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  1. Crazy talk. Looking forward to kicking it with @Hotsauce and @OnlyPantherFaninMaine. We've got a sick DJ show for the tailgate and City BBQ is catering. Can't wait..... PS: Ron Rivera is 6-1 on MNF and undefeated at home
  2. RoaringRiot

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    Does anyone else cringe when Chuck talks smack?
  3. RoaringRiot

    What's with all the 9-7 playoff talk?

    Cam’s condition is the same it was week 6. Did you want to shut him down then? And one hit isn’t going to end his career any more than it normally would. Seriously, where did you even get that from?
  4. Gano not at practice. Uh oh....
  5. RoaringRiot

    What's with all the 9-7 playoff talk?

    I haven’t given up, man. I’m up at 530a to catch a flight to Cleveland right now. I’m just saying I’ve done the walk of shame out of five away stadiums this year so my confidence is low. But I’m still here for it if they decide to turn it around because I agree that they can, if they get it together
  6. RoaringRiot

    What's with all the 9-7 playoff talk?

    That's different. I think we will too. But I in no way want us to like Nate suggested.
  7. RoaringRiot

    What's with all the 9-7 playoff talk?

    Hoping we get blasted by the Browns actually is literally wanting to quit.
  8. RoaringRiot

    What's with all the 9-7 playoff talk?

    Why would you want to quit when we are 1/2 game out with four to go?
  9. He was joking when he said it though
  10. Disagree on Obada. He had another good day in Tampa and has been improving pretty quickly. He’s going to be a part of the future rotation for sure. Plus there may be some ulterior motives to keep him around as well.
  11. Solid meaning he will be on the roster next year
  12. I'd toss Shaq, Williams, and Obada in there
  13. RoaringRiot

    LOL - who could it be??!!

    What is @ProFootballTak?
  14. RoaringRiot

    Cowboys vs Saints

    They played last Thursday.