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  1. Sounds like mid-July. They’re (the league) going to wait until the last minute to make a change if it’s necessary. The reality is no one really knows what it’s going to look like in 60 days, so they can’t really make a final decision today. Tough situation for everyone (obvi)
  2. Yeah they’re having to rework the entire seating manifest for multiple scenarios
  3. No I’m not sure but I’ll find out. I would imagine all at once too. Seems like opposing teams’ stadiums are doing the same thing or similar from the conversations I’ve had so far. Side note: be careful if you’re buying tickets from StubHub this season for away games. They’re the only platform not offering a refund - theyre giving site credit.
  4. I posted this in another thread but here is how it will work 1) all group and single game tickets will be automatically refunded 2) PSL owners will have the option of applying their payment to 2021 or receiving a refund 3) the PSL owners who choose to apply their payments to 2021 will be eligible for the ticket lottery for the reduced capacity. 4) the seats you’d get in the lottery would be completely random and the lottery winner can decide whether or not to take them.
  5. Ha....I’m not disagreeing. Just “the argument” for a dome
  6. Final Fours and more frequent concerts when rain/weather isn’t a threat
  7. “Fauci, the director of the National Institutes for Health since 1984, interrupted. “You got a problem there,” he said. “You know why? Because it is likely that if four of them are positive and they’ve been hanging around together, that the other ones that are negative are really positive. So I mean, if you have one outlier [only one player testing positive], I think you might get away. But once you wind up having a situation where it looks like it’s spread within a team, you got a real problem. You gotta shut it down.” Shut it down. Quarantine the team, he means. For 14 days. The next two games for that team? Cancelled or postponed. That could be life in the NFL in 2020. “Also,” I said, “I take it that teams have to be willing to say, If Patrick Mahomes tests positive on a Saturday night, he’s got to disappear for two weeks.” “Absolutely, absolutely,” Fauci said. “It would be malpractice in medicine to put him on the field, absolutely.”” https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/11/nfl-season-dr-fauci-coronavirus-fmia-peter-king/
  8. Makes sense. i booked 200 flights to Green Bay this AM. Gonna freeze my balls off
  9. Something to note… If games are played at a reduced capacity only PSL owners will be eligible for the available ticket lottery if they leave their money in And don’t get a refund Edit: Single game and group ticket purchasers will not be eligible and will be automatically refunded
  10. FWIW sounds like Ravens at Steelers Thanksgiving Eve.
  11. No way they put that unappealing game as the season kick off. 0% chance
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