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  1. Did you watch Colts games and not see Luck run designed run plays?? Because yeah they did and Luck was also doing alot of scrambling as well.. Your assertion in your post is completely WRONG!! Luck would not have fair better here with our lack of weapons and quality Oline play..
  2. Fans should have known it was going to be a practice for us when Cam, Luke, Cmac, Olsen and Shaq weren't playing..
  3. The passes to the TE wouldn't have happened with Luke and Shaq on the field.. Carter Nor Smith are known for there coverage skills.. Add in no actual g as me plan and you get what happened..
  4. Yes .. We are talking about a HOF LB right?? You don't replace that with a vanilla game plan and 2 guys with little to no game time playing experience.. Sorry.. We can clearly see the Bill's attacking that exact spot where normally a HOF and a 1st round draft pick would be at..
  5. Especially when the backups don't play with 2 major part of the offense..
  6. It specifically help Oliver get a advantage. He was able to knock the pass down after knocking Pardis helmet off.. It was by definition a penalty..
  7. But it can't be said for the Bill's because they played all of their starting lineup..
  8. Yes it's a huge drop off when they don't play with Cmac, Olsen or Thomas.. I'm sorry you ppl can't realize how 3 major cogs to the offense (not including Cam) can affect a team. Lmao
  9. I got a revolutionary idea.. How about we see them play with the other 65% of our offense and a actual game plan 1st.. Our offense was missing 3 major cogs and going against the 2nd best pass defense in the league.. Relax ppl..
  10. Missing alot of major components of this team.. Ppl need to relax..
  11. They weren't playing against backups and that's where the Bill's attack us.. Ofcourse our backup ILB can't guard Beasley or their starting TE..
  12. Easier throws when throwing to Cmac and Olsen and Thomas.. Just them being on the field opens up lanes..
  13. Before all the panic.. No Cam, No Kuechly, No Cmac., no Shaq, no Olsen, no Thomas.. That's alot of fire power and leadership off the field.. RELAX!!
  14. No way would he take that risk.. Miller was still rated high as a prospect .. Other teams will jump on this... He still can be a special teamer..relax
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