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  1. Once TJ Miller left, it wasn't as funny, but still a great show. I use the word "chortle" almost daily now lmao.
  2. If you want to laugh quite a bit, I would recommend Silicon Valley on HBO. The season one finale is one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen on TV. If you're into food shows, I recommend The Chef Show on Netflix. Favreau and Roy Choi are great together. It's a spinoff from a move Favreau made called Chef. The movie is pretty solid as well, Roy Choi taught him to cook while filming. I think the movie can be found on Amazon Video.
  3. He carved our defense up, but I'm not quite ready to say Haskins will be or is better than Teddy B.
  4. Without reading any comments, I agree completely with the title of this thread.
  5. I've hit my ranked wall much sooner. Gold 3. I've played all mine without friends though.
  6. I think he watched the clip and went with the scores he saw there. Another interesting note is that Trai liked his post. I wonder if Trai is aware that our OL gave up the most sacks in the NFL last season...
  7. Hope this is accurate. Never know with Rap. But for now, a huge SUCK BALLS to everyone posting anti-Cam trash for the last few months.
  8. NFL clubs can request to meet, workout, etc any XFL player who was under contract at the end of the season beginning no April 27.
  9. A buddy and I were in a game yesterday with a guy who basically just spent the whole match shooting and throwing grenades at us. When we switched over to game chat to find out wtf his problem was, he said we played boring because we didn't go jump in a fight with every enemy we saw. Plot Twist - when it was time to fight he died immediately.
  10. Wouldn't hurt to bring him in for a workout.
  11. The idea of trading a proven player like CMC in hopes of getting someone that might maybe possibly end up being ok like Trevor Lawrence is preposterous.
  12. I don't watch dook games unless it's against Carolina, but the foul call on FSU for getting elbowed in the face was pretty typical.
  13. Very much a gadget player in my eyes, but god the media loves it (especially in games against us).
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