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  1. Not giving me the option. Just asked what my gross pay was the final week. That is impossible to know except for the base pay. Of course, kicking me out before I could get to the end. Tried calling them a few minutes ago...said the wait time was an hour. Am guessing they stop at 5..so will try tomorrow..put my phone on the charger and wait them out.
  2. I can get on for about 1.min and then get kicked off. I have a question of anyone k owns the answer. Moat of my pay was commission....base pay was $500 per week. Does my commission figure in to what I get?
  3. I posted my layoff in another thread. Got the word Friday at end of work day. Really pissed because seniority (in my position group) meant nothing. I am really taking this hard. That even surprises me. Scary future...no job no insurance. I am so damn bummed. And I know there a lot of people out there feeling as I do. This is horrible.
  4. Did they say when they would be up and running?
  5. 4th try today on the unemployment site. Still can't file. :-(
  6. The NC website to file for unemployment sucks. It is cumbersome. Got halfway through and it crashed
  7. Does anyone know if there are rules for layoffs? In my company..women were laid off that had more seniority than men who were retained.
  8. Welp...got me today. Lots of layoffs at work today, many of them permanent. Mine was one of those. Was done at the end of the day. Scariest part right now is health insurance.
  9. It is amazing the number of people who are not taking this seriously. They are making this worse for all of us.
  10. This team has never put 2 winning seasons together back to back. Luke was amazing....but a winning team was never established while he was a Panther. That saddens me. Luke deserved better and so did I as a fan.
  11. Well...he wasted the 1st Keuchly. Sounds like a plan Redskins.
  12. I think the jury is still out on that. They don't know what it is. I also had sarcoidosis. Been 20 years..no recurrence, thankfully. Hope same for you. I am hoping the lung involvement will not put me at risk with the Covid19 virus. I am doing everything I can to try to prevent getting the virus..but I am a little worried.
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