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  1. I heard that lol. And he also said Mike McCaffrey instead of Christian
  2. Cam Newton Jonathan Stewart Brad Hoover Steve Smith Muhsin Muhammad Greg Olsen Jordan Gross Travelle Wharton Ryan Kalil Trai Turner Mike Remmers Julius Peppers Kawaan Short Kris Jenkins Charles Johnson Thomas Davis Luke Kuechly Sam Mills Chris Gamble Josh Norman Charles Godfrey Mike Minter John Kasay Todd Sauerbrun Ted Ginn as the return specialist
  3. Like I said in a previous post to some other guy...I never demanded anything so relax dude, I simply just asked. If I was selfish I would’ve lied and said this wouldve been my first time attending.
  4. Dude relax...no ones demanding anything, I simply just asked. If I was selfish I would’ve lied and said that i’ve never attended a game before.
  5. Alright. Just let me know if you’re not able to find someone else.
  6. Not my first time attending. My first time and only time was 2 years ago, when i’m not sure if you remember giving me 3 tickets for the December game against the Bucs. I posted vids here of the game so i’m definitely wanting to go and not planning on selling it.
  7. Was able to select front row seats but the payment processing takes way longer to process than the time they allow you to have... Trying to get other ones still, smh. They need to to fix this.
  8. younger, cheaper, good player that could improve, and we’re still going to be one of the worst teams this upcoming season and be able land a top pick...I don’t mind this at all. I love Kemba and it sucks to see him leave but this is better than paying Kemba 35 million per for the next 5 years just to be fighting for a 8th spot in the playoffs.
  9. I hope that this is the case, and he ends up being incredible. But I will never forget you being excited and hyping up Vernon Butler. So let’s just wait and see.
  10. Random thought just came up in my head, with both Kalil and Peppers retiring, who do you think will be the new captain on each side of the ball?
  11. I completely have no idea how betting system and all of this works, never got into betting. But how would someone go into putting money into that bet? Cause I for sure do feel comfortable with putting my money on that the Panthers win at least 8 games.
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