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  1. Is that David Newton asking all these age questions? What a fugging turd. At least Joe learned quick who's the a hole in the room.
  2. Not sure why anyone expected a different answer on the QB question, lol.
  3. Bang bang. I'd love to see Sammy boy in the process blue and black.
  4. Just out of curiosity, has a player ever retired and immediately moved to a coordinator job in the next season? Luke in mind, obviously, but just wondering if that has ever happened.
  5. I don't think Cam would garner a 1st rounder at this point. Ideally, he is our QB next season. I know losing Luke hurts, but this forum has gone completely off the rails today. Trade Cam, trade CMC. Yikes.
  6. Someone tell me what role these managers will play. Are they asking questions? Are they the only ones asking questions? Was really hoping for a better team if they are the only ones. Nadler can barely speak for himself.
  7. LB coach seems like a no brainer if he would accept it. Hell, he's been coaching our LBs for the last 8 years anyway.
  8. Just started playing this pretty heavy on xbox if anyone is looking to run some.
  9. I'm sure they have spoken privately. Has it even been 12 hours yet?
  10. Name All-Pros, do the skills challenges, dodge ball, etc, but the game is useless.
  11. For the simple minded folks like me, someone break down how in the fug you determined that quote means they are getting rid of Cam.
  12. His new and improved, much younger wife haha.
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