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  1. Only if either thing happens... 1. We suck this upcoming year and find the next great QB in the NFL with our top 3 pick, Trevor/Fields/Lance. Thus, being able to get rid of Bridgewater's contract early and being able to use that money in other positions while our next QB remains in his rookie contract. 2. Bridgewater proves he can be more than just a game manager in Brady's system, and our defense shows potential to be great with all that young talent, making us win 5 to 7 games this upcoming year, and deciding to draft a defensive player to keep building on the defense, or offensive line help with a top 8 to 16 pick.
  2. Yeah I know that But what i’m talking about is, say if there were to be a Patriots vs Panthers super bowl matchup (Yes, I know it’s obviously very unlikely), some folks here acting like they would absolutely love if Cam won just to “show” the Panthers they “messed up”. They keep knocking everything the Panthers are currently doing and trying to build, no support at all.
  3. Bunch of clear non Panthers fans here... Yeah I loved Cam and wish him the best but to want a player on another team to have more success than the Panthers...lmao, could never be me. Y’all get outta here.
  4. Probably the only thing able to be erect in his house.
  5. I think that was to Chris Simms
  6. https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-agree-to-terms-with-17-undrafted-free-agents
  7. We have our 5th still, we traded the one from WAS that we got for the Kyle Allen trade.
  8. Raiders ultimate Tiger plan would be complete if they were to get Lawrence next year.
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