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  1. Perfect! Our kind of guy! He will fit right in with the rich history of forgettable safeties and safeties I wish I could forget.
  2. He should go to philly and just stuff every single play w Cox.
  3. wildcard! Aldrick Robinson. Do we keep 6 now? Are there any other backup receivers in Minnesota that we can sign? Koren Robinson with that hometown discount? Mike Wallace?
  4. His pocket awareness and movement was better than Cams, as was his throwing outside of the pocket. I was very impressed which was why I questioned drafting a backup. Will would have rather had a safety.
  5. Philly Brown was UDFA too. Granted that his career isn’t what Norwell’s is. Still he was a contributing, starting WR on a super bowl team.
  6. Because Colin Jones? Because he is a known commodity and we are fairly comfortable with the floor that he brings. Its like calling up your ex when you are single and looking for some ass. Yea she can’t tackle but im not trying to marry her, just need someone that looks-the-part for a little while until I find something better.
  7. I think we are going to run our base offense with an extra lineman. That’s obviously the plan here. Can you still do two TEs If you do an extra lineman? Rivera and Hurney can see that the recent trend toward passing offenses has gone too far. We will be ahead of the league when the bubble pops. Zig when they zag, boys!
  8. I swear you are in my head sometimes.
  9. This guy is a 3rd year guy but I’m expecting continued success from Harrison Butker. Looks like we drafted a good one.
  10. His mind is aglow with stunts and blitzes, he just needs to get that #2 sharpened first.
  11. This is what was returned when I tried to search for the Nakamura getting torched like a parapalegic in the Atlanta game. It kind of works -Just pretend one of those gals is Roddy White.
  12. Coverage is for weak sissies that can’t get to the QB. Look at our personell. It’s obvious that Ron wants to go Bears 4-6. I predict legendary defense, undefeated season, catchy pop-hit for the superb owl.
  13. Not sure why you got Pooed on. This is my line-up with Love rotating in at all three positions. We are insanely thin at 300+ guys. Don’t have a choice but to keep Butler and, in all likely hood, start him. I think a FA body is desperately needed here. Our 4-3 DE guys are all small at 4-3 DE. I can see them all rotating in at OLB and staying fresh but I think it is a huge stretch to think that any of them are going to rotate in at 3-4 DE. Cox could be the exception but will still have to add 15 lbs minimum.
  14. Al Wallace. Lbs: Spoon, Draft, Diggs Lucas in ‘05 Goings in ‘04
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