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  1. You think any of our younger star players like CMC find this a little discouraging?
  2. Yall remember when Jimmy Clausen got hit so much that he eventually just started falling down right after he hiked the ball? I 'member.
  3. Imagine not winning the Superbowl with players like Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Greg Olsen and Christian McCaffery. Lol. What a bum.
  4. Oh noooooo, fans supported a player on their favorite team
  5. I really clicked into this thread hoping to see Screamin A and Eric Reid fight at Kaeps workout... smh
  6. The NFL definitely picks and chooses its favorites.
  7. That suspension and loss of a few game checks is gonna hurt more than Rudolph getting bopped on the head.
  8. I wonder if he has any recommendations for veteran Free Safeties
  9. Either the new scheme sucks or the last concussion did him in. It does seem like Luke is making A LOT of adjustments before each play. He may be too busy fixing bad coaching before each play to properly read the QB/offense like before.
  10. I say shitty because we've lost our MVP, once in a generation talent at QB and our once in a generation talent at MLB looks lost. Like either that last concussion did him in or the new system isnt built for his play style. There is a degree of uncertainty in our future and it kinda fkn sucks.
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