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  1. WOW!!

    Compensatory picks are in

    Do you get paid to be bitch or is this a voluntary non profit endeavor for you??
  2. WOW!!

    I believe in CAP

    I believe they need to sign some competition just in case.
  3. WOW!!

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    I find it so funny how most of you trolls use "you mad" still..lmao Like aren't you suppose to be internet savvy or hip?? Aren't you on here a lot looking for stuff to annoy ppl with.. And you're still using something that is more than a decade old now?? Cam'ron is like 41 even he isn't using the "you mad" thing.. Cover up for not having any comeback when a person rips into you move... Lol Step your troll game up dude..
  4. WOW!!

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    So you are a punk ass troll who doesn't have poo else to do.. But use the internet to hide behind while you run your glory hole.. Okay moving on from bitchmade clowns.. now..
  5. WOW!!

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    When we beat that ass this year.. You will be the 1st cockroach I coming looking for.. You probably hide t hoe.. That's what UNC fans do hide and take fake classes.lol what a trash fan base..lol
  6. WOW!!

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    fug you Tarhole trash .. Go find a Wal-Mart buy a jersey and kill yourself..
  7. WOW!!

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    fug you..
  8. WOW!!

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    Oh yes. GOOOOOOO Devils..
  9. WOW!!

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

  10. WOW!!

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    How?? We been on top of them a while now.
  11. WOW!!

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

  12. 6 Wr's with 4 being 6'4 and up add Olsen is truly playing basketball on grass .. No secondary can match our size and physicality on the outside...
  13. Yeah 3 draft picks doesn't count as big moves I guess..lol
  14. Yeah but there were a lot of context to that game.. That team is not on our level..
  15. I hope this is the plan (maybe spend a 2nd or 3rd round pick instead of a 4th) instead of hoping Young or McClain or some other "hidden gem" can cover Julio..