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  1. Poe, cockrell and Irvin have been balling out. I swear they robbed Irvin of a half-sack last game and he tipped the one pass that resulted in a pick.
  2. With the assumption that SF has a good defense, I think a good performance from either QB would be informative. A good performance from Cam would be the first in a while and would help affirm that the injuries were the culprit and that he is healed or healing. A good performance from Kyle would help dispell the notion that his early-career success resulted majoraly from favorable matchups.
  3. I wouldn’t say the use of passer rating to assign value to a QB is really cherry picking. That is the entire purpose of the stat.
  4. Honorable mention to Bruce Irvin. He was bringing the heat even though he did miss that one tackle. I really like when he and burns are in there.
  5. Not sure about contract but I’d say he is a hall of honor lock for sure
  6. Last time they stopped cmc and dared Cam to deliver routine passes to open players in single coverage. He couldn’t. And DW showed why he belongs at RT and by LT. Both of those failures were partly, if not solely, on Ron. This week we need to Block Barrett and complete passes. That’s the recipe for offensive success this time. I think Greg might have a nice game. Our defense has been playing nicely. I’m hoping the pressure can force Jameis to throw a few trademark interceptions.
  7. I know we have seen fumbles from Allen but I wouldn’t say Cam has better pocket awareness. I think Cam’s pocket awareness and his movement in and out of he pocket are pretty atrocious (unless healthy and on the run) and he has his fair share of fumbles himself. I’ve yet to see Cam make a throw while moving laterally. Cam has had 8 years+ to fix this. I’m hoping Allen can improve on that after only 4 games.
  8. I’m just worried we will have to pay the luxury tax.
  9. Picks for Boston and Cockrell. Fournette stuffed and Menshew sacked 5 times. Panthers roll on the back of the surging defense.
  10. I imagine that their answer will be to pin their ears back and rely on their pass rush. This is a perfect game to roll out those screens and reverse screens that we have been hiding uP our sleeve. Give me a fake screen to cmc and toss back to armah or Ian Thomas with a few blockers
  11. They did that a lot when he was a rookie And it didn’t seem super effective when he drew corner coverage. I do like the 2 back idea. Keep the defense honest with some reverse screens and tosses to Armah and Scarlett.
  12. Exactly. That is a clock adjustment - realizing that the point when the ball has to be out or tucked might be a little different in the Pros.
  13. Lol what a terrible take. He continually proves that he is a very good DC. He only looks lost when they force him into a HC job.
  14. I like what I saw out of Cockrell. He looked like a football player out there - reminds me a little of Bene before he broke his leg.
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