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  1. Redzone and goal line D looking great, heres an idea. Let opposing returners make it to the redzone on purpose and jist go redzone D every play. This D looks like a completely different D when in goal line/redzone. We just cant stop anything in between the 20s
  2. Yea, when I was there yesterday Bersin was in all the 1st team offense drills, looked solid. They must have big plans for him. Toward the end of practice yesterday I noticed Cam having a mild limp, did he look fine today?
  3. I totally disagree. Run D has been very stout, its the pass rush that has been regressing and been disappointing.
  4. Im sorry, but IF (a huge if) we ended up losing this game and I dont see Vjax doubled or even tripled in some instances, I will be back on the fire Rivera bandwagon. How in the hell would you not constantly double Vjax considering just how weak their other WRs are and how Glennon constantly locks on to him like hes playing Madden. Give Vjax the Tony Gonzalez double treatment and you win that game, pure and simple. Hell, do the Bucs even have a TE on their roster? Lol
  5. Im not talking about middle of the pack teams like the Cards. Im talking about bottom feeders.. Jags, Bucs, Vikes etc. The worst of the worst, we tend to beat those teams. The Cardinals game was a coast to coast game coming off a bye with a veteran yet erratic QB and a very stout D. I dont put the Cardinals on the same level as the Bucs and Jags.
  6. Im talking about hot garbage 2-4 win teams. The Cardinals are not on the level of suck like the teams like Bucs, Jags etc. Im talking about teams projected with a top 3 pick in the draft, we tend to win against those teams.
  7. One thing about Rivera, with the exception of the Chiefs last year (who played a very emotional game at home btw) we do tend to win these games against horrible teams we are supppose to win. Jags and Colts in 2011, Eagles last year and Giants Vikings this year. I really cant think of a game we lost under the Rivera era were it was to a terrible team.
  8. But but but its way too early for Gettleman to look for HCs.. This game might not be Rivera's fault, but this season is his fault and its his fault we are in a position where we have to win this game to stay alive. Lets becreal though, Saints will win the division and does anyone really think we beat out the 9ers, Packers, Bears or Lions for a wild card?
  9. Agreed. Rivera might be 2-15 in games decided by a TD or less, he might be 0-2 on opening day and he might bd 0-2 after the bye. But the guy does have a winning record in "oh poo my azz is on the line" games.
  10. Between Chip Kelly struggling and the Schiano fiasco, im scared of college coaches. I still say Lovie Smith, closest thing to a sure bet you will get in awhile. He can be our Andy Reid.
  11. Wow really? Usually I would just say baseless speculation but kind of odd they are talking about this after a Giants shut out. Wonder if any truth to it.
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