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  1. Jangler

    is Mexico racist?

    only the Trump supporters.
  2. Jangler

    Grasping at straws

    it was a dry run for 2020, oh wait, that's Florida.
  3. plus, Ron will figure it out for his next team, and do we really want that?
  4. From the beginning....there was defense, so you loved the high scoring game of the week, (which was usually on MNF)...weird. now, a defensive game is because the offense sucks.
  5. that this rash is late season poison ivy.
  6. is this a hypothetical flat brim hat or a curved brim hat?
  7. loved and hated by the left and the right..... hhhmmmm....must be doing something correct.
  8. Jangler

    Michael Avenatti Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence

    only after stuffed cabbage
  9. Jangler

    Michael Avenatti Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence

    not everybody has a hitwoman for a wife....