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  1. This is closer to my idea .. Without the Wr or development QB...
  2. Not a big fan.. But that's just my opinion.. I would rather get a "bigger" CB prospect in the 2nd round .. Especially since we have to see Julio, Evan's and Mike Thomas 6 games a year and all of them are 6'3 and above... Would look at edge player later in the 4th or 5th round. Since we already have atleast 5 options already on the roster... I would be looking for more of a C/G guy in the 3rd or 4th round.. Rather then a straight up OG.. I like Thad and Strand .. Finally I would grab a guy who atleast can compete for a special teams role instead of another QB taking away reps... If we need another camp arm we could grab a undrafted guy.. Just my 2 cents...
  3. Yes sir.. He would definitely help terrible run defense...
  4. Well if that is the plan cool.. But if it's not I guess you will be bitching all year and changing user pics and alt every week again.. Okung is also a 2x pro bowler with a 124 games experience.. And pretty much helps you get out of a bad contract without losing any draft picks or affecting the comp picks for next season.. You get what you can get when you're desperate... Was this novel better for you sweetheart??
  5. Wasn't saying Daley was the prime target for the LT position.. But since you want to be ultra focused on that 1 player and his draft position... Jason Peter's undrafted 2004 Charles Leno jr. Drafted 7th round 2014 Kevin Beacham drafted 7th round 2012 Alehandro Villanueva undrafted 2010.. Does that work for you?? Still my point was you've invested in 2 OT (Little being the most important) already.. With Okung here now it's not a bad plan to see what you can do with them.. Since you're already paying them and don't have to bypass a good defensive prospect to get them...
  6. I definitely agree .. Marty was forced to give up Cam.. That was mainly a Tepper directive..
  7. If Okudah is there you run thr card up.. Positional value high ...check Need... check Player ranking and talent level ....check
  8. Just because you don't agree with the plan at LT doesn't mean there isn't a plan... Nobody is ignoring it ppl just recognize that the plan is you have 2 candidates already on the roster.. No matter if you like them are not they are already here already collecting a check so you might as well see if you can develop them... Okung is here to be a stopgap and help with that development.. Which in Todays NFL is a good situation for a young LT candidate to come into.. Rookie LT will struggle will be bad and need time to develop to be able to transition to the pro game most of the time... So even if you draft a rookie it's good to have a Okung on the roster.. So you're not throwing a rookie out there to get your QB killed... Ppl forget that Jordan Gross spent his rookie season at RT before he was transition to the left side.. So Gross had 2 offseason and 1 full season of development reps and practice... Before being a good LT...
  9. Trenches out has proven to be more successful method of building a team for consistency...
  10. Example.. Ray Lewis had some down season when Sarguisa retired and then they got Nagta and he was back being dominate...
  11. I want to see what the 2nd and 6th rounder can develop into before I give up on them after only 4 GAMES... Unlike you I actually know that rookie LT don't come in a dominant most don't play well at all...Add in the fact that neither had a full offseason.. Which is needed to make this transition.. So I understand why they didn't look like Jonthan Ogden in 4 games... Sorry
  12. In a perfect world he gets some practice reps some pre season snaps and sits most of the season getting spot duty here and there... This Hopefully is a learning season not a playing season most of the year.. And then 4 or 5 games near the end of the season he might get some run..... And if he plays well then you have the start of a LT for the future conversation... Just like any other rookies not expected to start day 1... You can bring up his faults but add some fuging context... [He get crushed in a game but he didn't really have a full offseason program or enough practice reps to be successful when thrown to the fire]... You see?? That isn't that hard to make criticism but add context to your criticism..
  13. I agree with this.. Hurney has always been a yes man ready to fall on the sword while doing other ppl wishes...
  14. At this point the OT thing is a agree to disagree situation.. I believe in trying to find something out of assets already accrued before giving them up after 4 games... You guys want to blow it up and start again.. No matter the context to the situation.. The way it looks right now (which I could be seeing it wrong) is some of you are really going to be disappointed on draft day...
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