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  1. Kemba gone.. The coach looks focus on playing young players.. (Other than sorry ass Cody). I like the starting lineup.. I guess I'm ready for the season..
  2. It's called playing together and figuring out what moves work and what doesn't.. Plus the fact that alot of players didn't play together in the preseason so no cohesiveness in the 1st few games.. it's really not that hard to understand.. Example the Oline looks 10 times better with Williams not at LT.. Did that have anything to do with who was playing QB??
  3. And Cam has alot of drop in the bucket throws.. Nobody had a problem asking about if he could do it..
  4. Would love to do that.. But trading for a quality WR this year isn't hard with all these teams tanking..
  5. It was a great pass by Kyle.. Wright should have caught it.. No need to mention Cam.. see
  6. Ignore the loser who for some reason they think they can stop ppl from typing their opinions.. Moving on because we know the Gay References will come from some repressed lame in his Mom's basement.. Right on cue..lol
  7. No.. Now what?? Yeah that's right nothing.. Stfu you have no control here..
  8. Maybe you should go talk to somebody you have some power over.. It sure isn't here bucko..
  9. Stfu Scutt and read the whole thread before giving your 5 cents..
  10. Cam made that throw all the time when he had WR's who could catch it.. https://youtu.be/C1FK_4mUOKQ https://youtu.be/M9FW7XCjKNs https://youtu.be/1DT-JEsqzmo
  11. I haven't seen many in the league who can make that throw..
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