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  1. And Norwell hasn't been good for Jacksonville.. Does that make him a bad player or pick?? No.. He just might not fit that system scheme or environment... But he was a all pro here... AGAIN.. Talent evaluation and acquisition is the GM's job.. Developing the Talent and working it into a system is Coaching.. IF a player proves to be a talent in a different system or carry on to have a long career after leaving here.. The GM did his job he picked a player good enough to be in the league.. The coach didn't find away to implement that talent.. If a player falls out of the league and proves he can't make it then that is the GM'S fault..
  2. Because he sucks here.. We also Evan Mathis and Jovan Haye who went on to have pro bowl years with other teams... They had the talent they just weren't good here.. That isn't the GM fault.. Galuden so far was a bad pick until he proves otherwise..
  3. Because no single players has done it yet.. This is the ultimate team sport.. Wins and loses aren't a individual stats..
  4. Stupid opinion.. If a player makes all pro he was a talented player the other team didn't know how to use.. And that's not a GM's fault.. That's coaching..
  5. Draft, new head coach, new GM and staff player directions.. Many other worthy things to argue about than opening wounds on a 3 year old debate.
  6. Agreed.. Nethier has back to back winning seasons so what is the point of these shitty threads??
  7. It can be but what if the owner wants the coach more than the GM.. (Rivera and Hurney 1st time) or the Coach was here before you got back here (Hurney and Rivera the 2nd time).. Again nothing is black and white.
  8. Record was also the benefit of having 2 of the best players in the league carrying the offense and defense to success.. Without Cam being super Cam Gman doesn't get that record..
  9. No .. But a GM job is to draft talented players not develop them or place and train them in a system.. Thsts the coaches job.... If the player shows to be talented somewhere else later in his career.. How is that the GM fault??
  10. Wrong these 2 big Paragraph have no objection to them.. And you have made up narratives to fit your argument based on no facts.. 1. You made a caveat to your cutting players Theory.. At 1st getting off bust players is what you said.. Now you say the reason he got off that players wasn't good enough for you?? It has to be a specific reason for you to count it?? 2. Actual Butler has had a nice season and with the injuries has been needed.. I still wouldn't give him a contract.. But it definitely wasn't a mistake to have him on the roster.. And would it had count in your scenario anyway.. He was a Gman pick not a Hurney.. Wouldn't it have to be his players he needs to come off to fit your narrative?? 3. When did Hurney become the Oline coach, The OC or head coach?? He doesn't have anything to do with where Rivera, Norv, and Masko decided to play a player and if they play the player at all.. If so why did we cut CJ anderson?? I'm pretty sure Hurney would have wanted to keep Anderson on the roster since he was a name recognition signing and he didn't save any money by not keeping him and playing him..
  11. He doesn't understand that a player not working out in your system doesn't mean he's a bad player or a bad pick.. It's not the GM fault when he picks groceries and the coach can't cook..
  12. Because reality check .. There are ppl in this forum who think Gman was the god of GM's and make every excuse for the poo he did.. While other ppl have no lives and only get happiness by watching ppl argue the same poo they have for 3 years now.
  13. At this point why?? Why give Scot and his minions a reason to "again" profess their undying love for Gettelmen... I swear to god Scot has notifications set for any time anybody mention his lord a savior nipple shorts... This argument has been debated down to its bare bones.. Nobody is changing their opinions let's move on...
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