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  1. We don’t give Moton enough credit. I was happy to not see Cam Jordan. Can’t stand that guy. Also, Tre Boston looks like he is lost and trying to catch up on every play. Always seems 3 steps behind. Like if you took an average safety and put an eye patch on him so he could only see with one eye.
  2. I hope we keep putting in Davis in yard-to-go situations. We shouldn’t be losing because cmc and Armah can’t get a yard.
  3. I remember Glanton looking really good during his first stint with the panthers. K was really confused when we let him walk but that was the same time we had like 9 LBs and they were all very good.
  4. An offense designed for big shot last with the likes of Byron Bell at left tackle.
  5. This feels like a Tre Boston interception day. Brees and pedestrian receivers won’t provide as much of a deep threat as others, allowing Boston to be more aggressive at jumping routes. For my sanity, I’m going to envision this Boston interception rather than Boston trying to tackle Kamara in the open field.
  6. Yep. Spy Kamara w someone (someone that can tackle). Consider Apple on the TE. Would be really nice to have Douglas for that. I really don’t think Brees can throw it deep anymore - I don’t think that’s just a popular narrative w no substance. Man I hope we break then in half.
  7. Dude is hidden taking on double teams in a 3-4 just to keep the LBs clean. Bring him here and plug him in across from Brown. Burns outside, YGM comes back. Can’t double team everyone. That is a very good and very young line. It also narrows the scope of our needs come draft and FA. Mark DT off the list. Draft LB, S, and oline and let the dynasty begin.
  8. Was Corn’s grade mostly from the play where he shed the blocker and made the tackle? I don’t really remember seeing anything else. Also, we should all feel warm and fuzzy that our offense has looked pretty good WITHOUT our top offensive player. Can’t wait to see cmc back out there.
  9. Yea that’s what I was worried about. He looked more than capable of getting up and walking away and then they stopped him and made him wait. Could have just been the staff being cautious.
  10. If LT isn’t there for us in the first, I’d really take a look at MLB. If we could somehow pull an MLB, C, and DT out of the next draft, maybe we could grab an above average safety and guard. I know that doesn’t appease the anti-teddy brigade but it would make this team Significantly better.
  11. Hunger is rampant and we use tax payer money to pay farmers to destroy corn. or we turn Actual food into sugar syrup.
  12. Their corners are good, their pass rush is good. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to pound the rock and dump to Davis. 20+ carries and 7 or 8 grabs. Let him show out, take some pressure off of teddy and our offensive line. Here’s hoping.
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