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  1. I'll be honest. I've been so concerned with this pandemic and this poo show of a government and this poo show of an election that I didnt even realize football was coming back this week. Just seems like there shouldn't even be a season right now. This country needs to sort itself out. So yeah, my interest is pretty low this season. Mostly because of the pandemic and turmoil our country is in. But also because I didnt spend an entire off-season and preseason getting to know a new roster. You'll probably notice that trend all across the nfl this year. All across sports actually.
  2. Imagine joining a Panthers forum and getting mad when there are posts about Panthers players.
  3. I really wonder why Ron and Co. aren't called out more for this.
  4. Hey, I'm in that thread. Kinda cringey, but hey, I was a little shower shoe at the time. I'm glad Mad Dog left this mess of an administration when he did.
  5. Well over the last few years, the staff wasnt worried about either of those things, so...
  6. If you let it go over your head like Amendola did, you don't get that chance. He was going to let it go in the end zone. He can't change his mind when he see's that a defender is there to down it. The defender is looking up at the ball now. He is basically a defenseless receiver at this point.
  7. The returner wasn't at a spot to catch the ball. He can't turn around and launch at a gunners head because he was out of position. It's the gunners job to down the ball. You literally see a returner let a ball go every game. I'm surprised this is news to you.
  8. It's funny Mike Carey didn't know that was a penalty.
  9. Because special teams players definitely aren't supposed to down the ball at the best possible spot... /s
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