.

    Natalie was clearly planned, precise, premeditated murder.  I believe that Ann was more of a heat of passion, what have I done type thing.  She was not put on display, and it was much more sloppy.  If Camille’s vision is right and Adora was the woman in white then I definitely think it is two killers because I cannot see her killing Ann the way she was killed.

    Amma and Natalie are the only two that make sense for me here.  We know they were friends, we know there was a falling out.  Amma indicated this to Camille and Natalie indicated as much on her “friends list.”  Who knows, maybe it mirrors the lesbian murder that was possibly Adora from back in the day.

    Even if it was Natalie though, Amma would have to be involved because of the location of the bike.  We got that scene of Camille following Amma to the farm.  A show like this, all scenes mean something, that one was to show her comfort level with the farm and that she came there often.  She could have easily killed Ann and panicked, dumping the bike in a familiar place where she felt safe.

    I think that Natalie was either involved with Ann’s death and got cold feet or she found out Amma did it and in either case she became a threat, which led to her death.

    I was in favor of Adora being the woman in white and helping in Natalie’s death to protect Amma and that Adora got the worker to say John dropped the bike.  I moved on to Ashley for several reasons though:

    -the aforementioned, painting the nails out of hatred
    -Amma mentioned something like “I can get girls to do what I want but they hate me after.”  This would fit Ashley in my scenario to a T
    -Amma said you can get boys to do what you want if you let them do stuff to you.  This is the worker at the farm that fingered John.  Adora would have been smart enough to pick a night shift person, Amma knows the day shift guys
    -Ashley says John would never murder the girls because it would make him popular...this is all she cares about and would also explain why Natalie was put on display
    -Natalie was a biter so her teeth were pulled

    I also think that the teeth are in Chekov’s Doll House.  There has been too much focus on it and Amma went total bitch face when Camille tried to touch Adora’s room.  The teeth are probably in there, although I hope they are not the actual ivory floor, that might seems silly.

    There is one thing that does not fit though.  Why were Ann’s teeth pulled?  Makes me think Natalie was involved somehow in Ann’s death.  I hope not though.  John already lost his poor sister and is arrested for her murder.  If the kid does get out if would suck to find out his dead kid sister was a murderer.

  8. On 8/21/2018 at 5:11 PM, PanthersBigD said:

    I've watched every episode, but the longer it goes on the less I like it. The characters don't feel like they could possibly be real people, they're more like caricatures. 

    Gillian Flynn is like the female M. Night Shyamalan; every story has a dumb twist ending. 

    Also I want to know how Camille was supposed to have cut those perfectly lettered words into the middle of her back. Did she sit there with a mirror for two hours carving out the word IMPLAUSIBLE into her back? Dumb. 

    Supposedly there were only fifty or so words mentioned in the book so they sat down one day and came up with what would make sense for the rest.  They then had her body double write them on herself and basically copied her body when doing the makeup or whatever was needed for Camille.  That way it would be as realistic as they could get it and it explains the poor formation of certain letter.  There is actually a space on her back where the body double could not reach.

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