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  1. When it takes more schooling to become a cosmetologist than it does to become a police officer, this is the result.
  2. I was curious about the increase in social media presence yesterday. Seemed to me like there may be some sort of obligation the players have to post more things about the game in London. I saw more tweets from players yesterday than I can recall seeing in quite some time.
  3. Zach Miller (Bears) several times and I had a back and forth with Michael Smith (ESPN) about how he resembled another famous person but I can't recall who it was.
  4. Hunter Biden isn't the president you cuck.
  5. Good to know this thread helped someone else and not just me.
  6. Just by reading some of the recent comments, I can see this thread has gotten a bit off topic (like any other thread that mentions Cam). I think the obvious play here would be to extend CMC. Cam is up there in age and CMC is just getting started. Also, just my opinion, I don't think CMC is going to be the contract headache so many are predicting. Definitely not a Zeke/LBell scenario.
  7. I realized how it looked after I typed it. Decided to let it ride. Thankfully, Halloween does not fall on 'Blue Jean Friday' this year.
  8. I'll be going as the fat guy chasing a 2 year old princess around the neighborhood with a red solo cup in his hand.
  9. RR - "All I know is..."" translation "I ain't telling you fools poo and we are going to handle this as poorly as possible."
  10. Wasn't he covering Mercilus on the second fumble? Either way, thought he did a stellar job.
  11. That site is going to be a riot when that red headed fug gets sent packing.
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