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  1. I constantly play as LUKKKKE in Madden. Love that guy!
  2. PantherFeez

    Panthers Roster Projection Update

    Jeremy, outside of punt protector (saw him doing 1st squad at FF) what special team duties is Webb taking? It's one thing to make the 53.. Are they really going to let him on the active 46 for the whole season? A reserve CB or RB or LB could handle his assignments and actually see the field if a starter went down. Maybe he's this mysterious 7th WR they say they're keeping, but he seems like a jack of all trades master of none.
  3. PantherFeez

    Left Tackle Daryl Williams?

  4. I'm curious if you're seeing Coleman as the rotational SS on passing downs or some other setup. Also curious where they line up when he and Harper are both on the field together. Also, on Ward -- is he getting first team reps as a true old school run block leading FB? Thanks!
  5. PantherFeez

    Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander

    Oher didn't bend at the waist and anchored (even readjusted) with his feet. Definitely some shoulder holding going on. Frank lost any opportunity to battle with his hands by letting Oher get into him. Oher's set looks like it's straight back where Cam is suppose to step up. To me Oher did enough here.
  6. PantherFeez

    The Speed Out

    He added more this morning Ricky Proehl ‏@RickyProehl 2h2 hours [email protected] on a speed cut the Rec never breaks down so it makes it harder to defend
  7. Thanks for the write up, I always look forward to them.
  8. PantherFeez

    OTA Observations

    Which games did he line up at OT? I'd like to check it out.
  9. thanks for letting me ask a few questions. fun podcast, should be weekly imo
  10. Thanks for the link and summary Maine. Definitely going to take a listen because of the last few items