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  1. You know this is a different season and the Oline has change dramatically since Williams has been taken off the LT spot right?? You know there is a thing called context and timing when ppl make statements which alter the meaning entirely right?? It's called reading comprehension.. It will help you not make post like this..
  2. No the fug Alex Smith didn't.. Show me the 50 passing TD 5,000 yard season from Alex smith?? Please..
  3. Plain and simple he is a better option up to the 3rd WR on the roster and a cheap risk we should have taken .. Especially with the QB we're playing with and coaches and GM who jobs are on the line..
  4. Mariota is a worse passer than Kyle Allen and can't handle pressure.. Jamie's is turnovers waiting to happen on the field and a creep off it.. And Dalton is just a older Kyle Allen to me.. So hell no to all..
  5. With the roster we have we should lose enough to be in range of a top 3 pick in the draft.. This draft in the 1st 5 picks should infuse a foundation piece to a team.. So this season and some of our young talent should answer alot of questions on where we should go in the draft.. So Far our needs looks like a bigman (Wiseman) who can protect the rim and be a rebound demon... But the draft at the top also have 3 superstar potential point guards.. And a SG looking like the next big super wing scorer.. Terry and Donte have held down the PG position so far.. But if they falter they can be replaced in this draft easily.. Bacon and Monk better step up or the kid from UGA is easily a great fit for this team.. The only safe ppl right now in my opinion Are Miles and PJ at SF and PF...
  6. Didn't like the pick but so far he is a revelation right now.. If we had paired him with a strong inside presence it would be a nice front court to start with..
  7. What has Zyldrtus whatever or White or Durtch done that they are s better option than Gordon?? Don't worry I'll wait..
  8. No fuging way.. I'd rather draft a rookie than go with these retreads and washouts..
  9. The last question is objective based.. A few ESPN shows and NFL network shows have pushed CAm out after week 4.
  10. I guess everybody else wants to make the playoffs.. While we sit here and do nothing.. Goodbye Ron and Marty
  11. We will get crushed by skilled big men because we have nothing to defend against that..
  12. There will be alot of nights like this.. Just stay the course keep playing young guys and define roles for future teams.. Right now a need is definitely a big man who can defend the rim and attack the boards ..
  13. Like I said this will be a fun season to watch young talent development.. Record doesn't matter as long as we're getting a better picture of what we have now in the young guys.
  14. Doesn't matter as long as they keep playing the young guys..
  15. Kemba gone.. The coach looks focus on playing young players.. (Other than sorry ass Cody). I like the starting lineup.. I guess I'm ready for the season..
  16. It's called playing together and figuring out what moves work and what doesn't.. Plus the fact that alot of players didn't play together in the preseason so no cohesiveness in the 1st few games.. it's really not that hard to understand.. Example the Oline looks 10 times better with Williams not at LT.. Did that have anything to do with who was playing QB??
  17. And Cam has alot of drop in the bucket throws.. Nobody had a problem asking about if he could do it..
  18. Would love to do that.. But trading for a quality WR this year isn't hard with all these teams tanking..
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