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  1. With Bradberry, Munnerlyn, and Reid playing Brees will get 2 TDs a quarter
  2. TPanther920

    Devin Funchess

    WTF! Why is he even on the damn field?
  3. TPanther920

    Panthers D morale

    Shitcan Munnerlyn, Bradberry, and Elder
  4. TPanther920

    So the Bucs, how much do we lose by?

    God I hope I'm wrong about every prediction I've made
  5. You left out Washington.....inconsiderate a-hole.
  6. drop in "skill" level. Loss of "fire". Do watch the same games the rest of us do? Playing "scared". How the hell would you know that?
  7. And Washington has nothing to do with Luke's play? The same drop off is visible throughout the entire D.
  8. TPanther920

    eric reid selected for his 6th drug test since signing with carolina

    I was not a fan of Reid's signing but this is BS. Some genius run the odds of 1 man being pulled 6 times for a random drug screen. Leave the man alone.
  9. Fly the "fire Ron Rivera" banner and I will donate.
  10. TPanther920

    Munnerlyn...Go Away...Forever!

    This loss is on Munnerlyn, Elder, and RR. Gano's miss was expected and just the topper.
  11. And the season swirls down the shitter
  12. fug no! I miss good old fashioned slobber knock'n bone crushing beat your ass football. Make the offense pay for every inch of ground gained. By half time receivers should fear crossing the middle and running backs should tremble when their number is called.
  13. We played Pittsburgh. Thought I had had a nightmare. Let me fix that poo. 13-3 10-6
  14. Best case 12-2 and NFC South Champions headed into the playoffs with a bye. Worst case 10-6 and we barely slip into the playoffs as a WC seed.