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  1. TheSaint

    Carolinas pulling for the Pats?

    Poll is shite. Based on twitter? i assure you there are not more people rooting for The Rams in Mississippi.
  2. This is the CJ Anderson I drafted in my fantasy draft... won my league despit that
  3. Ding ding ding SP is always thinking one step ahead of most.
  4. TheSaint

    Sean Payton is a punk

    SP heard you. Heard that the bounty was on #9. He’s sitting. You calling the dogs on Bridgewater now? Or, might he be on your team next year?
  5. I really am. And I don’t deny that dude has taken a beating. And you’re right, and haven’t watched a ton of Panthers game this season, so no I didn’t pay attention or notice Newton’s throwing. I was just remembering how all the talking heads were praising him to start the season. Good points about the regression as the season has progressed.
  6. There’s no way, a Dr. has recommended for #1 to shut it down and coaches and or Newton ignored that advice. No way.
  7. A helmet to the shoulder didn’t suddenly create scar tissue supposedly, (according to the OP) originating from the surgery. Points taken about no long throws even early this year. But I seem to recall friggin everyone talking about how fantastic Newton was playing to start the year...maybe I’m wrong.
  8. Why was it not an issue the first 8 games of the year? thats why I dont buy the scar tissue argument.
  9. poo can my opinion for being a Saints fan, but I don’t get why there is so much gnashing of teeth over this decision,... it’s effing stupid. Panthers season is over, your franchise QB is not right. Other than River Boat trying to eek out a few games at the end of the year to keep his job, why is this even a discussion?
  10. This is why The Golden Calf of Bristol is the smartest man in the world.
  11. She’s 29? Didn’t realize she was that young.
  12. He got canned with Yarbro on the same day I think.