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  1. well there is a chance they play there guys cause a vikings win would cause them to have a rematch. If I'm the bears I wanna play the panthers/eagles/redskins a non divisional opponent.
  2. luke nukem

    Sunday Games Thread

    didnt get the vikings or skins but officially having the bucs lions packers and falcons be officially out is nice
  3. luke nukem

    Saturday Games Thread...

    Baker cause of age. Now If you asked me If id rather have a 24 year old cam or a 24 year old baker Im taking Cam all day every day.
  4. they also didn't make Josh Norman drop multiple picks... he did drop a few right? I promised myself I would never watch SB 50 until we are playing in another one.
  5. meh, will wait till tmrw to see what his status is. Another day where its pouring rain and we cant practice because we have no indoor facility. I love it, thank you JR!!!
  6. 1. Aqib Talib 2. Vonteze Burfect 3. Sean Payton 4. Von Miller 5. Russel Wilson
  7. luke nukem

    Game last night

    ogbah would be much needed DE help. A way better pick than vernon butler was.
  8. luke nukem

    Game last night

    you gotta realize that guy rocks an Antifa symbol as his icon... reality and his views don't normally match up.
  9. luke nukem

    Game last night

    Its all about his release which is the quickest in the NFL for 15 years.
  10. I hope ron shows Cam these comments. That is all.
  11. are you kidding, they play dallas. they are going to get pounded by zeke.