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  1. There are only two extremes when it comes to Rivers. "Strong/good enough to make it work" and "wtf is he trying to do with that ball." We are currently experiencing the latter.
  2. I've seen Love as well (hoping for Newman from WF, myself), but I think the suggestions here are around 2021 prospects.
  3. Nick has kept the stance that the Panthers should not move on from Cam, but this morning he did say that he thinks they will (for those that didn't watch the vid). I keep seeing Fields name pop up, are we really ready to give the reigns to an OSU QB? They are always in the conversation, and always end up being flops.
  4. At the very least, we should have someone there to take a look.
  5. Trade must include Mack or Eddie Jackson. Nothing else of interest in Chicago.
  6. I think he is slightly more talented than Dobbs, but I don't think he will go in the 1st either. I'm all in on the kid though, wouldn't mind taking a shot in the 2nd, preferably 3rd. Wake runs some RPO, but it's really strange looking. Newman takes forever to decide whether to hand the ball off or run it himself. Almost to the point where he and the RB are almost at a standstill before the decision is made. Not sure if that's his doing or if it's by design. He is also from my area, so there's that.
  7. A quick browse on Reddit indicates he may have taken money from an agent and got caught.
  8. Knee-jerk response without reading any of the other responses: Why in the actual fug would we make that trade?
  9. Plenty of seats on the Jamie Newman hype train, for anyone who needs a lift.
  10. 9 weeks in, there have been 9 best running backs in the NFL according to Booger.
  11. What kind of self respecting man would let his wife hyphenate her name with a former husbands name?
  12. Assuming we are talking about the same throw, Curt had to turn around to catch that ball.. that is evidence enough that it wasn't a perfect pass. It was a great throw, right over the defenders arm, but not perfect by any means. He underthrows the majority of his deep balls, but so did the Cam we had in week 1 and 2.
  13. Yea.. Kitchens makes Ron look like a god.
  14. Was that the year they played at the university? I had forgotten all about that. Ignored it completely because I assumed it was inside.
  15. Yea, according to football reference, we have been pretty fortunate in the later months in NC. Even saw a few December games with temps in the 70s.
  16. I was only able to find two games since Cam was drafted with temps below 40 (played outdoors). 39 against AZ in the NFC championship in Jan of 2016, and 28 last year against the Browns. 1-1 record.
  17. Also, those purple KitKats that taste like apple pie.
  18. Candy corn is pretty gross. But an adult can eat whatever they want I suppose. Milk Duds are where it's at. My kid hates them, but he's like a trained German Shepherd when it comes to collecting them and bringing them back to me at the end of the night.
  19. I ran into Glennon a couple times in Raleigh back in my prime. He has the longest neck I have ever seen.
  20. RR is such a puss when it comes to the media. Instead of deflecting questions all week, he'd rather risk what little competitive edge we might be able to create and go ahead and put it all out there. Stupid.
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