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  1. I have seen vets and active duty personnel perform the National Anthem.....but...this was a WWII vet!!!!! That is very special and very amazing!!
  2. I was at the Atlanta game....bummer. I go to all home games...I am lucky for that. (Note...at least our tailgate food was very good.) For those who do not get to go to games...there is a lot of stuff that goes on you do not get to see. The Panthers organization is a big supporter of the military. There are at least 2 tributes to vets and active service personnel each game. This game..was the official Support to Service game. 2 very very cool things happened. Big kudos to whoever made them happen, #1....The National Anthem was performed by a 94 year old WWII vet. He played the harmonica. OMG....it was awesome...it was not perfect but you could feel the collective "I am holding my breath for him"...he did great and the reaction was fantastic. Chills just thinking about it. #2...During a break...they introduced another WWII vet....and it was his 100th birthday. He was wearing a Panther jersey with the number 100. Sir Purr directed the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to him. Glad I was wearing sunglasses...these guys brought on the tears. It was a terrible game but these 2 WWII vets made my day. I am glad I was there. Some things are priceless...these qualify. Also....very well done Panthers.
  3. My seatmate just called me..he is sick. Seat is upper level..front row.
  4. I have the Steelers at +3
  5. So sorry about your brother. Worst part of life is losing people you love. Glad there was a good distraction with football and this forum to help. Take care. ((((((((hug))))))))
  6. Spread has moved from +6 to +4.5 I think the Panthers can win this.
  7. More time to cook...eat snacks and get something done around the house. Win. National broadcast...good opportunity. Win
  8. I go to home games. I always watch Luke presnap..sometimes zooming in with my binoculars......amazing how often the play goes where he is moving players. It is worth the price of the ticket to watch.
  9. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001072786/article/nfl-stats-records-week-9-mccaffrey-ties-jim-browns-mark Cool...very cool. Anyone have a gif yet of him sliding on the leg of the Titan would be tackler for the TD?
  10. That's a real bummer. Those fires are horrible. Hope you stay safe.
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