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  1. Calm your tits dude. We haven't even played a game yet, people like you get ran out of athletic events. The games have to be played. Maybe your right, maybe your not. But either way negativity is just fuggin annoying bro. You can be a pessimist just do it with someone else as miserable as you.
  2. Chuck was not even remotely close to be a better player than Pep. He was better than Hardy cuz he could keep his head on his shoulder where Hardy wanted to Murder people on and off the field. Still does to this day lol, hence his MMA appearance. Hardy could've been one of the best D- Ends to play the game, at least one of the most violent. It's a shame. Let's hope YGM can be in those conversations.
  3. No sweat Mad Hatter. Us respectful folks have learned to lay off the mama jokes, because they all have been ran through hundreds of thousands of times. Like MMA/Chuck's Mama.
  4. Your a troll bro. Go back to playing UFC undisputed and hitting that X button bc you have no idea what a combo is.
  5. It's just facts man. You can scheme players like Luke and slow them down. You can build a fort in front of Derrick Brown and he would tear it down. You plant him in the middle of the field and dare some team to try and stop him with one player.
  6. Ravens won because of Flacco bahahahahahhahahahabbababababbsvdbdbdbdbababababbabaab Bro. Just stop.
  7. I agree. Its not the sexy pick, but I'd love to have this guy on my side of the ball. Watching him play in a division where the winner could come and beat the bottom 5 teams in the NFL, he flat out dominated. This dude is All American, soon to be All-Pro. The fact that makes it cemented is the guys motor is matched by his mental. He leads, he learns and he eats. Make no mistake, Luke left a VOID. And this is just the first step to filling that hole.
  8. Tampa Bay. Warren Sapp? Baltimore Ravens Haloti Ngata New England Patriots Vince Wilfork Chicago Bears The fridge? Oh and umm, This one guy named Reggie white. Look him up. Every position on the field has its importance, but one thing is certain. You don't win championships if you don't win in the trenches.
  9. If you don't pay that dude your an idiot. This was inevitable and saying any amount we pay him is stupid is short sighted on your part. CMC was the best player on the roster with Luke and Cam Healthy. This is a new Era of panthers and CMC is the horse. Surround him with talent, build a great defense and you got a shot. The money had to be spent on him, plain and simple he produces to much for anything less than what he got paid. And honestly a 4 year contract seems very reasonable bc at the 6 year mark Running backs tend to slow down. And right now while McCaffrey can do it all, you pay him like he can. Plain and Simple. Any alternative to that opinion just can't be pleased what so ever. I think this was our best move yet as it was the expected one, and also one that was the most necessary.
  10. The dumbest thing we did as a franchise was not finding a way to give cam his chance to come back and prove it. I hope this propels him to succeed in his future endeavors as we all thought they would in Black and Blue. If we were going to sink the ship we should've at least let the captain go down with it.
  11. Not irrelevant at all.. it shows how the fan base feels on the state of the franchise. They pick Cam, it's likely they will be weary of any changes to the team. They pick Bridgewater then they are on board for better or worse. As mentioned above if you had read what was said, it's more about a new era of Carolina vs the old era. Hence, Cam Vs Bridgewater I think we all know who was the better player base Don careers at this point, but that's not what this poll was meant to determine bc like you said the facts are the days of Cam Newton and the Rivera Era are OVER.
  12. This is the point I'm trying to make. We all want Cam Newton here and healthy. But if we are wanting to go a different direction, signing teddy until they find their guy isn't a bad move. We need a stop-gap, or a franchise QB and if Cam isn't what they want out of a franchise QB, then we have to have someone under center. And out of everyone available, I think Teddy may very well be the best option
  13. We have teddy on the roster now. But if Cams not what they want I don't believe they think Teddy is the answer. We need a QB if we are trading Cam. And they may very well draft one, but until then do you roll in not prepared? It's not as simple a question as you make it seem.
  14. Let's be honest we all knew this day would come at some point or another. In today's NFL not many players make it their whole career with the team that drafted them. Cam Newton is one of our all time greats. I wanted him to stay, and I think one year was plenty for him to show if he's still got it. I would have preferred the higher risk for the potential for higher return. But that's just me and my loyalty to a decade of Carolina football I thoroughly enjoyed watching. But I also wanted more. So in steps new ownership, leadership and players at their respective positions. Teddy Bridgewater will be our starting QB in week one(if the world hasn't ended). The move makes sense, a fairly reasonable contract with lower guaranteed money than what it would've costed for CAM and for a lower floor , good not great, but a consistent stop gap. The risk of injury is lower he's played at an above average level in his recent showings. You won't expect him to take over a game like Cam would, but he also won't give it away like Cam did at times when trying to force the issue. This is all just an objective point of view. As I mentioned above, I vote Cam. Pay Cam. But I can see why RHULE and Co decided this may be a decent move. History with the New Orleans Brady Connection. I think this allows them to set up their systems instead of adjusting it to fit the old regime's personnel and style. I just want to see how the fan base feels, as it's a very odd time for us in Charlotte right now. Are you ok with our leadership wanting a fresh start or should he have gave Cam one more year based on past production and the fan-base's desire to have their MVP under center one last time for all the Marbles. The question is Bridgewater or Newton. But really we all know this question is Cam and his fans or Carolina? And I'm the biggest Cam Supporter. That's my QB. But I will wish him well on his endeavors and pray that Tepper and Rhule can turn this thing in to what we have fell short on at this point as a franchise. And that's bringing home a championship. #KeepPounding *Also, I couldn't figure out how to place a poll in the post. Maybe a mod with some intelligence could help me here as they did my catch-all vent Session. Or everyone just make their pick and explain a little why that is.
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