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  1. 3-year rebuild with Allen at the helm in the interim, if for no other reason simply because he is cheap and has been here. Peace to Cam, Olsen, Paradis, Poe and short. Perhaps Turner. Get picks for these guys if we can. 1.retain young talent at skill positions. 2.draft almost exclusively linemen. 3. Plan on drafting a QB in a year. 4. Stock pile cap for CMC resign and a handful of big FAs to plug holes in a year or two.
  2. I don’t know this but I think she just means unaware or unable to comprehend anything that was happening. The sobbing wasn’t really a response from Luke knowing something bad happened, it was his Brain dealing w shock and all the chemicals that we’re already flowing and probably also were dumped when he got hit. You saw it, he had no idea what was going on and basically just relied on the staff to take care of him and get him off of the field.
  3. Thomas Davis. 5 yr deal with huge Guaranteed money. don’t disappoint me, Marty, I know you have it in you.
  4. I do think that panthers fans should keep the tradition of chanting “luuuuuuuuuuke” whenever any white player makes a play.
  5. Also, some of the teams that might be interested (sf,Ne,KC) would have to look at what cmc did on a horrid team with shitty talent and shitty coaching and dream about what he could do on their teams with their superior talent and superior coaching. ...CMC might catch 15 balls a game
  6. And the 1990s cowboys who went from the worst team in the league to a historical championship team by trading a key asset.
  7. I mentioned this before but It all kind of points to a Herschel walker type situation with CMC. It would take major cajones but I bet there are teams that would pay up big time with picks for CMC.
  8. And it never came back for 2019 despite the hype we heard after one or two deep completions in camp. He has been shot putting a heavy ball the entire time.
  9. One more giant gaping hole to fill on our putrid defense.
  10. this is just What we needed for Kyle Allen to take us to the Super Bowl!
  11. Wouldn’t trade cam for less than 6 1st round picks but I think Bill will make that deal.
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