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  1. This^^^ Ppl used to love these type of signing when Gettelmen did them.. And he would signed older vets. Signing young cheap guys with some potential should be the new model of our FA plans going forward..
  2. We did this already and it failed. You hurt others development by putting nothing but rookies on the field.. They get wrecked and lose confidence..
  3. So because they didn't get the players you wanted they didn't do enough??? Ppl really need to get off the adding more Olinemen thing until we can see if new coaching and actually being healthy and gelling will work 1st.
  4. Up your standard Chuck.. This is embarrassing..
  5. That's what I was thinking... If a Billionaire is improper with this lady he need to lose all his money..
  6. 1,200 yards and 17 tds in 1 season at any level at college is impressive.. Bayless got something..
  7. I think Ricci will make it over Sutton.. Sutton is s pure project we can stash him on Practice Squad a few years.
  8. With the team in rebuild mode a few of these FA should make the team.. So who do you think will make it? 1. Branden Bowen the Olinemen from OSU.. This story played out well for us before.. 2. Chris Orr MLB UW.. college production is incredible.. Size and injury history hurt him.. 3. Omar bayless WR Arkansas state.. Dominated the Sun Belt .. Great hands can high point the ball good size.. Speed and route running issues.. 4. Rodney Smith RB Minnesota.. Best back in Minnesota history.. Age injury history is his problem.. Playing special teams will help him make it..
  9. Logan Ryan price shouldn't be crazy now .. Nobody offering big money now anyway..
  10. Burris has played more CB then Chinn.. So he would be the 1 out of 3 to move.
  11. We will see.. But until then Trey motherfuging Lance
  12. Top 10 pick guarentee getting his career started early not risking injuries before getting paid.. He is coming out the hype is big enough and only growing.. QB3 this year still a top 10 pick..
  13. Trey "motherfuging" Lance that is all..
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