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  1. RoaringRiot

    Kyle Love to New England?

    Probably another sign they’re moving to a 3-4
  2. The same Eric Berry who has played three games the last two years because of injuries? Great call Chuck!
  3. Oh for sure. Seems like he majority did, right? I felt like you were copying and pasting your explanation (which was well done) in every thread...haha. I had a ton of conversations on social about his contract too. Actually won a $100 bet because I corrected someone and said he was going to be released. The whole “costs more to cut than keep” narrative was out of control.
  4. I did read it. I’m not trying to convince you to like the article. The point of writing opinion stuff is to create a conversation. That’s all good. My point in addressing you was the way you were ripping him for the term (which I have already agreed was incorrect usage) when I know you’re smart enough to know he didn’t think Kalil was getting an additional $14.7M. I’m totally happy that you disagree with the article. I also do. And as much as I dislike Kalil, I can also fully admit Williams ain’t much better though. We went from a 3 to a 4, maybe 4.5. But I’d rather have the 4
  5. Oh I’m not taking it personally at all. I’m not the author and I wanted Kalil gone. And you know I think you’re a smart poster. That’s why it’s weird to me that you’re flexing so hard on him saying they were paying him $14.7M and thinking that he meant they owed him that additional cash. The Panthers are “paying” Kalil $4.9M this season as it relates to the cap. It doesn’t mean Marty is going to Venmo that over to Matty with a missed tackle emoji. Unless your Kalil’s wife or financial advisor why are you worried about when it hits his account? Fans are worried about the cap hit and how it relates to the team’s ability to make other moves, which is obviously what he was intending. To me it’s similar to writing a check (although the inverse since Matt already has his money). If I write you a check I still have to balance it in my checkbook even if you haven’t cashed it. I’ve still paid you even though the cash is still in my account. Matt already has his money but his dead cap affects the Panthers’ spending so for all intents and purposes he’s still being paid that this season. That’s why I said before it’s semantcis. And it is.
  6. RoaringRiot


    I don’t disagree. But they’re still starters/contributors that are empty spaces that need to be filled
  7. RoaringRiot


    The Panthers are without (off the top of my head) Peppers, Horton Love TD, Mayo Adams Kalil, Clark Funchess CAP Seems like they’ve still got a ton of work to do
  8. Lol....the inaccuracies were in the way he worded it, not with the point which was how the dead cap would relate to the Panthers’ ability to sign other players whether they kept or released him and the difference in the two players. Yeah he shouldn’t have said it like the Panthers were going to have to pay him another $14.7M when he meant that they would have to account for that dead cap figure, but you are the only one who was affixiated on when the money would literally hit Matt Kalil’s account, and that wasn’t the intention. Definitely his mistake - 100%. But the guy has a different opinion and explained it and backed it up with evidence - it’s not like he fired off some hot take. It’s totally fine you don’t agree. He also says in the opening paragraph that he knows many/most will disagree because of their hate for Kalil. But it’s also not like he’s on an island with this take. You are absolutely wrong if you think Williams is some obvious upgrade for Kalil for virtually the same money, which is all he was saying. Neither is very good So now there is a glaring weakness at RT instead of LT. Ok. But yeah we get it, no more money is being shipped over to Kalil’s bank account. He’s already spent it. You’re totally correct.
  9. You make this thread supporting the logic behind his opinion and then reply with this? Pretty cowardly
  10. You do realize one of the first things he says is that he thinks they’re going to let go of Kalil. Literally something NONE of the other outlets said.