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  1. Not worried about this one. As others have said, much rather see Apple than Peterson.
  2. Some teams still do. Dallas and NE are good examples I think. For a while, that sparkle was all the rage. Now teams have moved more towards this matte look, which is also very cool. Edit: Upon further review, those are horrible examples, but teams do still have the sparkle in their helmets.
  3. I hope we go blue on white this weekend. Those white pants look smooth with the blue.
  4. Skack25

    Two actual home games upcoming

    I know two Ravens fans, both of whom will be at this game. I hope they have to lick white dog turd.
  5. Blue socks... ehh. Black socks, me likey. Also like that they have started wearing black socks with white on white.
  6. Milk duds. To answer the only worthwhile question.
  7. Skack25

    Not ideal for our defense

    Quality post. Bring back the Kraken.
  8. Skack25

    Eric Reid

    Curious to see what Gaulden/Jones/Adams/Searcy grades were after week 2.
  9. Skack25

    Eric Reid

    I agree with both of these statements. I don't see him sticking around if he's not going to perform at an above average level. Gaulden is young and hungry even if he acts like an idiot sometimes (UT fan, I can say that). I think Reid will turn it around in the next week or so. Hoping for a big game against Philly.
  10. Skack25

    Eric Reid

    For what it's worth, pro-Reid folks are not the reason any Reid talk gets taken to the TB. I'd attribute that to the "get off your knees boy!" crowd.
  11. Skack25

    Haunting of Hill House

    I watched about 10 minutes of E1 today, but had to cut it short since I'm at work.
  12. Skack25

    Eric Reid

    Like it or not, he's better than Colin Jones no question about it. I'm waiting on one of you nerds to post some actual evidence of "bad play" instead of just saying he's playing bad.
  13. This thread is depressing.
  14. The answer you seek is, "TO THE PIT OF MISERY!!!!"