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  1. There aren’t going to be fans in the stands this season
  2. This @MMA He sums it up well there, but further, the revenue the business generates covers the operating expenses which includes the owner's salary. The personal/individual stimulus is based on his own W2 or household income, not the business
  3. The business’ revenue is different than the owner’s income/salary. The business could generate $3M in revenue but the owner might have only made $30K. They’re not the same things.
  4. Didn’t China lockdown the entire country for two months?
  5. At this point it’s certainly precautionary, but talks about playing the season with no fans have happened.
  6. You think you get to talk poo to me and then ask me for info? Ha!
  7. Cam was prepared to play this season, which was a shift from their original position. But this isn’t a result from any dispute. Edit: the team wasn’t going to extend him and of course they want another contract (eventually), but again, no dispute and that’s not how this came about.
  8. Please tell me what stuff I’ve been super wrong about?
  9. These dudes still owe me $100 because their sources in the front office said Kalil was staying. There was no two vs five year contract dispute.
  10. This is 100% false. Delete this poo
  11. Did no one assure him it’s a retool not a rebuild? Gah....
  12. a non-sports job with a major CLT corporation.
  13. What would you be calling me out about? I haven’t endorsed tanking. Just pointing out that understanding their intentions isnt hard unless you just don’t want to believe it
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