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  1. So I just clicked Bloomberg in an Anybody But Trump moment but the truth is I'd prob sit out I really want to take that click back
  2. How could we? You post often enough to remind us of this on a regular
  3. Yeah I remember that now that you mention it. I miss the Nazi moon bases days
  4. Im starting to dig the notion of a Bernie/Amy ticket
  5. Im in the bag for Bernie full stop. But Amy is on fire tonight.
  6. Ive been voting for presidents since Ford v Reagan. Bernie is the first politician to give me goose bumps and when he called for Us, China, and Russia to spead our defense budget on climate change I was genuinely moved.
  7. They are stealing this from Bernie.
  8. Saw Pete Rose absolutely go off on a kid who interrupted his dinner for an autograph once. In my mid 20s I got to know the members of my favorite band and some of their families - first name basis/home phone numbers kind of thing. Dudes had a handful of Gold albums and a few went Platinum and couple ranked top 10. fugers went straight up psycho, the petty bullshit I saw them get into just blew my mind. Last time I ever got stars in my eyes over any kind of celeb. Id amend your advice to - Don't let celebs fool you. They are the same assholes as all of us.
  9. Too many stories of him being an asshole for me not to believe that he is. But the only time I ever talked to him he was nice to me and my wife. I met him at a Ricky Proehl charity thing and we spent a good 20 minutes talking with him and his wife.
  10. You don't know it because you're too blind to see it but you lost as much as anyone on the left. Sure your boy "won" but you as an American lost.
  11. Dark day for the US democracy. The GOP will come to regret this vote
  12. Corey Gardner sealed his fate with his choices in this proceeding. Co is too purple for him to not vote for witnesses.
  13. Just a heads up The day you start to entertain the idea of criminalizing homelessness you need to stop whatever it is youre doing and start concentrating on where you may have left your soul.
  14. To further my analogy of the bank heist That's like saying the debt collectors are front and center in the heist. Open an investigation into the corruption of the Biden family. Please. Joe doesn't deserve to ever hold office again. But if your job is to defend Trump then defend HIM. Dont try to wave away his wrongdoing by pointing to someone else's.
  15. Been working so couldnt watch the proceedings. But on my 40 minute drive home all the talked about was Bidens. How is it a defense to not address the accusations and instead talk about something only tangentially related? Charge/Investigate the Bidens for wrongdoing. But pointing to the last bank robber to justify your hold-up is not a defense.
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