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  1. thanks for 40 years of changing 500 years of history. couldn't see this going badly.
  2. I think people like shitting on other people. is what I got from this thread.
  3. so, lack of linebackers means Cam sucks? just being leatherette. I get maligned every time I post, but this really deserves I what get on a daily basis...
  4. what the actual fug? I swear this world is getting stupider by the minute.
  5. wtf you are talking out of both sides of your ass.
  6. really? Cam and CMC, is all Norv Turner seems to think this team has... wide receiver is an after thought. might as well be looking at next years draft picks.
  7. really? the defence/special teams kept the Panthers in the game.
  8. watching what? a qb that doesn't give a poo or your movie...
  9. welcome to the world you created
  10. but that is racist. yeah I got no problem calling out your bullshit, until the huddle has a problem/...
  11. lets beat off who whoever is next. that is all that matters.
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