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  1. imminent rogaine

    List your top 5 most hated players/coaches

    talib funchess gregg williams sean Payton scott fujita I’ve also always thought Chris Hogan was complete dogshit but that was just a reflection of his skill. I don’t know anything about him as a man.
  2. imminent rogaine

    The rebuild is here. It's time.

    Step 1: Bruce Arians Step 2: Super Bowl
  3. imminent rogaine

    Were a tad Bit Old in a YOUNG nfl...Gettlemagic

    and he nailed the Oher signing until oher got injured.
  4. Njoku 12 catches for 160 and a score.
  5. imminent rogaine

    Kelvin to Chiefs

    Yea he didn’t have to say anything but what he said was the truth.
  6. imminent rogaine

    Kelvin to Chiefs

    Lol man we do this with everyone that leaves the panthers. We hated lazy, selfish, Non-leader peppers. People were all of a sudden tired of smitty’s antics when he left. We get that whole ex-girlfriend tainted hind-sight thing.
  7. imminent rogaine

    Kelvin to Chiefs

    Reid just needed a buddy at the buffet.
  8. imminent rogaine

    Kelvin to Chiefs

    Man, couldn’t have ended up any better for KB. Went from one of the worst coaches, QB situations and offenses in football to one of the best. Not much pressure since defenses will be looking at Hill and Kelce. Cant wait to see those 70 yard bombs to kelvin on a go route... jk
  9. imminent rogaine

    Titans Jags

    The whole commentary last night was about how many penalties and personal fouls they have. Def some leadership issues in Jacksonville. Ramsey seems more like a cancerous punk than a key piece to a good team.
  10. Taking that targeted Watt helmet to the shoulder probably didn’t help any soreness that he is feeling.
  11. Fairly certain this was discussed when he finally had the surgery. Doctors basically said there wasn’t really any risk of further damage; that it was just a pain management thing. it sounds like there may be future surgery in-store. Hopefully it’s just to clean up any loose-ends rather than any real repair.
  12. imminent rogaine

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    After DG brings in Jameis, he’ll bring in KB bread-zone as a wr3. It’s as good as done.
  13. Hmm I’d take Arians if he is coming back. I’d think he and tepper are acquainted.
  14. Bradberry made several very good plays. poor tackling all around - Bradberry included- really hurt us.
  15. imminent rogaine

    Seattle - #1 ranked rushing offense

    4-4 defense FTW.