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  1. Jangler

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    @Jeremy Igo and @TheRed
  2. @TheRed needs an intestine x ray, cuz something is wrong with his bowls. Have you tried Probiotics?
  3. Jangler

    FBI arrested Roger Stone

    Dangerous Criminal here! Hey CNN, want the exclusive of the dangerous criminal? Notice the police are the good guys here for the left.
  4. Without a most excellent draft, and a FA or 2 we will continue to struggle. as usual. why? the fuging FO. say what you want about him, but Payton is and has proved, he's damn good at rebuilding quickly.
  5. actual reenactment
  6. window. Windows are weird things, they can go up and down at the same time. yes, it's the whole album
  7. Jangler

    Cam had shoulder surgery

    Yeah, but he might need Dr. Melfi....
  8. Jangler

    Cam had shoulder surgery

    what way was that?
  9. Jangler

    Cam had shoulder surgery

    I've been in the budget inn for weeks.
  10. Jangler

    Cam had shoulder surgery

    still gotta be better than Prime Care...
  11. Jangler

    Cam had shoulder surgery

    yeah.... it was only to remove a mole.