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  1. He's not a Panther anymore, I couldn't care less about how he performs for another team. As a matter of fact, I hope he under performs for another team and makes the competition level lower in the NFL, why? Because i'm a Panthers fan first...I rooted for him and hoped he was able to come back healthy while he was a Panther, but he's gone now and it's time to move on people, and hope Bridgewater is 1000x better than Cam. Some of you are foolish for hoping Cam makes the Panthers look foolish.
  2. Would CeeDee Lamb fit better alongside DJ rather than Jeudy?
  3. This Mitchell Wilcox guy is having a horrible day.
  4. Here in Pineville, the greenway is right behind my backyard and there's some huge trees that fell thankfully towards the direction of the greenway.
  5. That’s what I keep saying about Gross-Matos, he’s going to be crazy good. I don’t get how some rank Epenesa above Yetur.
  6. If we get rid of Cam (assuming would be because of his health), and the staff really wants a healthy experienced player rather than bringing a rookie this year...I honestly wouldn’t mind it, only if it’s a 1 or 2 year deal (which I doubt Jameis would accept though). It’s crazy how boom or bust Jameis is, there’s no in between AT ALL. When he’s having a good day...oh my god.
  7. Even if they did want to trade the pick, it's the correct move to say they don't. It makes the pick more valuable and would make teams give up more in order to acquire it.
  8. TBH, this is actually more about the breaking news that Bobby Axelrod bought the team from David Tepper.
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