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  1. breaking down the best and worst in the league, using three tools of evaluation: fan equity, social equity and road equity. What the hell is that??
  2. Just heard Sirius NFL say this would be a Thurs Fri visit....expect his price to be north of 13.5.
  3. I like this..he has learned something form the vets and matured. Sounds like this guy was not mentally prepared to be an NFL pro. Good news...he got humbled...looked to the vet players and was willing to learn and change. Who knows..this could turn out well.
  4. Awesome...thanks. Got my new phone wallpaper set now. TY, TY, TY
  5. I don't think the receivers on the the 2015 were rated too highly either.
  6. Very good article and very good posts so far here. I do not think the article deserved to be called a fluff piece.
  7. And since then? My original point was that our young receivers could learn from the best...prepare them for later.
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