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  1. imminent rogaine

    Alex Armag detains car theif

    Armah is on the Pardon My Take podcast today. Haven’t listened yet but I assume this incident is probably why.
  2. If we are going to go 3-4, I actually don’t mind how we are shaping up at OLB. But we desperately need some beef on the line. I assume the starting 3 would be butler, Poe, Short. Then who? We literally don’t have anyone else. We need to at least throw vet min at a couple of these aging guys. Sylvester Williams? Muhammad Wilkerson? A warm body?
  3. http://www.espn.com/blog/buffalo-bills/post/_/id/29391/feeding-an-nfl-team-for-a-week-get-700-pounds-of-chicken-for-starters Since we are on the topic of nutrition and this is supposed to be a football forum, here is another ESPN article discussing the Bills and nutrition. It speaks to eating for actual nutrition. Also, you see the Bills, who have a financial incentive to keep players as healthy and fit as they can be, spending money for grass-fed meats. I thought that was interesting, as well as the Spice shooters to help w inflammation.
  4. http://www.espn.com/blog/tennessee-titans/post/_/id/26419/vegan-meals-all-the-rage-for-titans-with-15-players-converted this was from last year. I didn’t realize the foreshadowing. Derrick Morgan is a DE, and a vegan, and a free agent, and his wife makes vegan meals. Coincidentally, Cam is now a vegan and will need someone to make vegan meals and we need a DE? poo is a lock. plus he will probably take the Panthers hometown discount that 99% of FAs are dying to accept.
  5. imminent rogaine

    Kenyon Barner to the Falcons

    Yea, save them. De’Anthony Thomas is out there. I wouldn’t mind signing him to return and be our bottom WR.
  6. imminent rogaine

    Two moves that would get this defense back on top

    Why do you keep using “only 30” “only 31” as a selling point? This is professional football. If they play anything other than kicker or QB, then anything over 29 is a red flag. The only possible positive from being 30 or 31 is that maybe They will come at a discount because nobody wants their old carcass dragging down their defense.
  7. That by itself should be enough motivation. I’ve simply started cutting meat from lunches several times a week and tried to increase my fiber a lot. Even with those small changes, I’ve definitely had a noticeable change in erections. Talk about a boost in your confidence; it makes me feel like I did when I was 18 and in tip-top physical shape.
  8. We have also evolved to have 3 or 4 times the amount of amylase (than other primates or early Humans) to break down complex starches into energy. Which is an interesting fact to consider when you hear about a lot of these diets.
  9. I think Robert Kraft had someone working on him a few times a day as well.
  10. I remember seeing that a bunch of Titans are vegan. One of the guys’ wives Makes all the meals for everyone that is vegan and brings them in to the facility every day.
  11. imminent rogaine

    Post FA mock

    Idk if we need to draft HB. There are TONS of FA backs out there and they are signing for pennies. Give me Buck Allen, Jeremy Hill, Crowell, Powell, Yeldon. They can all catch a little so, really, whoever wants to come for cheap. Also, this is Hurney we are talking about so pencil in at least one guy that plays corner but he is a shitty corner but maybe he has the body for a safety. He gets one of these guys every draft and they are all terrible .
  12. imminent rogaine

    Best Left Tackle ever?

  13. Sure, sign him up or Boston or anyone. I’m ready to throw Vernon Butler back there at this point.
  14. imminent rogaine

    Best Left Tackle ever?

    Man, it really is a shame that Joe Thomas got wasted on the 2000s Browns. What a terrible franchise.
  15. imminent rogaine

    Best Left Tackle ever?

    Probably Ogden but man, how fat of a contract would you dole out to any of these guys we are talking about? There is something so pleasing about watching how easy those elite LTs make, what we know to be a tremendously difficult chore, seem. I’ll give a recency-bias-honorable-mention to Peters. Maybe the best that is currently on a roster. Watching him is the best part of an eagles game by far. Great technique and seems to always be performing at a high level despite nagging injuries.