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  1. He is probably worth a look. I don’t think Rhule is gonna do anything drastic to get him, unless he really believes he hasn’t been used correctly and thinks he can bring the best out of him. So far, Rhule has not given me a reason to distrust his team building process. Until he does, I assume he will make reasonably good decisions.
  2. Fans ain’t gotta be there, can’t they just funnel in the crowd noise? HAHA!
  3. I completely agree with this. I seen a few people on here saying they thought Chinn would challenge Burris/Boston for a spot. But honestly, I could see him being a LB/SS/NB. Whatever is needed for the scheme, plug him in. Super excited to see how the defense is ran.
  4. I loved it. Look to be competitive, but not do anything stupid to ruin your future. D-line looks to be very interesting. Secondary is a little intriguing. With Chinn, you have a guy who takes your need away to have three LBs. He is a great piece. Like the hands of Robinson and the 7th rounder. Like Roy as a situational player. Never know what we could do during pre-season cuts. I feel good about the future......and a surprisingly decent about this year. Like the way Rhule is building.
  5. With the market moving, that isn’t a whole lot to spend on a QB. There are enough weapons on this offense for him to be successful. The defense however, will be the problem. Let our next QB sit behind him while we “reTOOL” our defense and we might be headed in a good direction. Not excited about parting from Cam, but I think Bridgewater outplayed Brees last year.... at least late. I think we can contend with him at QB, but only if we get a good defense going. Reserving judgement til I see what we do on the defensive side.
  6. Denver hasn't done well against teams who run well. I think that is really something to look at. They won't be able to use the same scheme for Cam that they did for Brady. They are going to have to play defense against us that they have had pretty much ZERO experience doing in a real game. I don't see that affecting how we play offense though because people have played us this way recently....and it worked once. I also can't see Star/Short/Keek/Davis/Norman/Coleman not playing lights out. If they get a run game going it may close the gap, I just don't see that happening.
  7. I really do think Vikings win this. Wilson does have some fumble issues when dropping back. It's going to be VERY cold. This will affect grip. Expect a fumble to be the difference.
  8. Any advice for them on the loss of Tillman? This concerns me. Already hurting at corner. Is the answer on the roster? lol!
  9. Wasn't offended at all. Truthfully tho, I was waiting for a jab. But even if it came I wouldn't have said a thing. I would have backed out and moved on. I don't understand why people can't just disagree and not get their feathers ruffled now. Ahhh, the good ole days....
  10. Again, love these articles. Keeps my attention all the way through. Really enjoy reading them. Keep it up!
  11. People are finally seeing because they are actually looking. The usual, "Hey, ESPN is on! Oh wow, that Cam guy is a selfish, showy thug." is over. They are paying attention. They are seeing him win. They are seeing him have fun. They are hearing others speak well of him. He will soon be the best and most respected in the league. We all knew it would happen, it was just a matter of when. Panthers- 38 Falcons- 13
  12. Really enjoy these breakdowns every week. Can't find stuff like this very often. It allows me to see just how good this defense is. Great writeup.
  13. We really need this one. The last thing we need is the playoffs going thru Green Bay.
  14. 1 pick six by Bene FF by Peanut Int for Norman off a tipped pass Panthers- 31 Eagle- 16
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