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  1. OP has some female coworkers that need to see Grier to evaluate whether or not it was a good draft pick.
  2. Tepper’s new business model will see the panthers enter the “sports entertainment” arena. So, in a classic wrestling-story-line-move, we’ll actually bring Ron back to be the new DC. I can picture it now. Ron comes strutting out of the stands with a big smirk. Mick Mixon: “by gawd! By gawd! That’s Ron Rivera’s ample, vascular chest! He’s back!” Also, CMC is About to turn heel. Get ready.
  3. If somehow we could just split it 50/50 w John Fox and Jeff Fisher. Actually, if JR was here, Jeff Fisher would prob be on a plane to Charlotte this minute.
  4. Curtis Samuel’s catchable is different from an actual professional receiver. He is only going to catch it if no one is around him to contest the pass. Similar to our old friend Funchess.
  5. He is pretty much doing exactly what Daniel Jones is doing- the stats are very similar. I think that performancehasNY fans cautiously optimistic. To your point, that doesn’t help us too much this year and that is frustrating. I hope at least that these flashes of QB competence are signs of things to come and that he is learning from some of the costly mistakes.
  6. So sick of this limp-dick, wet-cardboard trash that Rivera brings year in, year out. We should have thrown everything we could at Andy Reid years back. Surely there is someone more competent out there. As far as Hurney goes, I was never a fan before; MH 2.0 kind of won me over with some of the FA signings but that Greir pick really was a head scratcher. Also, watching Butker in KC is really annoying. If I had one wish it would be for a coach and GM that value the safety position. Just once i’d love to see an elite safety wreaking havoc in a panthers jersey.
  7. Maybe. Could be several I guess. Moore’s effort was pretty questionable. That cut on the Allen pic in the end zone was super lazy. Neither Moore or Samuel will fight for a ball either. Either way, I think it falls onRon.
  8. Rivera’s 3-4 is balls. No innovation, no imagination, no attempt to disguise or confusion. We just line the OLB up on the line every time. Our guys go upfield and the RBs run right past. This defense is only going to work if we are up by two scores.
  9. He wasn’t in but kudos to Curtis Samuel for standing right on the fuging line so we can’t see poo. Pro move
  10. And was hanging in there getting popped, moving around trying to give his WRs time, and getting rid of the ball in desperate situations rather than taking a sack. Gutsy performance.
  11. I never had a problem w Larsen that year he filled in for Kalil. Paradise was getting steam rolled out there
  12. Oh. Poop. You’re right. I guess I was thinking about the lead up to their free agency and us not extending them the year before. My bad. All hail Marty 2.0.
  13. You guys trolling or just havinga fit of amnesia? A lot of responses about hurney being a step ahead. The only one of the three that hurney let walk was Funchess - and that was a no brainer. DG let the other two walk. In addition to some other players that would have made this terrible-contracts-list at the time like Ginn and Mitchell.
  14. I feel like Luke has just been average for the most part. This is going to be a statement game for Luke. Big games from Luke, Cockrell, and Irvin. CMC runs wild. Cats win.
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