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  1. If we cut cut cam for a jag I'll lose my mind. Just hold on to cam and draft whoever. Cam is already on a decent contract for a MVP QB anyway. I'd rather risk it with him than end up with Josh Mccown
  2. Just genuinely curious, because that seems like the only plausible option. If we do trade Cam, and then decide to pull in a guy in FA this fan base may lose their poo. I know I will. And to add to that we must be thinking of Cam as another means of getting our guy via trading for draft picks. In which case may not be a bad idea if we are talking long term. And this is assuming logic LOL. If we trade Cam we better get enough out of him to complete the objective. Also, could we potentially Keep Cam and still be able to negotiate to draft our QB? I don't think so, if we are gunning for burrow. If we go after a guy Like Tua, or someone that could slip to us then I think we should keep Cam. Let that competition play out, Cam starts rookie learns until Cam proves one way or the other he's the guy. Potential new Face of the Franchise on a rookie deal, plus our Former MVP andFan favorite Cam Newton playing on a very reasonable contract. Alot if teams have done it this way with a lot success. Chiefs-Patrick Mahomes after Alex Smith Packers- Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre New England-Brady and Multiple capable starters but always stick with Brady(except for this year FINALLY) Titans- Mariotta and Tannehil. Baltimore- Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson( and Joe's contract was not reasonable) Look, to be quite honest I am all for Going after Burrow if that can happen. Why wouldn't you, he would come in off a championship game with LSU, into a starting roll built and tailored around him with a familiar face at OC. Maybe we could trade Cam and our First Rounder for it who knows. But is that what will happen? I don't think so, Cincy needs more help at QB than us. And I believe that Hometown tie maybe what makes that happen. And if we can't get Burrow, I don't think Trading Cam and going after the next guy available at QB is a good idea. I see Tua being the only other guy with Hope, but that is all riding on his recovery from hip injury. I apologize for being so wordy. I like to type my thoughts. And this helps me cope with recent panthers events. So, for that I'm not sorry. What say you Huddle?
  3. This interview was absolutely horrendous. Like disgusting honestly lol. Hard to watch. I'm so glad we didn't hire McCarthy.
  4. Why are you guys whining and moaning about content. Jesus. Can none of you be at least a little intrigued? So many of you guys/gals in here must be on your period. Yeah he's talking about Baylor. That's part of his story. Of course he will endorse his guys and what they have done. It sounds like local media anyway, not big time reporters from ESPN. How he talks about his team he's leaving gave me alot of insight on his character and the way he handle the locker room and I like it. He seems like a likable guy, that cares about his people. Get your head out of your asses and let's be a little more optimistic around here. This is what the majority of this fan base wanted. Not your regular Carolina Panthers move, a complete change. I wanted Bienemy bc of his NFL experience, but let's face it we gotta make a move, and the chiefs are still playing ball. And right now your constant complaining frankly has been overhuled. This is our new HC.
  5. Except for the Patriots it seems. They give away that late first rounders constantly for decent FA pick ups at WR then seem to find really quality players in the mid rounds. I could be wrong, there is no research to back this other than just what I've noticed being a fan. Brady is a prime example of the difference it makes being good in the mid rounds. And honestly it's indicative of winning programs. Teams that constantly make the playoffs and win some games usually pick low therefore I guess they just learn to find a way to get better at mid rounds draft picks by experience alone. The early round picks I feel like most could do that watch the game of football. The top 15 players in the draft all can ball, but that doesn't mean they won't fail do to attitude, effort and Health. Drafting early seems to be more of a character guess as opposed to skill set. Finding them late has more to do with technique, skill set, and knowledge. And that falls alot on coaching. Judging anyone by draft picks is difficult because people act like that is the only job for the GM. They have much more to do behind the seems that draft 6-7 players. I say if Tepper can surround Hurney with professionals that have a proven track record Hurney could be an asset. But if he doesn't stick to what he's saying it could back fire. Hurney shouldn't be responsible for all Franchise functions like he has been. But to say his experience is no longer valuable maybe a bit to much. I guess we shall see.
  6. Yeah this is Bullshit. If I'm a coach or even a GM I like this look. HOF players still on the roster, and a place where you can come build what you want out of it. Plus an owner that's looking for new innovative minds to place around him. Christian McCaffrey is enough to make it more than appealing.
  7. Seems like the only down years was when Rodgers was down and he still managed to keep them .500. When your guys go down and you can still find wins is big
  8. Donte has been responsible on all 3 tds. The man wants to complain about play calls and is constantly out of position and giving up big plays.
  9. This is real bad. I searched and it was Jamarcus Russell, Mettenberger, Matt Flynn first three otb. Matt Flynn might be the best in the NFL out of that school. And that's not saying much LOL
  10. Actually it is pretty defensible. And we wouldn't be defensible in our history without the linebackers we've been blessed with. San Fran with Bowman and Willis, Ravens Suggs and Lewis, Bears Urlacher and the other guy who's name I forgot. But my point is everyone of those great defenses allocated their assets to the LB Corps because those are your QBS and RBS of your defense. You no nothing about football if you can't see that we aren't the same team without Luke and Shaq.
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