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  1. I think that's Randy Gregory
  2. CAP seen on the sideline with this guy..
  3. Wow - Eugene on the air at halftime talking about Clausell doing a good job.
  4. I see that Matt Kalil has taken Clausell under his supple wing
  5. Wonder if the Steelers will take Amini for Dobbs? Ron says he's a starting caliber OG.
  6. Yes - and I'm still cringing at the Patrick Jeffers injury all these years later.
  7. jimfear

    Khalil Mack anyone?

    No - he's a great player but we need the first round picks to fix our O-line. DW is in a contract year, the better Kalil is retiring, and we're hoping that Van Roten can perform well at LG.
  8. jimfear

    Rivera's Tuesday presser

    Amini Silowlightulo?
  9. jimfear

    Impressions - Preseason 3

    - Moton is going to be an anchor for us. I'm very impressed with his play so far. - I fear that Ron will move Van Roten for Amini, and he has zero reason to do so - Bradberry needs to step up or Jackson will become the defacto # 1 CB. That speed is something else. - RBs will be CMC, Anderson, and Barner. Hood will be on the practice squad. - Vern - where are you? - Same for you Hall. - Luke is a HOF LB and we're all lucky to watch him play the game. - If Cam stays healthy, we can make some noise this year.
  10. Curtis has impressed me the most, particularly given his injury. I think he is the most dangerous WR on the roster based on the combination of speed, YAC, and his improvement in catching and securing the football. Vern has been almost invisible. Also haven't been impressed with Bradberry, Hall, or Captain.
  11. Mister and Nipple Shorts prepping Matt's offer...
  12. While a poo would be more appropriate, I will give you a pie for the laugh
  13. Live look at Frank Kalil's house after Matt's signing:
  14. Factoring who's talented and available, I'd say QB2 or Safety. Eric Reid is still out there, and I'd love to have a good backup QB if Cam misses any time. I think our biggest need is Oline - but I believe we'll need to roll with what we've got and hope for the best (which I pray is not Silatolu)
  15. jimfear

    The Answer is on the Roster

    Daryl Williams and CAP are giving me a lot of hope for our run game. Even if JSTEW misses a few games, with Todman, CAP and some solid line play, we'll be able to open up passing lanes via a strong rushing attack. I completely acknowledge KB is a HUGE loss, but all is not lost. Olsen is a beast TE and we have some speedsters on the roster at WR. If Funchess can be a fraction of what KB was last year, we can still be lethal.
  16. Based on Oher's showing so far (yes it's early), not to mention Williams, I think our OL has improved. It's not our strength, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a laughing stock. JMO
  17. I think that with the O-line looking better, a stout group of RBs, some speedy WRs, and Olsen we'll have enough offense to stay with our opponents. Kelvin would've made it that much better but stuff happens.
  18. Bottom line - regardless of how it impacts our wins and losses - I hate it for KB. I think he was poised to light it up this year.
  19. I doubt it - Ron is nothing if not mediocre. My bet is that we'll be drafting another LB with a pick in the high teens next year.