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  1. well I hope somebody shot him the Baltimore way.
  2. don't get in our way! we have impeachment we may or may not use.
  3. google location can be used to find one person out of 1500 in 1sqm. That means 1,499 innocent people were on LEO's radar. but hey, if you got nothing to fear, but big brother, then what's to fear?
  4. if there was ever a time to pick to why the police hate you most, the late 1960's is that time to go. desperation is desperate.
  5. I've never hated against Cam. you know that, but you can google it, I'm sure...preacher. A Panther is a Panther, until he is not. Ron is not, Cam is....and will we really find a better QB than Cam now, right now? you can race bait all you want, but nobody is falling for your love affair anymore.
  6. I love Pink.... the music is inconsequential, but her voice could front any rock band looking for a voice.
  7. wasn't it always that way? I'm sure if Luke or CMC had possible career ending injuries you would feel the same way. The only way Cam leaves is if Cam wants to leave...and you can follow him there.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i0DMbCKnAg
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