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  1. Bradberry and Samuels should have had bigger roles..
  2. Get use to losing because it's going to happen alot..
  3. What is actually stopping Bacon to be a Oladipo type player?? Victor is a more explosive athlete but Bacon has better handles and a better jump shot and 3 pointer.. And Bacon game is very smooth like a Joe Johnson... Just Faster
  4. Really?? Some of you have lofty expectations of Rozier that I have no clue why.. He isn't good enough to stop the tank for a top 5 pick..Imo
  5. Well this is what alot of you wanted right?? #teamtank
  6. Well that's going to be terrible in the east where you have atleast 5 or 6 teams with competent big center play..
  7. He had problems bringing the ball up with full court pressure.. Usually teams avoid doing that when the ball handler bringing the ball up is good because it leaves your half court defense weak.. But with Monk they kept doing it because they knew it was a chance for a TO.. He is not confident in his ball handling enough to be a PG. Let alone his defense..
  8. Do you see the difference..
  9. I don't understand how anybody who has seen Monk play can still hold on to this point guard thing...
  10. This plan is so fuging stupid.. It sounds to me like another way to get Batum on the court at SF.. Because it's clear Bridges can play SF.. And it makes it even more stupid that you drafted Washington to do the same thing...
  11. Nope no where near Curry handles or passing .. That's a horrible comparison..
  12. This forum mindset is truly confusing.. 1. There are alot of dumb fans in Boston or Terry Rozier mom calls the radio .. 2. Reality check: this team will be fighting to win 12 games.. 30 games?? Wtf.. Where is all this cheap crack cocaine coming from?? You ppl have a surplus.. 3. Even if by some Disney miracles happen and they win 30 games.. Guess what dummies that means we might have developed a few young superstars.. While at the same time getting some horrible contract off the books.. Meaning We would be in a horrible unpredictably good spot.. But again this is a miracle scenario.. So we are either tanking to get a superstar.. (Which is probably the scenario) or We get extremely lucky and have 2 or 3 young superstars on the roster that propel us to a unimaginable 30 win season and some cap relief next year.. Either way what are you tankers complaining about?
  13. Last thing .. They weren't trying to tank when they went 7-59 .. They just couldn't do poo to stop it.. Which pretty much is a lock to happen with the worst roster in the league..
  14. Educate you?? OKAY.. "The Hornets ARE a very bad team." That's free.. The rest of this post is BS and a general waste of explanations.. But please keep posting this BS Chuck.. it's hilarious that after all this time you still don't know poo about basketball..lol
  15. You lost a All NBA player who carried the team to 39 wins.. Where is the all NBA player that is replacing him??
  16. The team lost their best 2 offensive players on the roster and a player who was putting up 15 point a game near the end of the season.. On a 39 win team.. Where is that production going to come from now??
  17. Name one player on this roster who has consistently avg 15 points a game in their career?? Don't worry I'll wait..
  18. This is the dumbest thread.. You can easily look at the rosters and see you don't have a clue..
  19. I'm sorry but all you are saying is his body type.. But I've name 3 players who have made a career not being PG with that body type.. He in reality which the team must have already figured out is a off the bench scorer . He will never be a starter in my opinion.. He doesn't have the defense or bulk to be a Starting 2guard and he doesn't have the skillsets to be a PG.. So he might have to be a Jamal Crawford, Jj Redick, or Lou Williams.. Instant offense off the bench..
  20. Monk is not a PG!!! HE DOESN'T HAVE THE HANDLES OR THE MIND SET TO RUN A OFFENSE.. Plain and simple he is a scorer.. His only success in this league will be a Lou Williams, Jamal Crawford or if he ever learns to play defense Avery Bradley.. He isn't a pg get over it Clifford was wrong to even put him there..
  21. 10 to 15 at best.. which is great for the tank and rebuild crowd.
  22. I don't understand why people don't see this.. Easily tradable in a year as well.. You take a shot on a young player while still sucking out loud the next 2 years..
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