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  1. I believe rivera wasnt completly happy with the defensive effort - when you let a team that isnt known as one which rams the ball down opponets throat ram it down yours, and youre supposed to be a team that is the best in run defense do it, what coach would be? And once CJ went down , our pressure from the front 4 was non existent. It is unacceptable to let the loss of one player dictate how successful a supposed top 2 plays.
  2. You need to learn to logically make your point and not resort to childish insults like a frustrated moron. Course what should I expect from somebody from NJ for gods sake.
  3. If our D plays as poorly against the taints as they did against NE with poor tackling, missed assignments and poor pass rushing after the halftime, we have no chance of beating them once let alone twice.
  4. Rivera did say it - watch his press conferene from after the game
  5. I watched Riveras press conference and heard what Rivera said - and the pants almost lost to Buffalo - the pats and brady are a far cry from the team they were a few years ago. As is Pittsburg regardless of their stats.
  6. Rivera alluded to not being totally happy with the defensive effort agianst the Pats in his after the game pc - glad we got the win but I wasnt particularly impressed either . what about poon tang?