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  1. This isn't basketball.. One player can't dominate the game only playing 40% of the game.. CMC don't play defense or special teams.. This is the dumbest point you've try to make today.. Is this your 1st year watching football..
  2. They have a vet QB too and and a vet coach with a year of work already done on his team.. We have a rookie coach and staff with little NFL experiences a bunch of rookie starters and new players with a abbreviated. Offseason.. How did you come into the game thinking it was a 50/ 50?? The fact we didn't get blown out by a bad team is a good sign..
  3. Okay.. 2 bad teams where 1 team is a year ahead of a rebuild.. It truly wasn't a 50/50 game Especially when a new coaching staff has no offseason..
  4. My expectations were just what I saw.. Don't understand others who thought this wouldn't be the outcome after a total rebuild..
  5. Don't worry I won't be...
  6. Cool... You're not missed..
  7. Who the fug are you to tell ppl what they want to stand for or talk about?? They still live in this world as well as many of their families and friends.. They have every right to talk politics just like you and me... Just because they choose to talk about poo you don't like isn't their problem or against the law.. Either don't watch or just accept the reality of change..
  8. Like I said before.. We got some luck for once.. Take advantage of it.. 3 player in this draft have visible superstar qualities.. Take 1 of them..
  9. Yeah shut up and play ball.. We got it.. Bubba..
  10. Whatever you think. lol. Doesn't change my opinion.. But I guess some NBA team is paying you for your scouting degree... lmao
  11. You are really dumb if you can't see or tell the difference.. Donavan was a better defender and ball handler day one.. Malik is a good scorer and very athletic... Donavan does more for a team than Malik does.. It wasn't that hard to see back then and it's no question now..
  12. He is a risk worth taking.. His ball handling and passing is elite .. His play fits the new NBA to a tee. I'd rather go for a superstar potential then a player type we already have on the team...
  13. 1.Edward's 2. Ball 3. Wiseman 4. Killian Hayes 5. Okoro
  14. Donavan was a two way player who was bigger and had better handles.. Malik is a great athlete and scorer but Mitchell was the better prospect..
  15. Obi Toppin is Paul Milsap .. I don't want a Paul Milsap type player with a top 3 pick.. Try to get a player who has a chance to be a superstar and franchise building block... We have enough undersize PF who aren't great at defense rebounding and rim protection on the roster..
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