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  1. The emoluments clause is a provision of the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8)
  2. "You people, with this phony Emoluments Clause,"
  3. They still don’t know the difference between communism and socialism.
  4. Look at all that cap space the Chiefs will have to work sight by moving on from Mahomes
  5. Why does Admiral McRaven hate America so much?
  6. How many of these letters went out there that we don’t know anything about? We’re the laughingstock of the entire world
  7. I just hope Baron doesn’t see it.
  8. This played at a pro Trump conference at the Trump resort in Miami last week.
  9. The Art of the deal lol America is so weak right now, just like her President https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/09/us/politics/trump-syria-turkey-attacks.html
  10. That’s because there is a Trump hotel in Saudi Arabia.
  11. “Brown infants in cages is a good thing”
  12. Good. I actually agree with you both. Bankrupt these pigs
  13. It’s going to be a fun year
  14. He’s craving @PhillyB’s cock and balls
  15. So much corruption. What a fuging swamp. Can’t wait until he’s out the door, the fat fug https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-10-09/trump-urged-top-aide-to-help-giuliani-client-facing-doj-charges
  16. Who’s the new SHlTALT?
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