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  1. The 2018 Carolina Panthers, take some poo home with you.
  2. Jangler

    Ron Rivera: Just Average

    Most NFL coaches have been hated out of town. but that's no nevermind of mine. i'm pretty sure that's a song
  3. Jangler

    Random Panther Ramblings

    I washed my hair.
  4. Jangler

    Random Panther Ramblings

    Merry Christmas!
  5. women's team? oh sorry, I read Bloomers...
  6. Jangler

    Ron Rivera: Just Average

    member when we hated John Fox? what is the common denominator? Everything Jerry Richardson has to go.
  7. Jangler

    The Roaring Riot just blew my mind

    yup, this is the game of the year. The first time all year I wish I had cable.
  8. Jangler

    Let's talk Saints...

    I use aloe and cotton balls.
  9. Jangler

    The Roaring Riot just blew my mind

    the best version
  10. Jangler

    Newton's longevity

    I wasn't at first, but as the years have gone by, and the NFL indifference, and 3 GMs...lol but the real question is, How long does Cam really want the NFL?
  11. Jangler

    London Next Year?

    ah, I forgot, fans.
  12. If wishes were horses. search, plenty to listen to...