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  1. If you see that it will be replayed let me know. Missed this one.
  2. I was very disappointed in Bridgewater and his comments. He missed receivers all day. He missed a wide open receiver in the endzone for the win. Can't believe he threw the coaches under the bus...even saying he would have changed the play [ so he didn't have the throw the ball??]. I criticized Tom Brady for not being a leader and taking responsibility for his mistakes. I see no difference. I hope Rhule is really pissed by this. He needs to give Walker more reps to see what he has. I would have expected to see Teddy improve throughout the season as he had more time in this offense and more time with the receivers. Instead, he seems to have regressed. Sit him.
  3. This 3 man rush designed to protect the secondary does not seem to work. Passes seem to be always completed against it. What do you have to lose to be aggressive up front...esp with with the personnel we have there? I do not understand.
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