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  1. Am I the only one getting a Greg Hardy vibe from this tag? I'm not saying Josh is a bad dude or anything. Its just seeing him all over TV after 1 great season, the whole kissing Peytons ass thing and doing his best self marketing routine, like when he went seeking out the TV pundits after the Arizona win I think it was. I bet he is starting to grate on some other players nerves with his attention seeking. And the whole Batman and elevator gag thing on ESPN just made him come off like a weird dude. I wonder if Gman is hoping someone bites on a trade for him so that A) He can avoid paying a 29 year old guy 14 MM a season and B) resign his own draft picks in Star and KK while C) getting more draft picks that will help create more cap space. Gman just made a comment about possibly having to let your own graduate, a hint we may have to let some good players walk. We just gave Star the 5th year option so we know he isnt leaving. No way does he let KK walk. Charles has already commited and weve already extended Cam, Luke, Greg and TD will retire a Panther. Turner and Norwell are the only other guys really worth worrying about. Those comments by Gman really seemed eerily directed at Josh. However, Josh could just sign the damn tender, so he's obviously wanted for at least 1 more year. I think Normans about as highly rated as he'll ever get. It wouldn't be the worst thing if we got some value from him while his iron is hot so to speak.
  2. 21 reps is alot more than the 13 he did at the combine. Might wanna double check those Arkansas weights. Sounds like one of them might be made of candy. I kid, he looks like he should be lifting about 20 but why the low lift the first time? He looks like a willing blocker and in time should be better than Olsen at it as he looks more stocky but I wouldn't call him dominant, he can get blown up by larger guys. Im not gonna poo on a guy that has sure hands but at 30 that pick looks a little rich. Some thought the same about shaq so I won't say it'll never happen. But we seem to be on the high side of what we're paying TE's as it is so I doubt it happens. Our secondary looks like a much bigger need right now. We passed on Byron Jones last year in favor of another LB, so who knows what Getty and Ron want.
  3. Have the Panthers ever drafted anyone from Clemson before, just asking.
  4. I don't know about Heny in the first with us just extending Greg and Dickson stilll here. Why didnt this cat run the 40 at the combine. 13 reps suggest his blocking ability might be a tad overrated.
  5. Didn't the Bucs, Cards and Saints just draft their future LT's early in the draft? Cheap talent means more teams will surely be interested but are they the best fits for him?
  6. Wasn't Archuleta that workout warrior that got a tad over drafted and fizzled out? I see more Derrick Brooks than Archuleta in Shaq myself.
  7. I'm hoping something retarded happens like Parker falling to us. Something more realistic would be Malcolm Brown or Trae Waynes and Gman says thank you very much. In reality, it'll probably be Peat.
  8. I thought McCarthy looked like a player if he could stay healthy. Wouldn't mind giving him a chance.
  9. This isn't soccer, we aren't in the Premier League. There are no regular season champs in the NFL. Chip Kelly didn't take over the Carolina Panthers either. While the Eagles had a horrible record the year he took over they actually had some talent, akin to the Chiefs when they picked low. They just tanked that year, Reid was going through some really deep stuff.
  10. Yet the Cowboys, Seahawks, Packers, Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, Bengals all have strong running games. And Kelly himself has invested quite a bit in RB himself this year. Nothing wrong with having a great explosive O that racks up points but you don't want to wear you own Defense out doing it. While being up tempo helps the offense it hinders the defense, especially after a quick 3 and out. All the rest are ifs and buts, 1 team went home a week or two early and it wasn't the Panthers.
  11. Our Defense has only ranked highly 1 year. 1. You obviously also rank regular season wins more than how deep a team goes in the playoffs. The goal is to get to and win the SB, not go 10-6 and miss the playoffs. Philly has been drafting before us the last two years for a reason.
  12. I didn't say he couldn't win games. I said there was a flaw. If you can't see how its affecting the amount of time the defense is on the field I don't know what else to say. When the team with the #3 and #4 offense the past two years can't get past the wildcard round year 1 and fails to make the playoffs year 2 maybe something doesn't jive. I think it will be hard for them to win in January playing that style, I'm not saying Kelly can't win but Shula and his 18th and 19th ranked O went 1 step further to the SB playing a more conservative ball control style both years. And don't give me its all because of the D because they ranked 21st last year.
  13. It's flawed in the sense that it puts a lot of stress on the D. It doesn't complement the D well. They can increase the talent on the D to compensate but all the talent in the world will get tired being on the field too long. The layman loves watching an explosive offense, but is it better to be more balanced on both O and D (Patriots) rather than favoring one side so greatly like the Eagles do with a top O but bottom D.
  14. Yeah, scenario two would be the Julio reference. I think with our recent draft success and cost I'd rather keep the picks and see who falls. Sure would be nice if he fell to make option 1 possible with minimal cost.
  15. He definitely has talent as an OC, I personally am not convinced that style of play can take you all the way in January. Its almost philosophically opposite to what Rivera and Shula want to do. It puts a lot of pressure on the D. Asking them to hang in for 35 minutes on average every game is asking a lot, especially late in the season when injuries start to accrue. However, that offense is still built off the run and with Murray and Matthews added to Sproles and Polk they have replaced some of those good players in their primes with others, Kiko is pretty young too. He has sacrificed on talent at WR but the D has steadily improved. I do believe slowing the tempo would help them out more too. Bradford is the X factor here, I'm just not convinced by that move at all. Some of his draft picks and past FA acquisitions leave a lot to be desired too.
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