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  1. May have developed wind noise cancer as well.
  2. I thought this season picked up a bit but it's still pretty shitty.
  3. From what I could decipher on Twitter, seems like a bunch of people panicked over some loud noise that was thought to have been a gunshot and several people ended up getting trampled. I've heard from folks on site that there were no gunshots or stabbings, but some outlets say otherwise. On another note, it's my understanding that Nip owns a large percentage if not all of the rights to his music, so feel free to stream and show support. Just a sad situation all around, especially for an artist who was doing good things for himself and his community. Not sure who gets what in regards to sales from his clothing store, but I bought a few items just to show love. themarathonclothing.com
  4. Skack25


    Now the Zion chortle-fest can finally come to a close. Another preseason natty banner to hang in the rafters of that shithole in Durham.
  5. I thought he was already banned. Speaking of bans.. Perfect example of anti-white speech being banned.. FB banned me for 3 days because I said "white women are the devil." I'm white fwiw.
  6. Torrey's niche was as a deep threat. That ship has sailed.
  7. In the situations we would need them in, I take Wright over Smith.
  8. A lot of it is trash, but sometimes you just need to listen to Migos on the way to work.
  9. I enjoyed it. MGK is a cornball, but he did a good enough job at Tommy Lee.
  10. My guess is 3, but I hope Kyler doesn't go first, for my wallet's sake.
  11. I'd love to see that turd rot in prison, but I know, and everyone else should too, that he ain't getting in any trouble for any of this. Best we can do is vote him out in 2020 and try to forget he ever existed.
  12. Yea I haven't looked at the matchmaking system yet, but I do follow the Division LFG sub on Reddit which has quite a few clans on there. I joined a discord for one, but I haven't unlocked the ability to join clans yet.
  13. I've got about an hour and a half on it. None of my crew fools with games like this, so I usually go at them solo or pretend like I'm going to join a clan of random people I've never met when really I won't. Kind of takes the fun away. I'm only level 2, maybe 3. Also struggling to stop playing NBA2k, which would have already faded in previous years. I do like the game and the improvements they made, just need to put some more hours in.
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