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  1. So was wondering...if (when) Charlotte gets the Draft. Where do they do it? i thought Romare Bearden might be the perfect spot with the city in the background...but would it be big enough? Other option would be in the stadium itself...but that’s kinda lame.
  2. SEC dominating the 2nd round.. SEC players drafted in the 2nd round 35. Jacksonville - Juwaan Taylor, OT, Florida 36. San Francisco - Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina 37. Carolina - Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss 42. Denver - Drew Lock, QB, Missouri 44. Green Bay - Elgton Jenkins, C, Mississippi State 45. New England - Joejuan Williams, DB, Vanderbilt 46. Cleveland - Greedy Williams, DB, LSU 48. New Orleans - Erik McCoy, C, Texas A&M 50. Minnesota - Irv Smith Jr., TE, Alabama 51. Tennessee - AJ Brown, WR, Ole Miss 56. Kansas City - Mecole Hardman, WR, Georgia
  3. Dolphins trade: Pick 48, 116. Saints trade: Pick 62, 202 and a 2020 second round pick.
  4. I love watching these fools standing outside of the draft fist pumping over picks who they have no clue who they are...I get it, I’d be drunk doing the same but it’s amusing,
  5. Huh? To be more clear, in the two years Sweat was at State, I’ve never heard anything negative. Did Newton have legal issues? Well that’s documented. Its funny, people are cool with passing on Sweat cause of alleged character issues, yet ok with taking Newton. I get it, as fans we spin it to our favor, to make us feel better, we all do. But jeez, for a decade watching the draft you guys were always so big on the fuging character thing...”Jerry won’t ever draft _______ cause his character is questionable “ High and almighty...but Cam didn’t matter (and I agree it shouldn’t have), and then the almighty Big Cat of high character is forced to sell.... hahaha
  6. Dude, Newton is done...shoulder is trashed. Bookmark this.
  7. How is Lock trash? By mid season, you’ll wish you had him.
  8. Hah...Little, Ole Miss....making it even easier to dislike the Panthers. yall needed him though.
  9. He thought he was moving up to get Sweat...forgot he was drafted already.
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