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  1. My 2 cents again: keep Cam for a prove it year then if he doesn’t have it ... move on next year (better QB class next yr.) use this year draft for OL and DL. a better OL would really help a rookie QB next yr. next yr (if Cam is done) we will have a high pick again and we will have a better OL for the next QB With a better OL and new QB then in 2022, we are back in the playoffs
  2. If Cam is here or not ... No moves on QBs if Cam is traded, prepare the offense line for a top QB in 2021. Yes, draft a LT in the first round, with picks from Cam trade, take a Guard or/and a Center .... offense will be good in 2021 with the rest of 2020 draft picks work on DL and secondary 2021 ... Justin Fields 2022 ... we are back in the playoffs
  3. I am sorry, we are not drafting a QB this year and Cam will be our QB for 2020, now for 2021, with a great QB group (I hear) we will make the decision on Cam, then move forward with Cam or a new QB stop dreaming of Burrow or Tua in a Panthers uniform .... all we need to do is draft OL and DL, secondary .... placing a good OL for a new QB would do wonders for our offense
  4. Someone keep Hurney away from the checkbook ... we only have 10 players signed for 2021 and 112 million to spent (plus whatever the cap raises to). Hurney ... PLEASE!!! don’t go crazy with contracts this year
  5. As the AT&A commercial says “Hurney is good” .... GOOD is not enough I personally want him gone, so this is for the guys that want him to stay here
  6. I have been a Panthers fan since day 1 (I was 28), weeks later I got a Panther logo tattooed across my heart, because I knew this team would be my life. I have been to so many first they are beginning to get hard to count. Hall of Fame Game, first home game in Clemson, first win, first home game in Charlotte, first playoff game and win, first Thanksgiving game and win .... and many more. I dont post much, but I am always lurking. Its more than a love of the Panthers .... Its a life!!!!
  7. MY GOD!!! its the internet and you are waiting for an apology .... Good luck on that!!! ... LMFAO
  8. Hey 15, For once in your life you were right .... so now you should
  9. My first statement ---- Are those the Cheerleaders from "The Replacements"? second --- I think the blonde liked her some Igo
  10. imagine the look on Falcon fans face when we win in Seatte on Sunday
  11. Has anyone said it yet? Gettleman went to Jared!!!!!!!!
  12. The lack of national media reporting on the Panthers is the reason we get these fanbases with all the outrageous claims
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