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  1. Straight to the point.. And the 2nd rounder is there after 4 to 5 years of sitting and watching the goat and the best defense in the league... I'd rather my QB be 1st round quality.. We already have 2 development QB'S on the roster..
  2. He is really not this good.. You guys need to chill.. Reality check.. He lost his job to a guy who probably won't be drafted in the 1st round..
  3. Okay ...lol RPO is ran the best when your QB is a running threat.. You don't see Atlanta running many RPO plays.. There is s reason for that.. Reality check when Burlein was the QB we were running a west coast offense.. Seifert ran Bill Walsh's offense where ever he coached... So no that would be wrong..
  4. Hey Carl Eason stop going to message boards trying to increase your sons draft positioning.. It won't work your son is a 3rd round prospect at best..
  5. Don't worry they won't.. Even thoe I want them to..
  6. Lol ... Thinking the same thing..
  7. I'm way more afraid of drafting another avg. Game manager and still having holes on the roster... Which seem to happen when you take a developmental QB outside of the 1st round..
  8. Not really .. but cool.. Most analysts see him as a more stand in the pocket type like most of the system he played in during college.. Then the rpo movement QB'S... Like Hurd, Jackson, Hebert and Tua.. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/jacob-eason-1.html Negative 126 yards on 86 attempts in 3 years of college play.. Yeah that doesn't scream Statue..
  9. How many of them can actually carry a team?? If we want another Jake Delhome we have 2 on the roster already.
  10. Don't want a 2nd or 3rd round QB... If he isn't a 1st round quality player.. Why add to our already full list of backup QB's??
  11. No it sounds and is stupid and crazy.. Eason is Osweiler like bust pick waiting to happen no matter what round he is drafted in.. He is a statue who doesn't move.. If we're not getting a 1st round quality QB which Eason isn't then don't draft a qb..
  12. Then Cincy drafts him anyway and hold his rights.. Because their owner is truly petty and won't put up with that poo.. And panthers fans can stop letting the media get them hype about something that isn't going to happen..
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