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  1. This is why The Golden Calf of Bristol is the smartest man in the world.
  2. She’s 29? Didn’t realize she was that young.
  3. He got canned with Yarbro on the same day I think.
  4. Maybe suspended WITH pay. Theres a reason FNZ can’t say anything. People should understand that...but I guess knowing the people that call, they probably wouldn’t.
  5. Yeah, I’m not sure that the other poster was accurate or where he got this inside info from.
  6. I don’t know, those three were all so different it worked. Best sports radio show of all time, IMO was Kiley and Booms....national show, Fox I think. Hilarious. i doubt many remember it...
  7. Wait, so the victim is his current wife? At least I thought they were married. Kristin something...2 kids. She is a former Honey Bee..
  8. He was an arrogant bastard...but, no doubt light years ahead of Garcia. now, Gary Williams, Celania and Mark Yarbro.....THAT was some quality radio.
  9. Thanks for that...didn’t get to tune in. This “snow” day messed things up, my bored kid, had another kid come over and it altered my plan to listen.
  10. Couldn’t find the tweets from his most recent Ex. Probably gone now. He didn’t waste time finding his current wife. As someone said, who knows what happened and anyone can be accused BUT the article says the female had minor injuries and refused treatment, so there’s that. def trying to tune in at 2
  11. Marc with a C was one of the most unlikeable personalities I’ve ever heard on the radio, and his career path validates that. im guessing he thought trying to be Jim Rome was his ticket...but he’s no Jim Rome.
  12. Yes, I’ve posted here since 2006 when I moved to CLT.( maybe 2007, whenever I found the forum) I don’t post here much now, but it has nothing to do with when we are playing well. I’m not piling on.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. I think TD is a good dude, and you’re right, he isn’t the problem.
  14. I’m looking for cheap tickets...prefer lower bowl. you can PM me. discretion guaranteed
  15. That’s our move. Be more imaginative....maybe belay from the upper deck to the lower bowl with a “Fire Ron” sign.