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  1. He is a 6'8 pg his length alone makes him a problem for smaller PG if he puts effort in it..
  2. So did Rasheed, Julius, and Toche Mcginnis.. And all the players with Afro American studies credits from a class that doesn't exist..lol stfu clown!!
  3. Whatever dude.. You were trying to be sarcastic about a Duke fan liking a pick for this team.. Not because the guy is very talented (which he is) because he went to Duke.. Which is a dumbass move when history says I was wanting a Tarhole (Harrison Barnes) over MKG years ago... So "literally" go do some research or get a smarter person to do it for you like most UNC athletes do...lol
  4. Starting... Melo, Graham, Hayward, PJ, (Zellers) for right now... Backup.. (Rozier) for right now, Monk, Cody M, Miles, Biz Get dunked on lineup.. Melo, Monk, Miles, PJ, Carey JR.. 3's in your face lineup... Graham, monk, Melo, Hayward, PJ Defense lineup... Melo, Martin, Hayward, PJ, Biz
  5. Sorry unlike Tarhole fans I don't take my college fandom to the pros... I wouldn't want Cassius or Tre Jones on this team.. I didn't start a thread about Delariuia being signed... But please keep telling us How MJ went to Carolina 100 years ago.. lol
  6. No... Like dude didn't you hang out at the mall on Friday. Like relationship..
  7. Actual we can get a asset because Batum or Cody are expiring contracts that help them.. Get rid of Batum and not paying him would be good enough for me.. But what I'm hearing we might deserve more like a few picks if we do this for them..
  8. Totally disagree with alot of this... PJ threw alot of passes that WR had to turn around to catch or reach out of their sweet zone for..
  9. This is a fact.. 2 red zone Ints would have ppl going nuts here.
  10. I discount it because.. Its was a perfect situation to look good.. As a QB.. Detroit is bad and your defense puts up a shutout... Then the Oline plays better then they have in weeks.. These things have nothing to do with the QB.. I'm sorry if I'm not trying to form a opinion or judge a player based on 1 game.. good or bad .
  11. Actual response.. Teddy played better competition with worse performances from his defense and oline. We're paying Teddy to be the starter here and the contract alone dictates he gets more chances then a practice squad QB who looked Okay against a horrible team...
  12. And my question is why should it?? Bad team missing weapons and the Defense had its best game of the season... Not to much here to draw from to get a opinion about the QB position..
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