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  1. yeah, Spain built the boats, sailed the seas, captured people on the African continent with the blessings of the local King. but they get a pass....sounds about right.
  2. can I get a ban woot woot! @rayzor or anybody that really cares about the Huddle.
  3. glad to see stoney and rbswhat the fug ever has shot to spread around. poop is a needed emoji to get rid pf posters who don;t give a fook about anything. great job weeding out the unwanted @Jeremy Igo
  4. Watergate. and it backfires on the socialists dems. my illegalities makes others just as guilty. lol so funny. the dems did what the pubs did and thought they weren't just as dirty. we have the media on our side, how can we lose? The Truth always wins.
  5. Jangler

    Trump 2020

    Give me one good reason why I should vote democrat?
  6. Jangler

    Winslow Jr

    really? MONEY. did you just wake up, or did your CNN alarm just go off?
  7. Jangler

    Winslow Jr

    legacy is overated
  8. Obama appeased the Iranians to not attack American interests?
  9. Jangler

    Winslow Jr

    trying to not make legacy people look bad. Are ya'll that fooking stupid?
  10. people call the police on everybody. use the police to prove racism or not is a worthless divider. and yet you will see more over the next 2 years, because of racial stirrers like Darth Biscuts.
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