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  1. it was actually noot-IN, one of the other guys, cant remember his name has the same problem...i think its Nate.
  2. I think it's kind of obvious. Even though he has improved his public image dramatically the last few years, I don't think the guy is happy here. I think a start would be to give him a halfway decent offensive left tackle, and you cannot possibly think Oher is it. I would,have loved to been a fly on the wall when Cam heard they signed Oher. You have to assume that that's a huge priority in the draft. Oher graded out as one of the absolute worst OL in the league last year...at right tackle. And yeah, I already know NO's line sucked last year.
  3. With Oher as your left tackle you might need to carry a 4th.
  4. So apparently the rumor is that the Saints are talking to Hardy....dunno about that
  5. So you have friends inside the organization....
  6. You know, it really wouldn't surprise me...my wife literally just brought this home 20minutes ago. Won it in a silent auction...here in CLT no less.
  7. Right, but he can't look important unless he tells us before it happens.
  8. Good grief dude, you aren't John Clayton... Let me guess....Miami finally gets Brees?
  9. If you just found out Michael Oher was going to be your LEFT tackle, would you be in a hurry to sign? I'm sure his main goal will be to get out alive. But seriously they have to plan on drafting someone that can play LT.
  10. Because I like annoying punks like you.

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