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  1. What’s the point of bashing other sports? Just support your local teams. I love watching all team sports but if I didn’t like a certain one, I wouldn’t go around telling people why that is any lesser than the others. I just won’t watch it but still root for them and hope they come out on top. I love when the carolinas are being represented well.
  2. People saying that he's just a linebacker, clearly shows how much they know...
  3. We'll have to trade up if we want Hakeem, I don't think he makes it to the Panthers pick. But damn, I want him badly.
  4. Completely forgot he’s still available...that really would be interesting.
  5. I dont think much is known about who is or isn't interested in him after the heart condition was reported, I mean..it was reported no more than a week ago right?
  6. Sweat met with the Panthers at his pro day, and also had another private visit.
  7. I always used to watch the coverage on ESPN but switched to NFLN a few years ago. So question for all of you, which network do you prefer? Has ESPN improved recently? Wanting to know if I should watch it there this year.
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