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  1. Yes you have.. Trust me homie. But yeah I'm back I guess.. Hahahahaha
  2. If Gettelmen was here he would have restructure your teeth and gotten rid of your cavities better than anybody else ever .. You would have the most successful years of dentists visit in your mouths history.. Right?? Lol
  3. Of course here comes Rayzor over using his perceived power..lol
  4. Dude I think you Run with Allen and maybe draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round.. If you sign a QB they need to be able to run atleast some of Cam's read option plays.. Putting a staute back there cuts off a big section of the playbook..
  5. Looking at it.. We would probably need to go after Shane Ray and Dee Ford before the draft.. Maybe even a DE and NT..
  6. 6 Wr's with 4 being 6'4 and up add Olsen is truly playing basketball on grass .. No secondary can match our size and physicality on the outside...
  7. Yeah 3 draft picks doesn't count as big moves I guess..lol
  8. Yeah but there were a lot of context to that game.. That team is not on our level..
  9. I hope this is the plan (maybe spend a 2nd or 3rd round pick instead of a 4th) instead of hoping Young or McClain or some other "hidden gem" can cover Julio..
  10. And again none of this has anything to do with what we were talking about.. Especially since Hunter hasn't been drafted or has done anything in the NFL.. You can't even make a argument if we're going by what they have done in the NFL.. You do know that right??
  11. Overvalued or overrated doesn't matter in our discussion.. You said again Hunter is a better draft prospect than Ebron.. Well the fact that thru out the whole draft process Ebron was considered a top 15 pick by everybody (pre combine, after combine, private workouts and the actual draft) and Hunter is not means.. Ebron the better prospect.. And the fact Ebron was in what is widely considered a good TE draft and Hunter isn't.. Is further proof.. Oh I hate UNC with a passion by the way.. I have no horse in this other then the facts and being right..lol
  12. This is why you don't use that rating crap to make a argument....
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