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  1. Lol Cam would get broken. Prime peppers against Remmers? Smith would torch the d. Norman doesn’t match up well with prime smitty and you’d have either Kurt coleman or Roman Harper over the top.
  2. They are working on a system that will decide who gets the limited ventilators. I say we finally bring back the BCS system.
  3. What are we waiting on with cockrell? worst case scenario, he come in for Nickel package, gives you versatility, and is an asset around the line of scrimmage. He is a nobrainer to resign. It’s like the only thing that the huddle can agree on.
  4. Lol might as well bring Daryl Worley back. Or just save the money and not have a second cornerback.
  5. A 7th round pick. That comes approx 220 picks after a 7th overall pick that literally no one is suggesting. Last year we used a 7th round pick on terry Godwin and cut him. The only argument I could see is if we planned on using that pick for a kicker. Additionally, almost anyone that we are looking at in round 7, would likely be available 10 minutes later as an UDFA.
  6. If we did that, we’d have zero cornerbacks on the roster. you guys are really fond of our 7th round draft pick. Flipping it or a former first round pick still on their rookie contract seems reasonable to me. I can’t tell you if he is good or bad but I know that He most certainly was not the problem in AZ. That team and that line were historically bad.
  7. I don’t live in Charlotte anymore and I get these cravings for showmars. I’m having one right now. Thanks.
  8. Also watching Anderson last year, I think he has added a lot more to his game than just a deep threat. He really looks like a complete receiver last year.
  9. We aren’t shopping samuel and We are very excited about coaching Cam. Can’t wait to see what these two can do together with a new offense.... Peace, Curt. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
  10. Funchess will be on the bench. No chance Rogers throws to him.
  11. Wife is an NP in an ICU in the triangle. We have 2 small children. I am likely high risk since I take an immunomodulator that gets rid of the majority of my lymphocytes. We honestly would be completely happy and content and enjoying the extra time together as a family if she didn’t have to go to work. It’s such a complete conflict of interests: potentially risk your health and family’s health by working or let down patients, coworkers, and have to start your career over if you quit. Hospital admins continually add to the stress by ignoring risks or implementing terrible decisions. Also, my sister-in-law 100% has it (test pending) and her doctor cleared her, after her first sick visit, to go back to work at a restaurant in Florida. Now she is coughing so much that she pukes and shits and is in tears from just breathing.
  12. I ordered a Delivery of a bunch of beer from a local bottle shop which deals mostly in local breweries. Hero? I wouldn’t go that far; just one guy working hard to make a difference.
  13. One round a night would be awesome. Something to look forward to every night. More time and space to talk about and profile the players and teams. Also, all teams have the same amount of time, it’s an even playing field. If particular GMs are asking for more time or a postponement, it’s because they think other teams have better front offices who have done a better job preparing.
  14. I can count on one hand how many times we lined up with 3 linemen last year. That olb was almost always already lined up on the line.
  15. And others are already trying to get out as we get ready to open.
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