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  1. who would have thought a 25 page thread could actually be a real thing in the lounge.
  2. Mueller is our man until he doesn't say what we like.
  3. so the libs go to the courts to get their way. nothing new.
  4. I'd ask you to prove he didn't, but you can't prove Russian collusion.
  5. wait, businessman Trump was trying to spread his brand internationally ? then he stopped when he became President Trump? yeah, that sounds unethical. Too bad ethics didn't matter in Bengazi. Run Hillary Run!
  6. yeah, I'm pretty sure most Chinese people come here legally.
  7. yes it is, but can we not make tomorrow better? I feel we can't when people place a noose around their neck just because they need a attention or a new contract.
  8. at least the cable will teach them english. lol
  9. That guy from Angola now has to wait another 3 years to contribute to the US cuz you claimed amnesty for free food and housing and some cable.
  10. I promise officer, I have a good reason...
  11. So, it's okay for people to break US laws as long as it's for a good reason. cool. cool cool cool
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