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  1. You miss the point. Steve smith played like he was 6’3”
  2. He opted out of that fuging saints game. Devin Funchess: listed at 6’4”, plays like he’s 5’3”.
  3. Well we already knew he wasn’t going to be catching passes from Rodgers this season.
  4. If some are infected and all the teams come together for workouts in camp, then many more will get infected. That’s how viruses work. Plain and simple. Since we know that this virus leaves people with damaged bodies including damaged lungs and nervous systems, if I were an elite professional athlete, I would really reconsider going out there and putting my future on the line until there is a vaccine.
  5. There is definitely some sort of weird power hungry psychological issue that a lot of these guys have in common. I’m not sure if it’s that element that drives them to be in the position that they are in OR if being in that position makes them think they can do whatever they want. either way this isn’t a unique thing.
  6. I think Oher’s injury was really the event that started the collapse. We had ignored LT since pushing out Gross. Finally we rolled the dice and landed a good LT. His injury hurt immediately and then forced us to find a replacement. We know how that went. Bad contract on a bad player that really set us back. We followed that up with hanging on to TD and Olsen too long. Switched to a 3-4 when you have a HOF caliber middle LB??? Then the Cam injuries obviously sealed the deal. new owner. New coach. New faces. The GM will be the last domino to fall and then it will be a completely new era.
  7. We stayed at a hotel right at the circle and I looked like a complete moron trying to get to my street in rush hour.
  8. There is a bruuuuuuutal one near the embassies. Last time there I somehow got stuck in the inner part of it and just drove in circles.
  9. Pass. Just give Thomas the snaps he deserves and move along. Same dude, already on the team. In fact, I’d start thinking about an extension before he plays himself into a big contract
  10. I know quite a few patriots fans for some reason and I’d say 80% of them are racist - all transplants that met down here. I can’t think of another fan base that you could say that about. edit: I’d say the Browns fans that I know are very racist too...I think I need to meet new people.
  11. Good call. That was about the time when everyone in NC started moving around more too I don’t think it necessarily just because Of the holiday.
  12. Duke is surging w covid admissions. Units are all filling up and spilling over to backup units. These are from the rise in activity around Mother’s Day. I’m not looking forward to seeing what it looks like in another week or two.
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