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  1. Haynes getting alot of talk up from his teammates was something I noticed..
  2. .Cox jr. And Obada probably weren't very excited about the McCoy signing because if for sure means 1 of them are gone.. Jmo looking at the scenarios.. Both are the least flexible to a multiple scheme front on the roster.. (Both being 43 DE) who aren't fast or flexible enough to switch to OLB in a 3/4 .. Both aren't really big enough to get alot of snaps at 3/4 DE.. The trend I noticed is everybody is mentioning Marquise Hanyes when talking about this defense. .. Marquise is poping up in every interview.. Could he be the under the radar guy who shines out of no where? While Cox and Obada fight for the last front 7 roster spot?
  3. Brandon Chubb.. I don't think so..
  4. No.. Holyfield has more hair.. Andre Smith?
  5. What does this have to do with the topic??
  6. Concentrated is a strong word.. I don't think he was fully in that room during Shula years.. But I definitely think he made his attention known and his opinion was weighted heavily during game planning, play calling and being as conservative as possible... I saw a difference when Norv took over last year and a gradual phasing out of his input.. Him being able to trust his OC and focus on the defense is a major plus..
  7. I should've added that but I'm more interested in Cam's health as the major thing I'm watching at that position.. But you are right that should be a interesting battle to watch..
  8. My bad I meant that Chudd went away from the basic lining up under the center in basic I or power and weak traps, counters and dives to more Gimmicked shotgun sweeps and reverses and misdirection plays..
  9. I still don't think that's a battle because all the guys are safe in keeping a job.. The others I named ppl are getting cut.. Probably a battle for playing time.. But I'm talking more about having a job on this team battle..
  10. I got a strong feeling the defense is going to be at it's best.. Not just for added talent and new scheme.. IMO I feel Ron is finally comfortable enough to leave the offense completely in the hands of Norv and concentrate and innovate on his new defense.. I think Norv being here will not only help the offense but also help the Defense by keeping Ron in that defensive room.. Brief History... Jmo I think Ron gave total control of the offense to Chudd his 2nd year.. After Chudd orchestrated a offense scoring 30 points a game with a rookie QB and a jump from worst offense the year before to top 5.. Who wouldn't?? But he got burned by Chudd using that season as a audition for a Head coaching job himself.. Chudd decided to forget the RB's or running the ball in general and gimmicked the whole thing trying to show how innovative he was.. Almost cost Ron his job.. Every since then you can see ROn conservative finger prints on Shula playcalling and him splitting his time from the defense.. Giving more autonomy to his defensive coordinator.. (2 got head coaching jobs)... He never trusted Shula with full control and you could see it.. ENTER NORV.. Now Norv is here and you could see a change during the end of last season (also Washington was fuging up) Ron concentrating on the defense and play calling and not worried about the offense.. Jmo .. With Ron able to trust his offensive Coordinator.. Our Defense is going to finally get his full attention.. Meaning better playcalling and way more innovation.. This could be a really strong/ game changing year for the Panthers defense..
  11. Backup RB is going to be fun this year.. You have a drafted player, coaches pet, fan favorite, hometown kid, and Mr. Versatility all eyeing 2 spots..
  12. I agree with this.. The trenches was atleast half if not more of the problem.. Fuxing the trenches was a major if not the number 1 mission this offseason.. And on paper it looks like we did that.
  13. Hassan Whiteside if he opts out..
  14. Bruno Fernando is a new contender I've been looking at..
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