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  1. If we get rid of Cam (assuming would be because of his health), and the staff really wants a healthy experienced player rather than bringing a rookie this year...I honestly wouldn’t mind it, only if it’s a 1 or 2 year deal (which I doubt Jameis would accept though). It’s crazy how boom or bust Jameis is, there’s no in between AT ALL. When he’s having a good day...oh my god.
  2. Even if they did want to trade the pick, it's the correct move to say they don't. It makes the pick more valuable and would make teams give up more in order to acquire it.
  3. TBH, this is actually more about the breaking news that Bobby Axelrod bought the team from David Tepper.
  4. Yeah, he already mentioned that he'll definitely go.
  5. I like Tepper trying to sneak a butt grab there at the end.
  6. Godwin has been on another team for months now. I forgot which team though.
  7. Question for you all...If you were Hurney and if you (Hurney) stay as GM, you having a close relationship with Rivera...would you give a Rivera a call and attempt to trade up to the #2 overall pick and select Chase Young? Imagine Burns and Young together...
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