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  1. As much insight as we'd all like to have about what's going on behind those closed doors, I doubt even Greg knows who will be the QB in a few weeks. Ron is not making a "decision" yet because he is waiting for the decision to be made for him in the way of Kyle losing a game in terrible fashion or Cam suffering a set back. Ron is incompetent when it comes to personnel decisions.
  2. Let's hope this pace continues. It's amazing what a pass rush does for your defense.
  3. It's crazy to see a fanbase so actively attempt to belittle and undermine their own players. In both camps. Like little children playing the "my dad can beat your dad" game.
  4. Didn't Trubisky beat us when he only completed 4 passes?
  5. We cut a legitimate Punt Returner for the ray ray experiment
  6. I listen to the Pat McAfee show and this was a topic I thought a few of you might be interested in. I figured it was relevant because we've had a few PI calls reviewed that clearly should've been overturned... but we know how that turned out Take a look:
  7. The odds of them hitting Hopkins with our soft ass coverage is also really high
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