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  1. This is coming from the guy who said it would help Kaep get another chance if he cut his hair...
  2. Yeah, I remember that. I agree with you. He scored and it was like 30-10 or something. I don’t see that being the same as his clothes. He suppose to bring a winning AND losing outfit? LOL! He has always dressed differently, it’s who he is. But yeah, it just doesn’t make sense to celebrate when you are down 3 touchdowns.
  3. I hate that, I really do. I didn’t like it when it was said on “Speak for Yourself” the other day. At least Wiley got it right. You can’t tell people to be themselves only if they are winning. What message does that send kids really? Be yourself.....only if it’s working....
  4. To see Cam step into his throws and hit open guys. He doesn’t even have to run like he used to. We can win without him doing that.
  5. Saints, Falcons, Packers, Bears, Cowboys, Eagles, Rams, Seahawks, and maybe 49ers have a reasonable shot to make playoffs. We are not in the AFC. We can’t afford to lose 3 more games if we wanna have a good chance of making it in. Also, Thursday night looked like an easy game. How’d that go man? edit: The Vikings also have a good chance. That’s 10 teams not including us.
  6. No joke. I thought of Andrew Luck during Cam’s presser where he said, “I’m tired of being hurt.” He looked broken. And CMC should never play 100% of snaps. Also, I’m not convinced that Cam wants to run.
  7. Man, I honestly think it was two good teams that played poorly. Cam did have about 3-4 throws that he should have made that would have moved the chains, but it was week one with VERY limited preseason reps. I don’t think it’s time to panic.....yet.
  8. I do hope we spread the ball around more, but I don’t believe that’s why we lost last week. We have to protect the football. We turned it over 3 times and still came close to winning. I don’t heap blame on Moore for the fumbles. First was a great defensive play, the other was a great defensive play.....although I still question it was a fumble. Don’t turn the ball over and this one is ours convincingly.
  9. We need to put together a clean game. We don’t have to “blow them out”, but we need a win that doesn’t look like we barely scraped by. A loss here would be demoralizing. Season is all but over if we do. We are in the NFC and the South at that. We can’t afford to lose games against teams that are lesser. Too many good ones we have to be better than to get a spot in the playoffs.
  10. It was a bad day for him. He missed at least 4 wide open receivers. At least three of those would have moved the chains.
  11. I think you take away the two fumbles and we win this game easily. I don’t think us losing had anything to do with the touches that CMC got. We didn’t lose cuz we were one dimensional, we lost cuz we made very costly mistakes.
  12. Panthers - 31 Bucs - 17 One Bucs touchdown will likely come from being set up by a Panthers turnover.
  13. I’m thinking we are good enough to be 11-5 at the end of the season. Will that be enough? Maybe not in the NFC.
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