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  1. Yeah - not much getting around the cost of the tickets, unfortunately. 25K fewer seats in Tottenham is a pain.
  2. Yes. We have 750+ going so far. If you're thinking it's going to be an inexpensive weekend then I wouldn't suggest going. Nothing is cheap there (including our packages)
  3. We were just saying out loud, as Josh is writing about it, all of the things that happened during the season. Despite the unhappy ending there are a bunch of storylines and drama.
  4. Tell me about it. Started off as a great story with the new owner and winning. Can’t wait to see how they cover the losses. I’m assuming it will be about how we attempt to recover and that strategy to get healthy and better
  5. Can confirm And it was for this past season not upcoming. So have fun watching us lose seven in a row again
  6. OT from SC should be nice depth too
  7. Love this pic of Cam when we surprised him for his birthday
  8. The pics of the classroom will be dope
  9. There won’t be any single game tickets. You have to use StubHub type places Edit: and you should budget $350+ for uppers
  10. Bucs had to give up a home game because they got the Super Bowl in 2021
  11. Oh, yeah, they aren't quite there yet. But mostly because not many pubs shows NFL games - so they're at the mercy of the places that do. The Hippodrome has a lounge on the bottom floor that shows all the games. The locals have their own section and TVs. So you're right it's not a full Panthers bar - but it's a nice start.
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