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  1. Hope we trade Cam to a competent team and he gets a ring. He deserves it. So did Luke.
  2. OP is a closet Cam hater confirmed.
  3. Ah yes, because you know who they will and who they wont respect. If they cant bring themselves to listen to a coaches message because the coach is new, they shouldnt be on an nfl roster, tbh. What kind of pretentious bullshit is that?
  4. Ah yes, a writer for a mediocre sports website telling me why a successful college coach doesnt deserve to be in the NFL... Must watch. 10/10.
  5. GrOwN MeN CaNt Be PrEaChEd To. ThEiR tOo GrOwN tO LiStEn. If these grown men cant listen to their coach, then why the hell are they playing a team sport like football in the first place? They're grown. If anything, they should accept the message more than the kids in college. The notion that you cant listen to a person who makes less money than you is incredibly immature.
  6. Some of you go right into whiney bitch mode whenever a player speaks out about the bullshit. Donte was right. Olsen is right. And Cam would be right if came out and said "This Organization likes to run its generational talent into the ground." They are right. Don't get butthurt because the players are speaking out about the shitty leadership.
  7. I would trade our star players for all the number 1 picks. Imagine Hurney having 32 first round picks. Trade CMC for first round picks. Trade Keek for first round picks. DJ for a first round pick. Cam for first round picks.
  8. Lol. Not gonna happen. Gettleman turned that place into a shitshow.
  9. You think any of our younger star players like CMC find this a little discouraging?
  10. Yall remember when Jimmy Clausen got hit so much that he eventually just started falling down right after he hiked the ball? I 'member.
  11. Imagine not winning the Superbowl with players like Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Greg Olsen and Christian McCaffery. Lol. What a bum.
  12. Oh noooooo, fans supported a player on their favorite team
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