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  1. Trump has no power to do anything on this level in this government. now a Devil in a Blue Dress...??? lol
  2. I want a team that is 2 draft picks from getting me another contract. If you want your team to be in the same place 10 years from now? Hire Ron Rivera.
  3. ha.ha.ha. yes, kids are what adults hide behind to make their arguments nowadays.
  4. really, stem cells is the only reason to continue killing babies?
  5. well. the Bible does say God knew you before you were born. unless you are in New York City. as far as dicks being removed or added? I don't think even God could guess your level of your sickness.
  6. killing babies is what the democratic party does.
  7. and yet nothing over pallets of cash to the Iranians to buy favor.
  8. SWJ has taken over all franchises, so why should I care? what has Bill Murray done lately? other than Cubs games, or a paycheck?
  9. as long as Panther fans show up better than Falcons fans did for that last game. Wow. If I had the money and time... I'd be there. So, do the PSLs show up and really support the team?
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