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  1. Chargers win was D. AZ win was both. the D has been bad and the O hasnt been very good. but yeah, six rookies including UDFAs last night is wild.
  2. They've both had decent and both had really bad moments. One isn't carrying the other. The offense is terrible in the redzone and not great on third downs. Brady has called very good games the last two or three either.
  3. I mean, they haven't been awesome though.
  4. Whispers: the best offensive player on the team has missed six games
  5. if it makes you feel better there's a good chance that changes soon
  6. Nah....he's literally told us off the record their plan. But cool theory.
  7. The logic is getting him 100% healthy - not bringing him back for a game that they have a better chance of winning vs one that they don't
  8. It's refreshing to see this staff not rush a star back into the lineup IMO. He's too valuable to get him back at 80%.
  9. He was never playing. The Chiefs has been the targeted return. He didn't even stretch with the team the day he was at practice. Gamesmanship is all it ever was.....
  10. That looks more like Franklin going to the wrong spot that Boston. Brees was looking that way and hit bit on it. No way they wanted four covering two over there.
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